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Chapter 550

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The Strange Master And Disciple

When Desmond, who was sprawled on the ground, heard the household staff mention Ryan Leiter,
hatred filled his eyes.

On the other hand, Carmelo’s right hand jerked as he sat on the couch. The black fog engulfing his
fingernails dissipated, and he leaned back in his seat, looking a lot more benevolent than before.

“Get out of here. Next time, if you still fail to complete the task I assign to you, I won’t forgive you

“Yes, Father.”

Desmond struggled to get up as he replied respectfully. When he finally stood up, he wiped the blood
from the corner of his mouth before turning around to leave with his head lowered.

Ryan just happened to enter the moment the door was pushed open.

“Mr. Jensen,” Ryan lowered his head and greeted while stepping back half a step to allow the other
man through the door when they bumped into each other.

Seeing Ryan’s humble demeanor, Desmond merely snorted as he turned away and left.

Only after the other man had disappeared from sight did Ryan straighten his back and enter the room.

Once the household staff had closed the door, he walked over to Carmelo’s side and bowed slightly.

“Master, I had some matters at hand to deal with, so I came late.”

Carmelo gave a dismissive wave as he panted.

“I already received the news just now. It’s about Hubert, right?”

Ryan said flatly, “You’re right. From today onward, there’s no such person named Hubert in

“You killed him?” Carmelo looked at Ryan in surprise and continued, “Good. A man should have such
courage. Unlike my son, who is indecisive when he’s handling matters. He truly can’t be trusted with
important matters.”

Although the man opposite him was praising him, Ryan was not even the slightest bit happy.

In the past few days, he had secretly investigated Carmelo after taking over Mirage Plaza.

Carmelo was considered the richest man in Summerbank. His wealth could not be compared to the
Gomez family in Lumonburg before the latter’s collapse. Still, to be able to get to where he was in less
than thirty years was no easy feat, considering Summerbank was a relatively remote city.

However, through all of Ryan’s investigations, he found that Carmelo was simply a businessman,
without any traces of being a cultivator.

If that was the case, the matter of Carmelo healing him seemed a lot stranger.

Ryan Leiter was the new identity of Quinton Gomez.

The Gomez family of Lumonburg had been wiped out because of the fight between the Osborne family
and Jonathan. After that, Ryan went to many places before finally arriving at the remote Summerbank.

He initially thought of recovering from his injuries first and cultivating in secret while finding an
opportunity for revenge.

However, not long after arriving at Summerbank, he met Carmelo, who had happened to be involved in
a car accident. It was after saving Carmelo did Ryan discover that the old man was, in fact, a martial

Despite that, Carmelo’s spiritual energy was very strange, as it came and went spontaneously. There
were many times when Ryan even felt that the old man was no different from an ordinary person.

Even so, Carmelo had still managed to use strong spiritual energy to reattach Ryan’s broken arm.

He had even passed on a strange secret technique known as the Soul-Devouring Technique to Ryan.

The secret technique was extremely bizarre, as Ryan needed to feed on other people’s blood essence
to cultivate it.

At first, Ryan had found such a technique repulsive, but after encountering a drunk hooligan stirring up
trouble, he finally tasted the thrill of his cultivation skyrocketing.

From that day onward, Ryan Leiter managed to make a name for himself in the underground circles of

Ryan believed that some people who had done many evil things deserved to die, and it was their honor
to become his nourishment.

At first, he also thought that it was because he had saved Carmelo that the latter accepted him as his
disciple and passed down his cultivation method to him.

However, Ryan gradually realized that something was amiss, as there were far too many strange things
about Carmelo.

For example, according to Ryan’s investigation, Carmelo was supposed to be an extremely protective
father and would oblige to all of his only son’s requests.

Despite that, what Ryan witnessed was Carmelo treating Desmond harshly several times.

On the contrary, Carmelo cared a lot about his disciple, whom he accepted not long ago, and even
asked about his disciple’s cultivation progress every day. If Ryan slacked off in his cultivation, Carmelo
would reprimand him sternly.

Earlier on, Ryan had even felt a strong murderous aura when he was standing outside the door.

Carmelo was going to kill his son! What the hell is going on with this old geezer?

Looking down at the ground, Ryan could only see Carmelo’s wrinkled legs that reminded him of the
bark of an old tree.

Something’s wrong with Carmelo!

However, Ryan could not pinpoint what exactly was wrong with the old man.

Across from him, Carmelo coughed several times. “How was your cultivation going today, Ryan?”

“I didn’t make much progress today, Master, as I only devoured Hubert’s blood essence.” Ryan looked
up and replied respectfully.

After Carmelo heard Ryan’s words, the former’s expression grew cold.

“You need to be diligent in your cultivation all the way, Ryan. If you’re so lax, when will you be able to
achieve the Superior Realm?”

“You’re right, Master. I’ll remember your words.” Ryan lowered his head upon hearing that before
raising his head again. “Master, there’s one thing I don’t understand. I hope you’ll enlighten me.”

Carmelo’s expression stiffened slightly after he heard Ryan’s words.

After giving his disciple a once-over, he finally nodded his head.

“Go on. What is it?”

Ryan bowed before saying, “Master, although I’m stupid and the cultivation method I previously learned
wasn’t as intense as the Soul-Devouring Technique, I’m aware that cultivation should be done step by
step. However, you seem to want me to ascend to the Superior Realm in the shortest time possible. I’m
wondering if there’s something you want me to do for you, and I’m wondering if that task can only be
completed after I achieve the Superior Realm.”

After much contemplation, Ryan finally spoke his mind.

When Carmelo heard Ryan’s query, a murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

Carmelo uttered coldly, “What are you thinking? Is there any problem in Summerbank that my family
can’t solve? What? Are you suspecting that I have ulterior motives for training you?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” Ryan exclaimed as he kneeled on the ground with a thud and bowed deeply.

Above Carmelo’s neck, a scarlet stream of light flashed before vanishing quickly.

After several labored breaths, Carmelo finally let out a long sigh.

“That’s enough. Get up.”

“Understood.” Ryan stood up before uttering, “By the way, Master. Didn’t you tell me to pay attention to
news of rogue martial artists previously? I just received news today that there seem to be sightings of a
rogue martial artist in Grafburg Village that is located in the north of Summerbank.”

“Really?” Carmelo sat up straight and said in a trembling tone, “Quick! Go and see for yourself. There’s
only so much blood essence an ordinary human has. The blood essence of a martial artist is a great

supplement to us. Go, go now!”


Ryan turned and left upon receiving the order.

After bowing and closing the door of the room, he frowned.

What exactly is this old geezer trying to do? From the day he accepted me as his disciple, he has been
talking about how he would help me to ascend to the Superior Realm in the shortest time possible.
What is so great about this realm?

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