Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 162

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Twisting Lies Into The Truth

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

Only then did Harrison abruptly remember that he forgot about Randall.

Hearing that, he fished out his phone and rang Randall up.

A brief moment later, Randall’s voice drifted out from the phone. “Hello?”

“It’s me, Harrison Seymour, Mr. Swindell!”

“Oh, I see. Is anything the matter, Harrison?” Although Randall was a touch surprised, his tone was still
rather amiable. After all, he had personally witnessed Jonathan handing all the businesses of the
Blackwood family to Harrison back at the Blackwood residence then.

While he was still uncertain about the relationship between them, it didn’t affect his attitude toward
Harrison in the least.

“There’s a bit of a problem with the ecological park project on my end. I hope you can lend me a hand,
Mr. Swindell!” When it came to Randall, Harrison’s voice was clearly not as casual as when he spoke to
Matteo earlier.

After all, the man was the mayor of Jadeborough. As such, he had to show him due respect.

“There’s a problem with the ecological park project? What exactly happened?” Randall sounded
noticeably startled.

“It’s difficult to explain in words, so you should come over and have a look instead.” Harrison wasn’t in
the mood to speak at length, so he airily added, “Oh yes, Mr. Goldstein is here, too!”

“Mr. Goldstein is also there?” Randall’s tone instantly turned solemn.

“I handed the ecological park project to the Smith family some time ago,” Harrison announced as a hint
to Randall. Considering the relationship between Mr. Goldstein and the Smith family, he can’t possibly
fail to grasp my meaning.

“I’ll be there right away!” Randall promptly replied, not daring to tarry when he heard that Jonathan was
there as well.

Ultimately, there was nothing more critical in Jadeborough than a matter involving Jonathan.

“He’s coming over immediately, Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison said to Jonathan after hanging up the phone.

“Got it.” Nodding, Jonathan murmured, “Then, let’s wait for him to come before doing anything

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison put away the metal pipe in his hand at once. Then, he turned to
his lackeys behind him and ordered, “Put away the weapons in your hands. If they insist on arresting
you, just play along with them.”

In other words, he gave up resisting altogether. His lackeys likewise threw the metal pipes and steel
rods in their hands away without an ounce of hesitation following his command.

They, too, didn’t resist in the slightest.

Meanwhile, Austin’s expression contorted into a mask of rage and turned as black as thunder at the
sight of the scene unfolding before his eyes.

Is Randall really going to come? And does this Jonathan fellow truly have some kind of relationship
with him? That’s impossible! He bore his eyes into Jonathan. Why didn’t I hear anything about the
Smith family having something to do with the mayor before I came over?

“Should we still arrest them, Captain?” one of the police officers turned to him and questioned when
they saw that Harrison had given up resisting.

In response, Austin shot daggers at them and barked, “How stupid are you to ask such a question?
Why on earth would you do that when Mr. Swindell is going to be here anytime?”

His bellow frightened that police officer so much that he didn’t dare utter a single word in return.

In the blink of an eye, ten minutes passed.

Right as Jonathan was growing impatient, a black Audi A6 suddenly entered their lines of sight. A small
flag fluttered majestically at the front of the car, and the license plate was 000001. Only one person in
the whole of Jadeborough dared to use that license plate—Randall.

With a click, the car door swung open, and Randall alighted in a black suit.

The second he caught sight of the man, Harrison rushed over and greeted, “Mr. Swindell!”

“What’s going on here?” As soon as Randall got out of the car, he spotted Jonathan in the distance.

All at once, his nerves stretched taut.

He was even more nervous to see Jonathan than his immediate superior, Kingstone.

“The police insisted on arresting all of us, including Mr. Goldstein. They even said that they’d shoot if
we dared to resist arrest!” Harrison recounted blithely, but Randall was so horrified that he broke into a
cold sweat.

The police wanted to arrest him? And they even threatened to use lethal force? Are they out of their

“Mr. Goldstein!” Randall hadn’t the time to stew in his wrath, hastening over to Jonathan before all else.
“Mr. Goldstein, this might be a mere misunderstanding! I’ll resolve it right away!”

“There’s no misunderstanding.” Glancing at him placidly, Jonathan enunciated, “You’d better investigate
what’s going on with the police. If you can’t even manage those under your command well, I think it’s
about time you retire from being the mayor.”

“Of course, Mr. Goldstein! I’ll definitely investigate them all thoroughly!” Randall nodded swiftly, not
daring to have any objections.

When Austin saw the mayor of Jadeborough being so subservient in front of Jonathan, his heart jolted
even as a sense of foreboding flooded him.

Crap! I might have gotten myself in hot water this time!

“Which branch are you from?” Randall’s attitude changed in a flash when he stalked toward Austin,
becoming icy cold.

“I’m from Coldbridge Police Station in Jadeborough, Mr. Swindell!” Austin answered docilely, promptly
straightening his posture.

“What exactly happened? Who asked the lot of you to come here?” Randall’s brows were creased, and
his expression was frightfully grim.

“We received a police report that a fight had broken out at the ecological park,” Austin replied. “If you
don’t believe me, you can send someone over to check the police station’s call log.”

“I’ll naturally do that.” Casting him a frosty glance, Randall demanded, “Then, what happened next?”

“Upon our arrival, we found that the ecological park’s construction workers assaulted the people who
came over to seek compensation.” Austin then continued, “Look, Mr. Swindell, those are the people
they assaulted! Look at their injuries!”

While saying that, he pointed at Hagar and the group of men in black.

Looking over in the direction Austin was pointing, Randall noticed that the group of people was indeed
injured. The leader, Hagar, was even bleeding with both his legs broken.

“When I ordered my men to take them all to the police station for further investigation, not only did the
person in charge of the ecological park project refuse to cooperate with the police, but he even openly
resisted arrest. Besides, he phoned Harrison and had him come to back him up, publicly challenging
the police with weapons!” Shooting a glare at Harrison, Austin coldly asserted, “Left with no other
recourse, I could only order that they be arrested forcibly and shot if they were to assault the police!”

His entire narration was smooth and flawless, twisting lies into the truth.

If Randall hadn’t known Jonathan’s identity, he would have likely been taken in.

Would he possibly have several men beat up a group of people who were there to seek compensation
or call Harrison over to back him up when even the governor of Jazona is all meek and fearful when
speaking before him? Furthermore, Harrison isn’t even worthy of being his backer! Is this man taking
me for a fool?

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