Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 159

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The Police Arrive

The moment his fist connected, a loud boom was heard.

One of the hooligans who was closest to Jonathan had his nose broken at once.

Before he realized what was going on, his vision went dark before collapsing onto the ground, never to
get back up again.

As for the rest of his compatriots, none of them had it better.

Whoever was hit by Jonathan would suffer broken bones and fall lifelessly onto the floor.

The entire scene was filled with agonizing cries.

In less than three minutes, none of the black-clad men who were armed to the teeth and tried to
challenge Jonathan could get up from the ground.

There was no way untrained men like them were a match for someone like Jonathan.

“You, don’t you come any closer!” When he saw Jonathan approach, Hagar was so terrified that his
face turned white as a sheet.

He had not expected all his subordinates to be taken out by Jonathan single-handedly.

Trash! A bunch of trash!

“I gave you a chance just now, but you didn’t take it. Hence, you deserve what’s coming.” Without any
hesitation, Jonathan stomped on his other leg, breaking it with a thunderous crack.

Crying out in agony, Hagar’s screams echoed through the construction site.

“Go back and tell your boss that the next time dares to mess with us, he might as well dig his own
grave.” After giving him an indifferent look, Jonathan instructed the construction workers. “Throw them
out of here. Whoever dares to return, go ahead and break their legs!”


Upon Jonathan’s instructions, the workers dragged the black-clad men out of the site, as if they were
dead animals.

In fact, some of the workers used the opportunity to kick the perpetrators in the stomach as revenge.

“Jonathan, th-thank you!” Gritting her teeth, Josephine lowered her gaze, as she was embarrassed to
look Jonathan in the eye.

If Jonathan hadn’t come along with her, she wouldn’t have been able to resolve the problem.

“You’re my wife. There’s no need to be so formal.” Jonathan tousled her hair with a smile. He added,
“However, I expect that they wouldn’t give up so easily. Even though we have kicked them out today,
I’m worried that they will continue to trouble you tomorrow. Why don’t we do this? I’ll get Harrison to
bring some of his men to stand guard here. If there’s any trouble, they will be able to take care of it.”

Evidently, professionals needed to be brought in to solve the issue.

Within Jadeborough itself, Harrison was naturally the king of the underground.

They didn’t call him the most ruthless man of Jadeborough for nothing.

“There’s no need to because we have called the police. I don’t think they will dare to return.” Sweeping
her hair that was blown astray by the breeze, Josephine felt awkward about getting Harrison to help.

After all, the Smith family didn’t have a relationship with Harrison. If he showed up, Jonathan would be
further indebted to him.

“It’s no trouble at all!” With that, Jonathan picked up his phone and gave Harrison a call.

“Hello, Mr. Goldstein!”

Harrison’s voice rang out over the line.

However, the background sounded noisy with the occasional moan from a lady.

“Find someplace quiet to talk!” Jonathan frowned slightly.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Harrison didn’t dare waste a single second. A minute later, his voice was heard again. “Mr. Goldstein, is
this quiet enough?”


Jonathan continued, “Bring some men over to the ecological park construction site to keep watch. If
anyone tries to trespass, just beat them up.”

“Mr. Goldstein, did something happen over there?” Having heard Jonathan’s instructions, Harrison’s
tone changed instantly.

The reason was that Josephine was in charge of the project. If anything were to happen to it, it would
be an earth-shattering matter.

“There was some trouble. Someone wants the Smith family to pull out from the project,” Jonathan
explained calmly. “By the way, can you check who is trying to get their hands on the project recently?”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll send men over at once!” Harrison executed Jonathan’s orders without any

After ending the call, Jonathan looked at Josephine and reported, “In a while, Harrison will be here his
men. With him around, those men will not dare to return.”

If they do come back despite Harrison’s presence, Harrison should give up his title as the most ruthless
man of Jadeborough. After all, he no longer deserves that moniker if he can’t even take care of a gang
of thugs.

Just as Jonathan spoke, they suddenly heard the blaring of police sirens.

One by one, the police cars stopped at the construction site’s entrance.

“The police are here!” someone exclaimed.

“They’re here?” Josephine’s face lit up at the mention of the police. “What a perfect timing. They arrived
just in time to arrest the perpetrators.”

“I’m afraid that might not be the case.”

Jonathan wasn’t as optimistic. Considering the group of men in black dared to caused trouble in broad
daylight, they were unlikely afraid of the police.

In fact, they might even have the police’s backing.

Just as expected, when Jonathan and Josephine arrived at the entrance, they saw Hagar telling the
police about how they were assaulted and thrown out of the construction site.

Just with a few words alone, they had managed to turn themselves into the victims.

“Mmm-hmm. We have a good idea about what happened. Don’t worry, we will definitely hold them
accountable for their actions.” After recording Hagar’s statement, the police officer turned toward the
construction workers. “Who’s the person in charge here? Get them to talk to me.”

“I am!”

Josephine stepped forward when she heard the office. “I’m the one in charge of the construction site.”

“You are in charge?” When he saw Josephine, the officer-in-charge, Austin Stewart, was caught by
surprise. Evidently, he didn’t expect the person in charge of the site to be a pretty lady.

Then, he pointed at Hagar and his subordinates. “Did you have this group of men beaten up?”

“No, I didn’t.”

Josephine frantically explained, “Officer, listen to me. We were the ones who called the police when
they came to our worksite to destroy our equipment. On top of that, they even hurt our workers!”

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