Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 152

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Dirt Poor

Even though the salesperson lowered her voice, it was still loud enough for Jonathan and Josephine to
hear it just as they exited the store.

Nevertheless, Jonathan ignored her as it was meaningless for him to argue with a mere salesperson.

After they left the Bulgari store, they headed toward the second floor. However, Josephine was visibly
affected by the episode, as she had a distracted look on her face.

Stopping in his tracks, Jonathan turned to ask, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Josephine shook her head. “Why don’t we go home instead?”

The moment she thought of the big mess that was waiting for her tomorrow, she lost all interest in

Her mood was made worse by the Bulgari salesperson’s attitude, causing her to feel even more

“All right.”

Jonathan nodded. Right when they were on their way out, they passed by a watch store. Jonathan
stopped in his tracks abruptly and exclaimed, “This is where my previous company used to be!”

“How can you tell?” Josephine looked at him inquisitively.

I’m surprised Jonathan can recognize it because this entire place has been redeveloped.

“It’s a wild guess,” Jonathan quipped with a smile. “I was just following a hunch.”

Rolling her eyes, Josephine ignored him. Nevertheless, she followed him inside the specialized watch
store. The moment they entered, a young salesperson in a black jacket approached them. “Sir, ma’am,
may I know what kind of watch you’re looking for?”

Compared to the salesperson earlier, this one was a lot more well-mannered.

“We’re just browsing,” Josephine casually remarked.

The store was filled with all kinds of watches. Evidently, they were spoilt for choice.

Some were made from pure gold, while others were embellished with diamonds.

The mechanical sounds of clockwork ticked incessantly inside the store.

“How much for this watch?” Suddenly, Josephine stopped in front of one.

“One point eight million,” the salesperson answered.

“That’s really exorbitant!”

Josephine was taken aback by the price.

“The watch was made by Vacheron Constantin in collaboration with a famous football star. Combined
with the strength of its brand name and the popularity of the star, one point eight million for the watch is
a reasonable price after all,” the salesperson explained the watch’s background. “Furthermore, this is a
globally limited edition, and we’re the only one to carry it in Jazona.”

“It’s too expensive!” Josephine shook her head.

There was no way she could afford such an extravagant watch.

“In that case, what’s your budget?” The salesperson scrutinized Jonathan and Josephine’s outfits, as if
to gauge how wealthy they were.

“Do you have something cheaper that costs around ten thousand?” Josephine inquired.

“Yes, we do.” The salesperson hesitated briefly before he added, “However, those are of lower quality
and aren’t really compatible with your social standing.”

In the eyes of others, a watch that cost ten thousand was considered lavish. However, from the
perspective of the salesperson, they were seen as inferior.

“In that case, forget it.” Josephine shook her head. “We’ll take a look someplace else.”

Given that Jonathan had recently spent a lot of money buying the car and mansion, Josephine wanted
to use the opportunity to get him a watch.

However, the watches here were way beyond her budget.

After all, her bank card contained less than a hundred thousand.

Evidently, she couldn’t afford anything more than that.

“Wait!” When he realized Jonathan and Josephine were about to leave, the salesperson grew anxious.
“Actually, there are some decent watches for ten thousand. Let me see what I can find.”

A customer was still a customer regardless of how little they spent. Although there wasn’t much
commission in a watch that cost ten thousand, it was still better than nothing.

A few thousand was enough for him to spend on an enjoyable evening at the bar.

In fact, he could use the opportunity to hook up with some young girls for a night of unreserved

“Jonathan, I don’t have much money, so I can’t afford to buy you an expensive watch,” Josephine
confessed. “I only have less than a hundred thousand on me.”

“Why are you buying me a watch all of a sudden?” Jonathan was surprised.

Why is she suddenly getting me a gift? Just a few years ago, this would have been unthinkable.

“Didn’t you just get a new job? I want to buy you a watch as a present.” Josephine murmured, “It’s just
that I can’t afford one that’s too expensive. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Darling, whatever gift you intend to get me is worth hundreds of millions to me. It doesn’t matter if it
only costs a hundred, let alone one that costs ten thousand.” From Jonathan’s perspective, even if
someone else was to present him with a gift worth hundreds of millions, he might not even bat an

However, if it was a gift from Josephine, he would treasure it with all his heart regardless of how cheap
it was.

To him, it was simply priceless.

“A hundred million?” A mocking voice suddenly rang out from outside the door. The next moment, they
saw a pot-bellied middle-aged man enter with a fashionably dressed young lady. The man curled his
lips into a sneer and mocked, “I doubt you even have a million! Kid, I’ve had my eye on you for a while
now. Just accept that you’re poor. Why do you need to keep pretending? You can’t even afford a watch
that costs a million, and yet you boast about a hundred million? Do you know how many zeroes there
are in a hundred million? You broke b*stard!”

Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows subconsciously at the sudden accusation.

However, before he could react, the young lady pinched her nose and mocked, “Darling, why are you
bothering with them? Lower-class people like them only deserve to eat dirty food by the smelly
roadside stalls. We better keep our distance from them. Can you smell the stench they emit? Who
knows what sort of germs they’re carrying!”

Lower-class people?

The moment he heard those words, Jonathan’s expression became grim.

Isn’t this the couple who drove the Maybach from earlier?

“You’re right!” the pot-bellied man agreed with his companion. Looking at the salesperson, he
instructed, “Mister, you had better chase them out before they dirty your store!”

“Sir, these two are my customers!” the salesperson retorted.

Even though he knew Jonathan and Josephine couldn’t afford luxury watches, he still felt that it was
wrong to kick them out.

“What sort of f*cking customers are they? Do they look like they can afford the watches in your store?”
the middle-aged man scoffed. He then took out a white bank card from his pocket. “Today is my
girlfriend’s birthday. Bring out the most expensive watches you have!”

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