Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 163

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A Solemn Vow

“Nonsense! What utter lies!” No sooner did Austin’s words ring out than Randall’s expression abruptly
turned wintry. “I now suspect that you’re in cahoots with this group of ruffians and had aided them in
extorting the person in charge of the ecological park project!”

Then, he instructed, “Men, arrest him!”

As he spoke, he pointed right at Austin.

“Mr. Swindell… How could you slander me? That’s not true at all!” When Austin heard the order for him
to be arrested without any hesitation, panic engulfed him.

“We’ll see about that back at the police station!” Snorting, Randall commanded, “Escort him back to the
police station and investigate what exactly his relationship is with this group of ruffians! Also, detain all
of them and look into whether the ecological park project really occupied their land!”

Not in the mood to waste his breath with them, he ordered to have Austin and the group of men in
black arrested.

That sudden turn of events had Austin’s subordinates at a loss.

The order we received was to arrest the Smith family. However, we ended up failing in doing so.
Instead, we’re to arrest our captain now?

“What are the lot of you waiting for? Hurry up and arrest him!” Randall was apoplectic when he saw the
group of police officers merely standing there, not daring to make a single move.

“Mr. Swindell, this…” The group of police officers stood there dazedly, caught between a rock and a
hard place.

“Is my order not effective anymore?” A layer of frost instantly blanketed Randall’s face. “I’m giving you
two choices. Either arrest them all, or I’ll phone your police chief and have him send some men over
again and arrest the lot of you as well!”

After saying that, Randall took out his phone to make a call. The group of police officers glanced at
each other before steeling their resolve and coming to a decision. “We’re sorry, Captain Stewart!”

When they finished saying that, they frantically restrained Austin.It wasn’t just him; Hagar and the
group of people in black behind him were all escorted into the police car without fail.

“Mr. Swindell, everyone has been arrested. What should we do now?”

“Bring them all back to the police station and have the police chief investigate this matter personally. If
he even dares to make the slightest mistake, he’ll be stripped of his position!” Randall’s expression was
as grave as a judge.


Following his order, the police officers escorted the group of people away from the ecological park
without delay.

In a trice, the entrance of the ecological park that was inordinately lively earlier became deserted.
Randall then strode over to Jonathan and assured, “Mr. Goldstein, I’ll personally look into this matter
after going back. Once I’m done, I’ll definitely give you a satisfactory answer!”

“I’m giving you a day. I want the answer before night falls.” Glancing at him dispassionately, Jonathan
added, “While you’re at it, investigate who wants to nab the ecological park project from the Smith

“Mr. Goldstein, are you saying that this incident only transpired because someone wants to swipe the
ecological park project from the Smith family?” In an instant, understanding dawned upon Randall.

After all, someone in his position couldn’t possibly be dense.

“If not?” Eyeing him, Jonathan explained, “Last night, someone gave the Smith family a call and
ordered them to back out of the ecological park project. Otherwise, he warned the Smith family to put
their affairs in order.”

“What? Such a thing happened?” Randall’s face abruptly drained of color.

I’m the mayor of Jadeborough, yet I knew nothing when someone had even threatened Jonathan?

“I’ll handle this matter myself after going back. Rest assured that I’ll certainly give you a satisfactory
answer before night falls.” He gave no excuses, for the matter happened on his turf. Therefore, he
naturally had to take responsibility for it as the mayor of Jadeborough. He promised, “If I fail to do so, I’ll
seek Mr. Warhol out myself and voluntarily resign without you having to dismiss me.”

That was his solemn vow.

While he still hadn’t any idea about Jonathan’s background or identity, it didn’t deter him from making a
solemn vow before the man.

And this time, he placed his future on the line.

He knew all too well that if he dared to make a single misstep in this incident, his rule as the mayor of
Jadeborough would likely come to an end.

“Go on.”

Jonathan waved a dismissive hand. Without another word, Randall left with the others with a dark
expression on his face.

It wasn’t until he had gone a distance away that Josephine turned to Jonathan beside her and inquired,
“You heard the contents of my phone call last night?”

I thought that I had successfully kept it from his knowledge, so I never expected him to have actually
known about it all along!

“Your phone’s volume was too loud.” Giving a light cough, Jonathan simply tossed out an excuse to
brush things off.

Alas, that reason didn’t work on Josephine.

“Really? But why do I remember that my phone’s volume has always been turned down to the

“Then, perhaps my hearing is too sharp.” Guilt was written all over Jonathan’s face.

“Anyway, those people have all been arrested!” Unexpectedly, Josephine didn’t pursue the matter of
him eavesdropping on her phone call. Instead, she stole a peek at him and whispered, “Thank you,
Jonathan! If you weren’t here earlier, it would’ve probably turned into major trouble.”

Although I used to despise him, I’m not the kind of woman who can’t distinguish right from wrong. If it
weren’t for his presence just now, that group of men in black would’ve likely messed up the entire
construction site! Even our construction workers would’ve been injured in droves, not to mention the
trouble from the police who were obviously siding with the group of men in black!

“Why are you being such a stranger with me when you’re my wife?” Chortling, Jonathan tapped the tip
of her nose with a finger. “Protecting you is my greatest responsibility in this lifetime!”

Indeed, protecting her is my most crucial responsibility in this lifetime! I don’t care about subjugating the
nations or being Asura. For her sake, I don’t even mind giving up the world!

“Jonathan, I…” Out of the blue, Josephine felt as though something tender was swelling in her heart.
That was a feeling she had never experienced before.

“Are you moved by my actions? If so, give me a kiss!” Jonathan teased with a chuckle at the sight of
her biting her lip with her head lowered.

“Cut it out!”

Josephine was so peeved that she glowered at him. I was initially a touch moved, but he ruined it in no

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