Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 164

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A Sign Of Valor

Verily, Josephine was in high dudgeon.

I had actually changed my perception of him slightly, but he obliterated everything in less than a

In fact, she was so enraged that she ignored him for the entire afternoon and even kicked him out of
the office, ordering him to go home and return the watches.

My anger from yesterday hasn’t yet abated, but he just had to provoke me again today!

“Women are truly petty creatures!” Jonathan curled his lips after having been instructed to go home.

It’s been a whole day and night, but she’s still holding on to her grudge from yesterday!

To his surprise, no one was in the mansion when he arrived home. Even Margaret, who usually
chattered endlessly, was nowhere to be found.

At the rare silence, Jonathan lit a cigarette and returned to the room. Then, he started training in the
Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

If I hadn’t come into possession of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique by coincidence back then, I
probably wouldn’t have transformed from a weak and scholarly man into Asura, who subjugated all
nations in a mere three years. But I simply can’t figure out why there’s only half of the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique. Where is the other half? Back then, I stayed at Northern Crimson Prison for a whole
year to find the other half of it, yet I couldn’t find it even after turning the entire place inside out!

Before he realized it, the afternoon passed in the blink of an eye.

When he was finally done practicing, Jonathan found that he had long since been soaked in sweat. The
reek of sweat clung to him, and there was even a layer of dirt on him.

The stench was so pungent that one’s stomach would churn upon catching a whiff of it.


Exhaling deeply, he casually stripped and went to the outdoor swimming pool.

As the most luxurious mansion in Edenic Heights, No. 1 Villa naturally had a swimming pool. Besides, it
was even of the top-notch borderless design, just like those infinity pools at five-star hotels.

He swam for half an hour before getting out of the pool.

However, the instant he pushed open the door, he was greeted by the sound of something falling onto
the floor before the shrill shriek of a woman followed. “Ahh!”

“When did you come home, Darling?” Jonathan looked at Josephine by the door while toweling his hair.

At that moment, Josephine’s face was bright red. She hastily clapped her hands over her eyes.
“Jonathan, w-why are you walking around naked?”

In response, Jonathan glanced down at himself. “Who said I’m naked? Aren’t I wearing shorts?”

“H-Hurry up and cover yourself!” Josephine’s face flamed as she covered her eyes. She had never
expected to see him standing there in a mere pair of shorts just after entering the house.

“We’re married, so I don’t mind even if you look.” Jonathan wrapped the towel around his waist blasely.
“All right, open your eyes. I’m clothed.”

Josephine skeptically peeked through her fingers, only to hurriedly cover her eyes again when she saw
that he had merely used the towel to shield his lower body. “P-Put on a shirt as well!”

Ever since young, she hadn’t even touched a man’s hand before, much less experienced such a

“My body is still wet. I’ll put on a shirt later after I’ve dried off.” While saying that, Jonathan silently
walked toward Josephine. Alas, Josephine didn’t realize it at all. Keeping her eyes closed, she shook
her eyes and countered, “No! Do it right away!”

“Okay, then. I’ll go upstairs to put on a shirt,” Jonathan replied. Subsequently, the living room plunged
into silence.

After a long time went past without a rustle to be heard in the living room, Josephine tentatively called
out, “Jonathan?”

There was no forthcoming answer.

Only then did Josephine breathe a sigh of relief and drop her hands from her eyes.

But when she lowered her hands, she abruptly realized that Jonathan hadn’t gone upstairs at all.
Instead, he was sitting on the couch in front of her.

In a flash, the man’s bronzed skin and his bare upper body were all taken in by her eyes.

“How dare you dupe me, Jonathan?” She was so frightened that she hurriedly covered her eyes again.

Stark embarrassment and sheer rage inundated her.

“Hurry up and put on some clothes! Stop being such a rogue!”

“How is this me being a rogue?” Jonathan quirked an eyebrow and drawled, “We’ve been married for
several years now, so it’s not a big deal even if I don’t wear a single stitch, much less just baring my
upper body.”


That retort had Josephine at a loss for words.

Indeed, we’ve been married for many years now, but he has never crossed the line with me. At times,
even I myself wondered whether he didn’t dare do so or was impotent! Only later did I gradually realize
that it was out of respect for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any way of resisting with my puny strength
if he truly wanted to force himself on me.

Sighing, she slowly eked out a gap between her fingers. Nevertheless, her face was still flushed bright
red, and she didn’t dare face the sight right before her eyes.

Despite knowing that Jonathan was her husband, she still couldn’t accept him wholeheartedly.

“Can you please wear a shirt, Jonathan? I-I’m not quite used to it.” This time, she no longer phrased it
as an order but a tentative request.

“My shirt is behind you, so please snag it over for me.” Jonathan cast his gaze beyond her, and his shirt
just so happened to be at her back.

“Is this the one you’re referring to?”

Glancing over her shoulder, Josephine spotted a black shirt.

“Yeah. Just throw it to me,” Jonathan replied airily.

After a moment’s hesitation, Josephine opened her eyes a fraction and tossed the shirt to him.

“Okay, I’m dressed, so you can open your eyes.”

When Jonathan’s voice drifted into her ears, Josephine slowly opened her eyes. But when she did so,
she caught sight of him with his back to her as he slipped his shirt on to cover his exposed back.

But that single glance stunned her greatly, rooting her to the spot.

Oh my God, what happened to his back?

On his back were crisscrossing scars from blades, bullets, and even extensive burns after being
bombarded by missiles.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would never believe the sheer number of scars on his

People often say that scars are a sign of a man’s valor, but aren’t the signs of valor on his back a little
too much?

“What’s wrong?”

After putting on his shirt, Jonathan turned around, only to see Josephine staring at him with a trace of
absolute incredulity in her eyes.

“W-Why are there so many scars on your back?” Josephine couldn’t resist asking.

“Oh, so that’s what put you into a trance, huh? They’re injuries I suffered on the battlefield back then.
It’s no big deal, and they don’t hurt either,” Jonathan answered nonchalantly.

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