Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 473

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The Legendary Man Suffer The Same Fate

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Hades hesitated for a while but still did not dare to speak in the end.

The decision made by Jonathan was not something he could change.

Forget him, not even God could change Jonathan’s mind!

“After I leave, Asura’s Office will be handed over to you,” Jonathan said as he glanced coldly at Hades.
“At the same time, you can use this opportunity to pluck out all the weeds in Asura’s Office!”

“Weeds?” Hades was taken aback and only responded after a while. “Mr. Goldstein, are you saying
that there are traitors in Asura’s Office?”

“What do you think?” Jonathan shot him an icy stare. “Did you think that the Gomez family from
Lumonburg would dare to attack me without anyone backing them up? Of course, there are people
helping them.”

“That’s impossible, Mr. Goldstein.” The expression on Hades’ face darkened at once.

Asura’s Office was single-handedly built from the ground by Jonathan. With an impregnable defense,
every person in Asura’s Office was meticulously chosen. They were the cream of the crop. How could
there be a traitor?

“There is no such thing as impossible.” Jonathan smiled coolly. “Remember this, there are no eternal
comrades in this world; only personal interests matter! Unless I die, how can anyone replace me? It
seems that someone has noticed my weak legs and wants to seize the chance to take over the throne.”

Jonathan shook his head and headed outside while he continued, “Remember, no matter who it is, as
long as you find the weed, you must make sure it is completely removed! We will deal with the

aftermath when the time comes.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Hades said with a glint of killing intent in his eyes.

Asura’s Office belonged to Asura, but it was also Hades’. Hades was the leader of the Eight Kings of
War. Yet, right under his nose, there were actually people who were in cahoots with outsiders and
planning to kill Jonathan.

This felony alone was enough for the culprit to be punishable by death!

“It seems that some people really don’t know how good they have it.” Hades sneered as a cold gleam
flashed in his eyes.

It seemed that in the last few years of tranquility, someone had forgotten just how Hades had risen to
become the leader of the Eight Kings of War back then.

The night passed by in the blink of an eye.

As the sky slowly lit up, Jonathan was already sitting comfortably on a plane.

The flight ticket was booked by Hades, so he was ushered right into the VIP lounge, where he then sat
on a massage chair, enjoying this short relaxation time that he rarely had.

However, just as Jonathan was about to get some shuteye, a flurry of noisy footsteps was heard
coming from the distance.

“Get out! Everyone, out!”

“Clear the place!”

At the exact moment the words sounded, a beautifully-dressed woman was seen hurriedly walking into
the lounge while surrounded by a group of men.

At first, there were a few people in the VIP lounge. After the woman barged in, those people were all
chased out of the room.

Jonathan frowned but paid them no mind.

Unfortunately, that did not mean that they would let him go!

“Hey! Wake up!”

At that moment, a burly, middle-aged man dressed in a black suit stepped in front of Jonathan and
impatiently woke him up.

“You, get out!” shouted the suited man while pointing at Jonathan.

“Why should I?” Jonathan’s expression was a little unsightly. “You’d better give me a good reason.
Otherwise, you’ll be sorry for disrupting my rest!”

“Reason? What reason do you need?” The man sized up Jonathan and noticed that he was dressed in
cheap clothes. Not a single article of clothing on him was expensive. Disdain was evident on the man’s
face as he continued, “Get the hell out of here. You’re such an eyesore!”

“And if I don’t?” Jonathan asked as he stared coldly at the brawny man.

It was this stare that made the man instantly feel a chill run down his spine. Nevertheless, knowing that
he had his men backing him from behind, the man remained unfazed and said, “Then, don’t say that I
didn’t warn you.”

As soon as the words fell, the man’s hand reached out to grab Jonathan’s collar.



Jonathan swiftly caught hold of the man’s extended arm. Following the sound of bones cracking, the
man in the black suit fell to the ground with a thud.

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you that you should speak politely when you’re outside?”

“Stop right there!”

Hearing the blood-curdling scream, a group of men in black came rushing over. They then saw the man
kneeling on the ground before Jonathan with a pained expression on his face.

“I said stop! Do you hear me?”

The leader of the pack dashed forward to Jonathan with a bleak expression.

“He was impolite, so now his arm is broken. Do you want to suffer the same fate as him?”

Jonathan raised his leg and promptly kicked away the man at his feet. Then, he glared coldly at the
other man with his fists clenched.

As for the man who was kicked, the moment he was released by Jonathan, all he felt was the
agonizing pain of his broken bones. It was so painful that he passed out on the spot.

“Brat, do you know who we are? You’re looking for death if you dare mess with any of us.” When the
leader of the men in black saw what Jonathan did, he waved his hand and ordered, “Get him! Let’s
teach this little brat a good lesson.”


As soon as the order was issued, the group of tough men immediately charged at Jonathan.

“D*mn you!”

Jonathan shifted his gaze and sent out a flying kick on the chest of the man coming toward him. Just
like that, the man’s chest caved in from the impact of the kick. Following that, he spat out a mouthful of
blood and flopped to the ground.

Seeing this scene, the men in black who were surrounding Jonathan subconsciously retreated a few
steps backward. The leader, who was just preparing to teach Jonathan a hard lesson, was stunned on
the spot, not even daring to move a muscle.

Unexpectedly, someone dressed in a white suit came scurrying over right at that moment.

“What’s going on? What’s all the commotion about? Didn’t I ask you guys to clear the scene? What the
hell are you doing?”

As soon as the man in the white suit came in, he furiously gave the men in black an earful.

“Baxter, someone is giving us trouble here. He hurt our men!” The leader of the pack quickly sprang
forward and pointed an accusatory finger at Jonathan.


The man named Baxter immediately cast his gaze at Jonathan upon hearing those words. As a sharp
glint flashed across his eyes, Baxter couldn’t help but snicker. “No one has dared to cause trouble for
me in so many years. I didn’t expect to meet a dumb fool today!”

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