Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 154

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Limited Edition Black Card

He recognized the black card Jonathan was holding.

It was a limited edition black card from Citibank.

In the whole of Chanaea, there were less than ten cards issued. In fact, Jazona itself might not even
have a single one.

To qualify for the card, one had to have a net worth of at least ten billion. Even then, one had to go
through a strict selection process at Citibank.

Being wealthy alone wasn’t enough. One had to have strong connections and wield immense influence
before one could pass Citibank’s demanding requirements.

Alfred wasn’t the only one who recognized the card.

Even the salesperson who was standing in the corner knew what the black card meant. After all, he
had frequently surfed the internet and watched many movies. In the movies, everyone who carried a
black card was a big tycoon worth hundreds of millions.

They would either ride in a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley.

At the very least, they would own a sports car that was worth millions.

However, Jonathan didn’t look like a wealthy person to him at all.

None of Jonathan’s clothes were branded. In fact, everything on him cost less than two hundred.

Also, what happened earlier cemented the salesperson’s impression of Jonathan. Both of them couldn’t
afford a watch that was one million and were only prepared to buy one that was ten thousand.

How can someone like that own a black card? Can it be a fake?

“Please wait a moment while I go get the ladies’ version.” After giving Jonathan a doubtful look, the
salesperson returned to the display cabinet and brought out a similar-looking safe deposit box.

Inside the box was a watch that looked exactly the same as the one from earlier. The only difference
was that it had a rose gold phoenix carved inside instead of a dragon.

Evidently, this was a pair of couple watches.

“This was also carved personally by the world-famous designer. Naturally, it is also a global limited
edition and forms a pair with the other watch. It also costs eighteen million, but there will be a discount
if you purchase both of them.”

Although he didn’t think Jonathan would buy both watches, he still explained it nonetheless.

After all, he had already brought it out, and it wouldn’t hurt to describe it a little.

“Not bad!” After giving it a quick look, he turned to the salesperson. “I’ll take them.”

“You’ll take them?”

The salesperson’s eyes widened in disbelief when he heard Jonathan’s words.

Did I hear it wrong? He couldn’t afford a watch that was one million just now, and yet, he is asking me
to wrap one up that’s tens of millions?

“Yes, I’m buying both of them.” Jonathan pushed his black card toward the salesperson. “Swipe it!”

“Sir, are you messing with me?” The salesperson was surprised by Jonathan’s words.

He looked as if he was questioning Jonathan’s ability to afford it.

“Do I look like I’m kidding to you?” Jonathan sneered.

“Sir, even after the discount, the watches will still cost more than thirty million!”

The salesperson couldn’t resist reminding Jonathan, as if to tell him that he should quit fooling around.

“I know!” Jonathan had lost his patience. “Swipe it!”

When he saw Jonathan’s serious expression, the salesperson gave him a doubtful look before picking
up the black card and heading to the point-of-sale machine.

However, when Josephine saw what had unfolded, she glared at Jonathan. “Jonathan, have you gone
mad? How can we afford such an expensive watch?”

One cost eighteen million, while two of them cost thirty six million.

She felt Jonathan had gone crazy to insist on buying such exorbitant watches.

That’s thirty-six million! Where am I going to find thirty-six million? Da*n it, I don’t even have three
hundred and sixty thousand!

“It’s not expensive at all. Didn’t I tell you that I’m willing to buy you the entire mall as long as you fancy
it?” Jonathan didn’t seem to care. It was as if thirty-six million was just peanuts to him.

I didn’t even bat an eyelid when I bought Graham Group for five billion, why should I care about thirty-
six million?

“Go on, keep up that act of yours. Let me see how far both of you can go.” At that moment, the young
lady couldn’t help but sneer, “Are the both of you trying to contend for the award of best actor and
actress? Who knows, you might actually win!”

How can scum who eat at roadside stalls and are unable to afford a watch for one million afford to buy
watches worth thirty-six million? Who are they kidding?

However, the moment she spoke, Alfred lifted his right hand from her slender waist and gave her a
forceful slap. “Can you f*cking shut up? Don’t you understand what I said?”

“Alfred, you, you hit me!” Covering her face where she was slapped, the young lady was utterly

How can Alfred, who has always given in to all my requests, slap me? In fact, he even did it in public!

“So what if I did? I even held back when I hit you. If you dare say another word, I will kick you out of
here myself!” Alfred thundered.

He even felt the urge to tear the stupid lady’s mouth apart.

The black card was restricted to a small number of users globally.

He naturally knew that he couldn’t afford to offend someone who carried it.

That stupid girl is going to be the death of me!

“Alfred…” The young lady was crying her eyes out as tears rolled down her cheeks. Meanwhile, the
salesperson was suddenly shocked after swiping Jonathan’s card with a beep. In fact, he even broke
out in cold sweat.

“S-Sir, i-is there a problem with your card?” When he saw the numbers behind the card, he felt a chill
down his spine and stuttered while he spoke.

“What’s the problem?” Jonathan frowned slightly.

He had used the card for many years and never encountered any issues.

Hence, it came as a surprise that he was facing one all of a sudden.

“I-I don’t know.” The salesperson felt his knees go weak.

Ten million… A billion… Ten billion…

Looking at the string of numbers at the back of the card, the salesperson felt his vision go dark and his
head spinning at the same time.

In fact, he even wondered if he was seeing things.

After all, Jonathan didn’t look like someone who carried around ten billion with him.

The salesperson had never seen a bank card that had a balance of ten billion his entire life.

“You don’t know?” Jonathan’s expression darkened.

“I-I really don’t know.” The salesperson grew so anxious that he was on the brink of tears. “M-Maybe
there’s a problem with our system. Let me get the manager.”

Just as he spoke, the salesperson fled in terror.

After all, he couldn’t afford to offend someone who carried a globally limited edition black card that
contained ten billion.

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