Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 541

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Tragedy At The Chancer Family

Since it was noon, Xenhall felt scorching hot to Jonathan despite being surrounded by hills and
greenery. As he took the trail ahead based on his memory, Jonathan swiftly arrived in Xenhall. A gentle
sigh was heard when the sight of the giant elm tree greeted him.

Perhaps only a secluded paradise like Xenhall can escape the calamities of the world. When Josephine
and I are older, we must seek out a village like this to live in seclusion. Free of any worries, we will
spend our days tilling the land and farming poultry. That would be a wonderful way to live out our
elderly years peacefully.

In the midst of fantasizing about his retirement, Jonathan walked toward the center of the village.
Despite arriving in a semi-conscious and grievously injured state two years ago, his habit of surveying
maps meticulously allowed him to easily recall every single detail about the route.

Upon turning into a winding path, he could finally see the clinic. At that moment, Jonathan straightened
his clothes, as he was, after all, going to see his savior. Despite not being dressed in formal wear, he
still wanted to maintain a sense of decorum with respect to the occasion.

However, he was slightly stunned when he heard someone wailing in tears. The sound seemed to have
originated from the direction of the clinic in his memory.

Hurrying forward, Jonathan was greeted by a familiar sign at the end of the winding path. It read:
Xenhall Clinic.

Staring at the huge signboard, Jonathan furrowed his brows, for he had noticed the funeral wreaths
that lined up both sides of the entrance and the solemn atmosphere of the scene.

At the same time, a group of more than ten burly men had gathered on the street outside the clinic.
Armed with metal batons, they were glaring fiercely in the direction of the clinic.

“D*mn it, what an unlucky day. Until the Chancer family pays up, there’s no way we’ll allow the funeral
to proceed. Guys, why don’t we join in and liven the atmosphere?”

No sooner than the group’s leader spoke than two men behind him used lighters to set the funeral
wreaths ablaze. In the blink of an eye, the raging fire had spread across all the wreaths due to how
flammable they were.

Nevertheless, all the villagers could only look on helplessly from afar—no one dared to come forward to
stop them. Meanwhile, at the clinic’s entrance, there was a woman on her knees, groveling in despair.

“I beg of you, please allow my dad to be buried. I’ll definitely pay you back the money, so just give me
more time to sell the house—”

“F*ck you!”

Before the lady could finish, the burly man kicked her on the shoulder, sending her crashing onto the

“D*mn you, are you using the same script your father did? Let me remind you that your debt, including
interest, has reached four hundred thousand. How is selling your house going to help? That dilapidated
house of yours is worth a hundred thousand at most, so where are you going to find the rest of the

“Four hundred thousand?” The woman looked up at the burly man, her voice quivering.

“How is that possible? My dad told me that he had only borrowed one hundred and fifty thousand.
Hence, how did it balloon into four hundred thousand? Aren’t you guys just trying to kill me?”

“Stop wasting our f*cking time.” Staring at the woman crying her eyes out, the burly man was suddenly
filled with greed. “When your dad signed the loan with us, the interest was clearly stated. In fact, we’re
being understanding by only collecting four hundred thousand from you. However, if your family refuses
to pay, we’ll have no choice but force you into debt bondage.”

The moment the topic was mentioned, the burly leader chuckled salaciously.

“Lynn, come with us. Not only do you not need to pay us the interest, but we’ll also make sure that you
enjoy a lavish life. One that’s certainly much better than the one you’re living.”

The burly leader had hardly finished when the rest of his hooligans burst into a loud guffaw, their
intentions obvious to everyone present.

“You…” At that moment, the woman had fallen into utter despair. “Today is my father’s funeral, so don’t
you cross the line. After forcing him to his death, what more do you want? Fine. Since you leave me no
choice, I’ll choose death instead!”

Just as she spoke, she got up to her feet, turned around, and attempted to smash her head on the
coffin. Within the same instant, a figure flashed past and pulled the woman back by the collar before
her forehead hit the coffin.

The crowd—expecting to see Lynn’s bloodied head—was suddenly surprised by her rescue. Staring at
the young man in front of them, the flabbergasted crowd just couldn’t imagine how Jonathan managed
to appear out of nowhere.

Ready to die, Lynn began to struggle vehemently when she was being lifted up, thinking that it was one
of the hooligans who had captured her.

“Let go of me! I’d rather die than leave with you.” “Lynn, when did Mr. Chancer die?”

The grim-looking Jonathan allowed Lynn to hit however she wanted. Even though Shane ran the clinic
in the village, he barely helped at all when Jonathan was grievously injured two years ago. After all, it
was Jason who was responsible for Jonathan’s treatment.

Nevertheless, he had provided Jonathan with some basic but essential medical necessities. Even
though it was just alcohol and antiseptic, which didn’t cost much, Jonathan would have met his maker
in Summerbank without them.

As a result, Jonathan didn’t forget the debt of gratitude he owed Shane. Unfortunately, he not only
returned to learn that Shane had passed away but also saw the latter’s daughter being humiliated at
his funeral.

Consequently, Jonathan felt a burning rage swell within him. Meanwhile, Lynn was briefly stunned by
the sound of Jonathan’s voice. The moment she opened her eyes and saw who it was, she stopped

“You… From two years ago…” “That’s me,” Jonathan answered plainly as he put her down.

As nursing was Lynn’s specialty, she and Shane had assisted Jason when he operated on Jonathan
back then. That was how she recognized the latter.

“Lynn, how did Mr. Chancer lose his life?”

While asking, Jonathan turned around and bowed at the coffin to pay his respects. As Asura, he had
never bowed or kneeled to anyone before. However, now that the person lying before him was his
savior, it was only right for him to do so.

At the sight of Jonathan kneeling beside the coffin, Lynn desperately suppressed her tears as she got
on her knees to reciprocate with a bow.

Kneeling on the ground, Lynn related in a choking voice, “Jonathan, I know that you’re someone
powerful, so I’m begging you to help me. All I want is to give my father a proper burial, please.”

Back when Jonathan first arrived, he was escorted by Hades and more than ten heavily armed guards.
Therefore, despite not knowing Jonathan’s identity, Lynn could still tell that the young man was
someone important from how respectful Hades was to him.

As a result, Jonathan’s appearance had caused her to grasp desperately at straws.

Gradually getting to his feet, Jonathan turned toward the group of burly men on the street.

“Don’t worry, Lynn. With me here, no one will get in the way of Mr. Chancer’s last journey!”

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