Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 158

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Your Funeral

“Ms. Smith, you’re here!”

Some in the group recognized Josephine.

Although she had only taken over the project for less than two days, the group of construction workers
already knew who she was.

All the previous managers would only hide in their offices and never show their faces.

Josephine was the only one who would show up at the construction site the entire day.

Moreover, she would occasionally give them a hand in their work.

“Everyone, don’t panic. Put down your weapons first.” The first thing Josephine did was calm her men
down. Despite their apprehension, they still obeyed her and put down the shovels and steel pipes in
their hands.

“Have you called the police?” Josephine looked in their direction.

“We have!”

Her men nodded.

When she heard that they did, Josephine’s mind was put at ease. Then, she turned to the group of men
clad in black. “Who are you? Why are you wrecking our construction site and assaulting my men?”

“Are you the one who’s in charge?” A brawny man, Hagar, walked out from among the men in black.
His entire arm was also covered by black-colored tattoos.

It was obvious from the way he looked that he was there with bad intentions.

“Yes, I am!” Josephine showed no fear at all.

“That will make things easy.” Hagar gave Josephine a cold stare. “Do you know that your construction
site has occupied our land?”

“Occupied your land?” Josephine couldn’t help but furrow her eyebrows.

The ecological park project, which she had just taken over the last few days, belonged to the
Blackwood family previously. Given their strong-handed methods, it was plausible that the man’s claim
was true. In that case, it was understandable for them to have caused a ruckus over the matter.

After all, the Blackwood family did seize the Smith family’s land without any compensation after the
Smith family offended them.

“I’m sorry but I wasn’t aware of this. If what you say is true, I will compensate you accordingly after
going back to my office to verify your claims.” Since she had taken over the ecological park project, it
was naturally her responsibility to clean up the mess caused by the Blackwood family.

However, Hagar scoffed at her words, “Why do you still need to check? If you want to compensate us,
do it now and stop pretending! Back then, the Blackwood family also gave us the same excuse.
However, after half a year, we have yet to see a single penny. And now, are you trying to pull the same
trick on me?”

“As of now, there’s no way I can compensate you.” Josephine refused to agree to Hagar’s demands.
“How am I going to pay you anything without any information or verification that you’re telling me the

“Are you refusing to do so?” Hagar snapped in response to Josephine’s words. “In that case, you leave
me with no choice. Men, destroy everything!”

Upon his instructions, those men in black raised their metal pipes and triangular bayonets before
continuing their attacks.

“What are you doing? Stop right now!” When she saw the men whacking her equipment, Josephine
threatened anxiously, “Destroying private property is against the law. Do you know that? The police will
be arriving anytime now. Aren’t you worried about getting arrested?”

“So what if the police are here?” Unfazed, Hagar snorted loudly, “Even they will listen to reason. You
have occupied our land for almost a year now without compensating a single penny, and yet, you insist
on continuing with your work? Dream on!”

“Stop! All of you, stop!” When she saw them wrecking the construction equipment again, Josephine
stepped forward to stop them. Unfortunately, before she could get far, Hagar approached to shove her
aside. “Get lost and stay out of my way!”

However, before he could reach her, a massive hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him with a
tight grip.

“You had better mind your hand. Or else, I can’t guarantee it will still be attached to your body.” Glaring
at Hagar coldly, Jonathan gave his arm a forceful twist. As a loud crack rang out, Jonathan had broken
his arm with just his bare hands.

“How dare you lay a finger on me?” Struck by excruciating pain, Hagar thundered, “Men, beat him till
he is crippled!”

Just as he spoke, his men brandished their weapons and charged at Jonathan.

However, Jonathan didn’t even bother to give them a look. With a stomp of his feet, a steel pipe was
spun onto his hand. The next moment, he stabbed it through Hagar’s thigh.

“If you insist on meeting your maker, I’ll personally send you off!”

Jonathan gave Hagar an icy glare before pulling out the steed rod from his thigh. In a blink of an eye,
blood gushed out from his open wound.

The sight was so gruesome that Hagar’s subordinates recoiled in horror.

None of them dared to get any closer to Jonathan.

“Were you the one who called yesterday?” Jonathan gave Hagar a frosty look.

“What call? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Hagar hissed through his gritted teeth.

The agonizing pain in his thigh had caused his expression to drastically change.

“Looks like it really wasn’t you!” Shaking his head, Jonathan warned, “Go back and tell your boss that if
he ever causes trouble here again, you won’t be losing just a leg! Scram!”

Just as he finished, Jonathan threw the steel pipe back onto the ground without even giving Hagar
another look.

Occupying their land is nothing but a f*cking excuse. Josephine had just received a threatening call
yesterday, and today, someone is already causing trouble at the construction site. No one in their right
mind will believe this is a coincidence.

When he saw that Jonathan had thrown his weapon away, Hagar dragged his bloody leg and retreated.
“What are all of you waiting for? Cripple him right now!”

On his cue, his men charged at Jonathan again.

“Jonathan, be careful!”

Josephine couldn’t help but cry out when she saw them attacking.

“Don’t worry, they’re nothing but a bunch of hoodlums.” Jonathan didn’t even see them as a threat.
Taking a step forward, he slammed a kick into his closest attacker.

Upon impact, his victim collapsed onto his knees with a thud.

“Since all of you insist on dying, I have no choice but to help you reach your destination quicker.” Just
as he spoke, Jonathan launched his right fist forward.

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