Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 157

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“Mom, the watches weren’t bought by me!” Josephine was infuriated by Margaret. Jonathan alone is
trouble enough, and now, Margaret is just making things worse.

“Who bought them? Jonathan?” Margaret glanced at Jonathan who was sitting on the sofa. “So what if
he did? Can you not give them to me just because of that?”

“Mom, do you know how much the watches cost?” Josephine almost stomped her feet in anger when
she saw how the greedy Margaret desperately held onto the watch.

“How much?” Margaret asked curiously.

“Thirty-six million!” Glaring fiercely at her, Josephine added, “The watch you are wearing alone costs
eighteen million.”


Margaret’s felt her knees buckle the moment she heard the price.

Eighteen million for a lousy watch? Together, both of them cost thirty-six million? What an idiot for
spending thirty-six million just on two watches. Wait, something’s not right. Since when did Jonathan
have so much money?

When it suddenly hit her, Margaret stared at Jonathan and questioned, “Jonathan, where did you find
so much money?”

“I borrowed it,” Jonathan calmly replied.

“Who did you borrow it from?” Margaret gave Jonathan a doubtful look. Given how he usually behaves,
how did he manage to get it? I don’t think he is even capable of borrowing three thousand six hundred.

“Zachary,” Jonathan answered. “When I left the King of War residence, Zachary gave me a credit card
with no spending limit. I used the same card to buy the car too.”

Jonathan parroted the same excuse from yesterday.

“No spending limit?” Margaret’s eyes lit up when she heard it. She didn’t care how much Jonathan
borrowed. All she was concerned about was whether the card truly had no spending limit.

“Jonathan, does your card really have no spending limit?” Margaret stared intently at Jonathan as if she
was about to swallow him.

“That’s right!”

Nodding, Jonathan added, “However, I have to pay it back.”

“Pay it back?” Margaret’s enthusiasm dampened significantly because she assumed he didn’t need to
return the money.

What’s the point of a credit card that one needs to pay back still?

“What were you thinking? There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world!” Josephine rolled her
eyes. “Take off that watch so that Jonathan can return both the watches.”

“Must he return them?”

Margaret was reluctant to part with it. After all, it was a watch that cost eighteen million. She had never
even touched one before, let alone put on one.

“Quick!” Josephine pestered.

“Jonathan, you already had it for one night. Will they allow you to return it?” Looking at Jonathan,
Margaret refused to take it off.

“Not necessarily.”

Shaking his head, Jonathan answered, “I’m not certain if they will allow me to do that.”

“In that case, let me wear the watch for the time being while you inquire about it.” The moment she
heard that Jonathan was unsure about returning it, Margaret’s desire to keep the watch intensified.

To her, she was satisfied even if she could only put on such an expensive watch for a minute.

If her poker mates found out about it, they would be utterly envious of her.

“Mom, take off that watch!” Josephine saw through her mom at once. She obviously knew that
Margaret was trying to take advantage of the situation and refused to remove it.

However, just as she spoke, she was interrupted by her ringing phone.


Josephine answered the call while keeping her eye on Margaret.

“Ms. Smith, I have bad news. Something terrible has happened at the construction site!” A nervous
voice rang out. Josephine could also hear a ruckus in the background as if something major had

“Slow down. What happened?” Josephine was filled with a sense of dread when she heard it.

“This morning, a group of people came out of nowhere and began wrecking everything. Most of our
equipment at the site has been destroyed by them! Furthermore, many of the workers have also been
beaten. Ms. Smith, you have to come over right now!”

Meanwhile, the noise in the background grew even more chaotic. In fact, she could hear sounds of
beating and agonizing screams.

Josephine sprang to her feet without any hesitation. “All right. I’m heading over right away. You should
call the police and record what’s going on with your phone so that we will have evidence to show

“Ms. Smith, I don’t dare to do so. They will smash my phone the moment they see it. I-” Before he could
finish, a painful cry was heard. The next moment, all that was left was the call end tone.

Evidently, his phone had been broken.

“What is it? What happened?” Margaret asked nervously when she saw Josephine knitting her

“Something has happened at the construction site. I need to go over immediately!” Without further ado,
Josephine put on her shoes and prepared to head out.

However, just as she was doing so, Jonathan appeared behind her all of a sudden. “I’ll go with you.”

“No, you should return the watch instead,” Josephine rejected him outright.

She didn’t want him to be dragged into her mess.

“I can return the watch anytime. In the event of danger, there’s no one to save you if I’m not there!”
Jonathan didn’t give Josephine a choice. Grabbing her hand, he led her out at once. “Let’s go, or we’ll
be too late!”

Just as he spoke, Jonathan opened the car door.

After Josephine got in, he floored the accelerator and sped toward the ecological park construction site.

Half an hour later, their car arrived at a deserted piece of land on the outskirts of the city.

Other than the equipment at the construction site, the land was dotted with wild weeds and muddy

The moment the car came to a stop, Josephine pushed open the door and hurried to the site. As for
Jonathan, he followed closely behind her.

Upon entering the site, they were greeted by the sounds of metal clanging.

There was a group of construction workers with metal shovels fighting against another group of men
clad in black.

However, the workers were clearly no match for them.

The men in black were armed with metal pipes and triangular bayonets. Furthermore, it was a large
group that numbered between fifty to sixty people.

As for the construction workers, who were only equipped with shovels and their courage, they were
quickly pinned on the ground before they could even charge forward.

In fact, they were so badly beaten that they were unable to retaliate at all.

“Stop it! All of you!” Josephine couldn’t help but scream at the sight.

The moment they heard her voice, both groups of men stopped fighting momentarily and looked in
Josephine’s direction.

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