Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 153

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Shut Up

White card?

The moment the salesperson saw the white card, his expression changed drastically.

The white card was second only to the black card in terms of prestige. Rumor had it that there were
only hundreds of white cards in Jazona.

Only someone with a net worth of billions qualified to own one.

“Sir, this way please.” The salesperson was so shocked that he almost prostrated in front of the pot-
bellied man.

As for Jonathan and Josephine, he had already forgotten about them.

“Stop! What’s with that attitude?” When the salesperson ignored them and led the middle-aged man
together with his companion to the display cabinet, Jonathan’s gaze darkened. “We were here first!”

“Sir, I’m sure you have seen it too.” When he heard Jonathan’s protest, the salesperson turned around
and shrugged his shoulders. “These two are VIPs! Why don’t you wait for a while? Once they are done,
I’ll continue looking for a watch that fits your ten thousand budget.”

The salesperson’s attitude was obvious enough.

One customer wanted to buy the most expensive watches in the store, while the other only wanted to
buy one worth ten thousand.

It was clear to him who he should prioritize.

A watch of ten thousand would only give him a commission of a few hundred.

However, if he managed to sell one that was worth a few million, his commission would be in the
hundreds of thousands.

Even a fool could tell which was the obvious choice.

“Jonathan, forget it. Let’s just go.” Josephine gave Jonathan a tug with a grim expression on her face.
She had wanted to use the opportunity to buy Jonathan a gift but didn’t expect the unfortunate turn of

Consequently, she was visibly disheartened by the episode.

“Don’t leave yet.” When she heard Josephine’s words, the young lady who was in the middle-aged
man’s arms squirmed her lips and sneered, “Since a hundred million is nothing to you, don’t you want
to see Vacheron Constantin’s most expensive watch? Oh my, I almost forgot. Perhaps, you might not
even know what it is. With only ten thousand, I wonder what gave you the guts to come shop for a
Vacheron Constantin? You broke b*stards!”

The young lady didn’t hide her contempt for both of them. In fact, she viewed Josephine with particular

So what if she’s pretty? Doesn’t she still end up with a broke guy who can’t even afford a watch that
costs a million? Even though I’m not as pretty as her, I still managed to snag a sugar daddy. I don’t
care if a man is young or old. Being rich is all that matters!

“Are you done?” Josephine’s face turned frosty in response to the young lady’s words. “If you are, then
make way!”

“What if I refuse?”

The young lady scoffed, “Scum like you had better stay away from places like this. Or else, you will just
end up sullying it. This isn’t somewhere suitable for dirtbags like you to shop. Do you understand?”

Just like a haughty white swan, the young lady ridiculed Josephine and Jonathan.

Just as she spoke, the salesperson walked out with a safe deposit box made of glass in his hand. “Sir,
this is the most expensive watch in our shop, and it costs eighteen million. It is a global limited edition
and is entirely handmade. Also, it has a diamond face with rose gold carvings. It is designed by a
world-famous designer.”

One could see clearly a rose-gold dragon rotating inside the watch through its transparent diamond

It made for a grand and elegant sight.

However, the moment the middle-aged man heard that it was eighteen million, he couldn’t help but
gasp, “H-how much? Eighteen million? That much for a mere watch?”

“Yes, sir. This Vacheron Constantin is the prized treasure of our store.” Nodding, the salesperson
added, “If it were anybody else, I wouldn’t have shown it to them.”

“Darling, I love the watch!” Just as the salesperson finished, the young lady tugged the middle-aged
man’s arm and shook it. “I want to buy it!”

While shaking his arm, her fair and slender body rubbed against it at the same time.

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged man furrowed his eyebrows and remarked, “It’s too expensive. Why
don’t we get a different design?”

“No, I only want that one!” The lady was adamant. “Alfred, buy it for me, please. At most, I’ll make sure
that you have a pleasurable time tonight!”

The salesperson couldn’t help but gave the young lady another look.

“No, it’s too expensive!” Alfred shook his head again in refusal. He might consider a watch that cost a
few million, but not one that was eighteen million.

I can do whatever I want with ten million. In fact, I can have countless women for eighteen million. Am I
crazy to spend it all on a watch?

“Alfred…” The lady’s voice became even more coquettish as she snuggled up into his arms. However,
Alfred refused to budge.

Right at that moment, Jonathan broke his silence. “Is there a ladies’ version of this watch?”

“There is. However…” The salesperson gave Jonathan a puzzled look, as he didn’t know what
Jonathan had in mind.

So what if there’s a ladies’ version? What has it got to do with you?

“Let us see it,” Jonathan casually said.

“Sir, stop kidding me. The watch costs eighteen million…” The salesperson’s intention was obvious.

You can’t even afford a watch that costs one million, why do you even want to see one that costs more
than ten million? Can you even afford it?

“I asked you to show it to us. Why do you have so much to say about it?” Jonathan knitted his
eyebrows. “Do you think that I can’t afford it?”

Err… isn’t that the case?

The salesperson couldn’t help but squirm his lips. Nevertheless, he continued to meekly deny
Jonathan’s request. “Sir, I don’t mean that–”

“Quit your nonsense!” Not wanting to waste any more time, Jonathan brought out his black card and
threw it in front of the salesperson. “Are you going to get it now or not?”

“Oh mine, you really are a good actor! Who’s afraid of the lousy card of yours?” Before the salesperson
could react, the lady couldn’t resist rolling her eyes. “Does your card even contain a hundred

“Shut up!”

Just when the lady was sniggering, Alfred suddenly cut her off.

“Darling, why did you scold me?” The lady was taken aback by the sudden admonishment.

“So what if I did? I told you to f*cking shut your trap!” The man shot a fearsome glare at her before
staring intently at the black card in Jonathan’s hands.

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