Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 160

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Shall I Beat You Again

“Is that true?” Austin looked at Hagar.

“No, there’s no such thing!” Hagar shook his head vehemently. “We only enquired about the
compensation they were supposed to pay us for occupying our land. In the end, not only did they not
pay, they even beat us up!”

Hagar twisted the facts and lied through his teeth.

“Nonsense!” Josephine rebutted his words at once. “They didn’t hit you at all!”

“In that case, who did?” Hagar scoffed in Josephine’s direction.


Stumped, Josephine was suddenly lost for words.

The wounds on those men were obvious, especially that of Hagar. In fact, his leg was still bleeding
from where the steel rod had pierced through.

Consequently, Josephine couldn’t deny it at all.

“I was the one who beat them up.” Jonathan gave Hagar the side-eye. “What’s wrong? Do you think
that I have gone too light on you?”

“Officer! Look, he is still threatening me!” Hagar turned to Austin, who furrowed his eyebrows when he
heard Jonathan’s words. Austin inquired, “Were you the one who beat them up?”

“That’s right!” Jonathan quipped.

“Do you take me for a fool?” At that moment, Austin was enraged. “How can you single-handedly beat
up tens of men? What more to that extent!”

When he saw how wimpy Jonathan looked, he assumed Jonathan couldn’t even defeat one of them, let
alone the entire group. Does he think this is a movie?

“There’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.” Jonathan was in no mood to entertain Austin, as it
was evident he sided with the gang of thugs.

“Watch your attitude!” Austin was infuriated by Jonathan’s answer. “Men, round them all up and take
them back to the station. Whatever it is, we’ll talk there!”


Instead of approaching Hagar and his men, the group of police officers wanted to arrest Jonathan,
Josephine, and the construction workers instead.


When he saw that Austin wanted to capture them before even investigating, Jonathan’s expression
darkened. “How can you not inquire or verify the truth before arresting us? In fact, all you rely on is a
one-sided story.”

“I already told you that we will talk more back at the station.” Austin sneered, “Besides, it’s not your
place to teach me how to do my job. This is police business!”

Just as he spoke, Austin waved his hand. “Seize them!”

Just when the police made their move, the group of construction workers panicked.

After all, they were just simple workers who had never encountered such a situation before. The
moment they realized they were about to be taken, they lost their nerve.

What’s going to happen to us if we are not released after a few days? Our family relies on us to feed

“Whatever it is, just complete your investigations here. Today, you are not arresting anyone of us.”
Jonathan didn’t want to waste any time. “If you want to take them away, tell Randall Swindell to see me
right now and arrest them right in front of my face!”

Randall Swindell?

Austin’s expression drastically changed at the mention of Randall’s name.

As a member of the Jadeborough police, he obviously knew who Randall was because Randall was
Jadeborough’s mayor.

Even his boss, the police chief, had to behave in a servile manner in front of Randall.

“Do you know Mr. Swindell?” Austin asked Jonathan curiously.

Matters would be complicated if Mr. Swindell was involved.

“Stop wasting my time. Either solve the issue here or get Randall to see me!” Jonathan barked.

“Kid, stop trying to fool me. There’s no way you have any influence on Randall. Who do you think will
fall for such a cheap trick?” Austin scoffed at Jonathan’s claim, as he didn’t believe it at all.

On his way there, he had not heard anything about the Smith family being related to Randall.

Or else, he wouldn’t even be there to cause trouble.

“Why don’t you just make a call, and you will find out for yourself whether I’m bluffing or not,” Jonathan
replied with a smirk.

“Enough with your lies!” Austin snorted. “Let me tell you, kid. I don’t care about where you come from or
who has gotten your back. Whatever it is, I have proof of you beating someone up. Even the governor
of Jazona can’t save you now, let alone Mr. Swindell. Take them away!”

On his cue, the police officers stepped forward. However, a couple of black jeeps arrived all of a
sudden. When their doors opened, Harrison and his men jumped out of their vehicles. “What’s going

“Mr. Seymour?”

Austin looked as if he knew Harrison. The moment he saw Harrison, his eyes lit up in surprise. “Mr.
Seymour, why have you come?”

“Captain Stewart?”

Harrison knitted his brows. “Why are you here?”

“Something has happened here, so I’m making some arrests.” Giving Harrison a curious look, Austin
inquired, “Mr. Seymour, are you here about this matter?”

“You got that right. I’m here precisely because of that.” Harrison casually glanced at Austin before
walking up to Jonathan. When he approached, he greeted respectfully, “Mr. Goldstein.”


Jonathan nodded calmly. “Deal with this matter now. If you can’t, get Randall to do it.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

With a moment’s delay, Harrison turned to Austin and questioned, “Captain Stewart, what’s going on?”

“Mr. Seymour, it’s best if you stay out of this.” When Austin realized that Harrison was there to stick his
nose into the matter, a grim expression descended upon his face. “This matter is beyond your

“Oh? I’m surprised to hear that there’s actually something in Jadeborough that exceeds my influence.”
Harrison laughed in response. “Captain Stewart, let me inform you that there’s no stopping me from
getting involved. Even if the police chief is here, I will insist on butting in. Let alone you.”

“Harrison Seymour, you’re getting on my nerves.” When he realized he couldn’t get Harrison off his
case, Austin’s face turned sullen. “I tried to show you respect by being nice to you. Evidently, you are
not returning my favor. Who do you think you are? Just because you’re known as the most ruthless
man in Jadeborough, do you think it gives you the right to stick your nose in police business?

“Harrison, let me give you a piece of advice. You are way over your head over this matter. There are
some people whom even you can’t afford to offend.”

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