Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 536

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“I’m not asking you to follow me. I’m telling you to leave to save your life.” Having said that, Xiara spun
on her heels and left.

“It’s up to you if you want to come with me or not.” As her voice faded, she put a voice-modifying device
into her mouth. With a blow, the call of the insects sounded the next moment.

As soon as the call of the insects sounded, the other assassins exchanged looks in silence. They
hesitated, but the young boy was the first among them to react. The rest snapped out of it quickly after
the boy, and they immediately headed in the direction Xiara disappeared.

As for the slender lady, she, too, hesitated. She gave one last glance in the direction of the mansion
and followed behind the others.

Right after they left, a faint spiritual energy fluctuation slowly retracted back into Jonathan’s body. He
gradually opened his eyes, gently lifted the blanket, and carefully pulled his arm away from Josephine.

“Mm…” Upon catching the movements created by Jonathan, Josephine murmured something in her
sleep, “I’m pregnant. Don’t be naughty…”

With that said, Josephine turned around to get into a comfortable position. Jonathan chuckled lightly at
how Josephine looked like a cute, docile kitten sleeping soundly.

Before he got up from bed, he gave her a quick peck on her cheeks. Jonathan then silently walked out
of the door with the Heaven Sword in his hand.

His expression abruptly changed as soon as the door was closed shut. “If you all have a death wish,
don’t blame me for this then!”

There was an observation deck at the mountain peak behind Edenic Heights. The mist around the
mountain made the surroundings look incredibly ethereal. Behind Xiara stood six men donned in black

As for the slender lady, she gazed at the brightly lit sky while her brows knitted together.

“According to the anatomy of a human, one is most tired between two thirty and four thirty midnight.
Agent 65, we missed the best time for assassination when you brought us here. We need an

Xiara turned around. “Agent 98, it seems like you have forgotten your manners after I’ve been away
from Paradise Island for too long.”

Xiara whipped out a lollipop from her pocket and put it in her mouth. Upon catching a glimpse of her
movements, the assassins hurriedly backed off with their hands covering their mouth and nose.

The teenage boy was the only one who didn’t cower among the assassins. He even had a smile on his
face when he walked up to Xiara.

“Agent 65, it’s been three years since your last return. I have missed you so much!” the boy said
happily as he slowly made his way to Xiara.

Xiara patted the boy’s head in response. “Agent 99, you’ve grown so much. It’s not that I didn’t want to
go back, but no one knows where Paradise Island is.”

“Through the contacts. You can always get the contacts to guide you back home when you turn in your
mission report,” the boy replied with a matter-of-fact tone.

“Home? Is that truly a home?” A hint of confusion flashed across Xiara’s eyes. At the side, Agent 98
tightened her grip around her dagger.

“Agent 99, get back here at once. I’m the team leader! Stay away from Agent 65.” Upon hearing Agent
98’s words, Agent 99 looked toward Xiara with a perplexed expression.

On the other hand, Xiara turned toward the others, and a hint of mockery flashed across her eyes. “If I
wanted to poison you, I would have had all of you taken down when you were on your way here with

The others exchanged a look of bafflement in response and put their hands away after a few seconds.

“Agent 65, we’re here to clean things up for you. The mission assigned to you by Xiara is long overdue.
Why aren’t you executing your mission?” Agent 98 uttered grimly.

“Why would I?” Xiara turned around and shot daggers at her. “If you’re here to clean things up for me,
then you should know about my latest report. There’s an additional three hundred million in Xiara’s
account. The money is paid to me by Jonathan Goldstein to protect his family. I don’t think I’m doing
the wrong thing when I’m merely executing the mission I was paid for.”

Everyone at the scene froze for a second upon hearing her words. “You accepted his payment? The
target is now your employer?” Agent 98’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

“That’s right.” Xiara nodded calmly. “Now, leave. Once the mission is over, I’ll get in touch and return to
Paradise Island. I’ll explain to Mom when I’m back.”

“There’s no need for that anymore,” Agent 98 uttered grimly, “Our mission is to eliminate the Smith
family and put the blame on the Chanaea’s respectable families. If Xiara wants to grow stronger, it must
expand its business into Chanaea’s market. But Chanaea is being protected well by Asura’s Office

A cold glint appeared in Xiara’s eyes as she stared at Agent 98. “I told you. My mission is to protect the
Smith family. I’ll definitely hurt you if you lay a finger on them.”

“Agent 65, do you have any idea what your words represent?” Agent 98 replied before reaching out for
a gas mask and putting it on. “If you stand in the way of our mission, we have the power to put you

As soon as those words fell, the dagger in Agent 98’s hand was flung into the air, and it shot toward
Xiara’s throat at the speed of light.


A soft thud was followed by a spark when it screeched through the air and flew past Xiara’s palm.

It turned out that a short blade had mysteriously appeared in her hand.

“You have a death wish!” Xiara’s calm voice echoed in the air as her palm struck Agent 98’s face.

The sturdy gas mask broke into pieces under the attack, and the broken pieces stabbed deep into
Xiara’s palm and Agent 98’s face.

A pain-filled groan rang out, and Agent 98 was sent flying into the air. She only managed to come to a
halt when she crashed into the trees behind her.

“What are you looking at? Take the antidotes and take her down!” Agent 98 shouted as she hurled a pill
into her mouth.

Aside from Agent 99, the remaining four assassins acted immediately upon receiving her orders. They
charged toward Xiara without hesitation.

In fact, their mission was to eliminate the Smith family and evaluate the threat Agent 65 posed.

Hence, when Xiara stood in their way, she had already failed the evaluation and became a risk to these
assassins. They had no choice but to eliminate her.

“Move away!”

Xiara grabbed onto Agent 99 and threw him far away like a bag of garbage.

Despite being surrounded by the assassins, Xiara remained unflinching.

With a fling, Xiara fired a hidden arrow at one of the assassin’s hearts.

Yet, the assassin did not bother evading the lethal attack from her. He continued slashing his blade at

Bulletproof vest!

Xiara figured it out in a split second.

Gas masks, antidotes, and bulletproof vests. It seems like they’re well prepared to deal with me. That
means Mom wants to get rid of me, too? I need to sidestep and take another step forward to avoid this
deadly attack. I could ignore the rest.

The information she interpreted flitted across her mind.

At the most critical moment, Xiara dived right at the assassin holding the blade.

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