Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 161

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Are You Threatening Me

“Are you threatening me?” Upon hearing Austin’s words, Harrison sneered, “I would like to see just who
it is I can’t afford to offend in Jadeborough!”

I don’t give a whit how powerful the person who’s backing him up is! How much can it amount to
anyway? Can it by any means surpass the authority of Asura?

“It seems that you’re determined to poke your nose into this matter, Harrison.” Austin’s expression went
chilly when he saw that the man was adamant about getting involved in the mess. “In that case, don’t
blame me for showing you no courtesy!”

Turning to his subordinates, he ordered, “Men, arrest him as well!”

“Come on then! I’m eager to see who dares to arrest me!” Harrison eyed the group of police officers
with a smirk. Meanwhile, the group of police officers looked at each other, none daring to move an inch.

Is this for real? How would we dare arrest him? Who is he? He’s the most ruthless man in Jadeborough
and has even taken over the Blackwood family some time ago, oppressing the other three prominent
families. Besides, there are even signs that he might dominate the leading position among the four
prominent families! How are we going to survive in Jadeborough in the future if we arrest him?
Furthermore, we might even lose our jobs!

“Why the hell are you all standing around, twiddling your thumbs? Hurry up and arrest him!” Austin
went ballistic, seeing that none of the police officers dared to act.

“Are you sure about this, Captain Stewart?” one of the police officers queried cautiously.

“Yes! Arrest them all! I’ll take responsibility if it comes to that!” It was clear as day that Harrison had
infuriated Austin. With a wave of his hand, the group of police officers under his command no longer

hesitated but swarmed forward at once to arrest Harrison as well.

Harrison’s expression changed when he saw them all charging at him. He took out a metal pipe from
the car and slammed it on the front of the vehicle with a bang. “Come on! Let me see which of you has
the guts to arrest me!”

After saying that, he glanced over his shoulder at his lackeys behind him, commanding, “Cripple
whichever of them dares to take a step forward today!”

“Understood, Mr. Seymour!”

Following that order, the lackeys he brought with him all took out metal pipes and steel rods from their
cars without a second’s delay, facing off with the police.

“Have you lost your mind, Harrison? Do you know what you’re doing? You’re resisting arrest!” Austin’s
face flushed bright red from fury when he saw that Harrison and his lackeys actually dared to have a
direct confrontation with the police.

“Stop yakking! I’ll just stand here today and see whether any of you dares to take action against me!”
Harrison hadn’t the slightest regard for Austin.

In a trice, the situation came to a stalemate.

Never had Austin expected Harrison to openly challenge the police for the sake of Jonathan, who had
no background to speak of.

“I’ve already given you an opportunity, Harrison. Don’t blame me since you didn’t cherish it!” Right after
he finished saying that, he whipped out his phone and made a call without wasting his breath further.

A moment later, a man’s deep and authoritative voice rang out from the other end of the phone.


“Hello, Chief Watson. The mission ran into a bit of a snag. Harrison intervened midway and is now
determined to stick his oar into the matter. He’s even publicly challenging the police alongside his
lackeys. How should I handle this?” As Austin talked on the phone, he stared at Harrison coldly.

The provocation in his eyes shone brightly, and his gaze was seemingly telling Harrison that his
impending retaliation was near at hand, and he would later pay the man back for his insubordination.

“Where is he? Have him answer the phone.” On the other end of the phone, Matteo Watson didn’t fly
into a rage as expected. Instead, he told Austin to pass the phone to Harrison.

“Hello, Harrison?”

“Matteo, isn’t your subordinate far too impudent?” Harrison was evidently very much familiar with the
man, not at all acting obsequiously just because he was some police chief.

“I’ll naturally disciple him for his impudence when he comes back later. But here’s a piece of warning
from me, Harrison. Don’t interfere and get yourself dragged into this matter. This isn’t something you
can afford to meddle in.”

The voice on the other end of the phone didn’t sound as relaxed as Harrison anticipated. On the
contrary, it carried a faint hint of warning.

A warning?

Immediately discerning that something was off, Harrison asked with a frown, “What exactly is going on,
Matteo? Who’s the big shot wanting to muscle in on the ecological park project?”

“That’s all I can tell you. If you leave right away with your lackeys, I can pretend that the incident today
had never happened. Otherwise…” Matteo didn’t finish his sentence, but the threat in his voice was

glaringly obvious.

“What will you do otherwise?” Harrison’s expression instantly turned glacial upon hearing that threat.
Snorting, he asserted, “Stop trying to scare me, Matteo. Tell you what, I’m certainly going to interfere in
this matter today! I’m not going to back down no matter what. There’s no changing my mind even if the
king himself comes over!”

After saying that, he didn’t give Matteo any opportunity to respond but hung up the phone with a beep.

“I regret to tell you that your Chief Watson can’t do anything to influence me!” Tossing the phone back
to Austin, Harrison stated frostily, “You’re not going to take anyone here away today. If you insist, do so
over my dead body!”

Chief Watson? Captain Stewart? I’m not going to budge for either of them!

“Great! You’ve got some guts, Harrison!” Austin’s expression darkened further when he saw that
neither the carrot nor the stick was working on the man. He waved a hand and instructed, “Get on with
it. Arrest everyone here! Just consider whoever dares to fight back as resisting arrest and shoot all who
dares to assault a police officer!”

Subsequently, he regarded Harrison with a wintry expression on his face and declared, “You have a
death wish, yes? Fine, I’ll grant you your wish!”

On the heels of that, he barked, “Arrest him!”

With that order, the group of police officers stalked forward without a single word.

Since things had come to that, there was no salvaging the situation anymore. As police officers, they
had no choice but to execute their orders despite their personal reluctance.

“Damn it! So, this is your decision, huh?” Harrison saw red when Austin was even threatening to use
lethal force. He slammed the metal pipe on the front of the car. “Get them! We’ll go all out with them!
Let’s see whether they truly dare to shoot!”

Despite the risk to his life, he still refused to budge an inch.

The person behind me is the only God I acknowledge in my entire life, Asura! Even if I die here, I’ll
never allow anyone to harm a single hair on his head!

“That’s enough. Why would you go all out? And how are you going to trump them? With the metal pipe
in your hand?” Just as a battle was about to break out, Jonathan, who had been keeping mum so far,
abruptly chimed in.

“Mr. Goldstein, I—” Harrison became a tad panicked upon hearing that and hastily wanted to explain

But before he could do so, Jonathan cut him off. “All right, stop carrying on here. Have you forgotten
what I told you just now? If you can’t handle it, have Randall come and resolve the matter!”

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