Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 140

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A Bunch Of Useless Creatures

Having said that, Jonathan flicked his wrist.

At once, the teacup in his hand flew out and smacked Hunter in the face hard.

Subsequently, a crash pierced the air. The teacup fell to the ground and shattered into pieces. At the
same time, there was a bloody mark on Hunter’s face.

“Kill him! I want him dead!” As Hunter clapped a hand over the cut on his face from the teacup shard,
his eyes blazed scarlet, and he was seemingly moments away from going off the deep end. It was as
though he had suffered some great humiliation.

“Understood, Old Mr. York!”

Following that order, the dozen or so burly men in black proceeded to surround Jonathan without a
second’s delay.

It was clear as day that they were all trained ex-military personnel. In fact, they might even possibly be
retired special forces.

“The lot of you want to kill me? You’re about to be disappointed, then.” Jonathan snorted at the sight of
the men caging him in. Flicking his wrist, he slammed a hand against the table. In an instant, the
teacups on the table flew into the air, tea spilling everywhere. Gently catching a drop of water with his
right hand, he flicked it hard.

Immediately, a transparent thread extended from the drop of water. With a whizz, it then slammed into
the chest of one of the burly men in black at lightning speed.


Before anyone could even discern his movements, the drop of water promptly penetrated the man’s

In the next moment, blood dripped from the man’s chest.


A muffled thud sounded, and the man fell to his knees on the ground while clutching his chest.


The man was just about to say something when he was abruptly cut off by a spurt of blood out of his
mouth. In the end, he dropped dead in a pool of blood before he could even say anything.

The water had been transformed into a weapon, and a mere drop of water could kill.

Although it was just a drop of water, it was even faster than a bullet and sharper than a sword.

The drop of water could easily penetrate a piece of steel, much less a mere burly man in black.

Jonathan had long since mastered that skill.

Not long after he broke into the military camp, he had started practicing the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique and had now been training in it for more than three years.

If I can’t even control a small drop of water, what right do I have to be Asura and dominate the nation?

“How useless! What a worthless piece of trash!” At the sight of the burly men in black lying in a pool of
blood, Hunter roared, “Why are you all still standing around? Hurry up and kill him!”

He was so incandescent that his eyes blazed scarlet, yet none of the dozen or so men dared to take a
step forward. Instead, they were seemingly inclined to retreat.

Verily, they feared Jonathan greatly.

Is he really human? He can kill someone with a single drop of water! With the dozen or so of us, the
cup of tea is probably enough to kill us all!

“Da*n it! You’re all a bunch of useless creatures!” Seeing that the dozen of burly men in black were all
standing there with none of them daring to make a single move, Hunter became so pissed off that his
hand trembled. “What’s the use of me employing the lot of you if you can’t even finish off a snot-nosed
kid? Get him!”

Upon seeing that he was truly infuriated, the dozen or so burly men in black looked at each other.
Then, they steeled their resolve and charged at Jonathan.

Even if it means our death, we’ve got to make a move today! There’s no other choice since we’re paid
to do so!

“You’re asking for it!”

Jonathan’s gaze went glacial. Shooting to his feet, he streaked out before they had even reached him
and leaped into the air.

As his fist shot out, a resounding bang split the air.

The nose bridge of the burly man in black at the front was shattered with a blow from him.

Blood gushed out of the man’s nostrils, down the corners of his mouth and clothes. In the end, his eyes
rolled back into his head, and he collapsed in a pool of blood.

The dozen or so ex-military personnel didn’t even manage to last more than a minute at Jonathan’s

In less than a minute, the dozen or so burly men in black were all lying limply on the ground in a broken
heap. Not a single one of them remained standing.

At the sight of the scene before their eyes, not only was Hunter incredulous, but almost everyone there
wore expressions of disbelief.

How could that be? How could he possibly be so skilled at fighting?

As part of the York family, Hunter knew their combat prowess all too well.

They were all ex-military personnel I specially hired from the military base itself, and there were even
retired special forces among them! They’re used to undertaking executing missions abroad, their hands
stained with blood after having taken countless lives! Yet, they couldn’t even hold out for a minute when
it came to him? How is that possible?

“W-Who exactly are you?” He stared at Jonathan intently, and even his lips were quivering slightly. By
then, he had finally realized that the man was no easy prey.

“The person who is going to wipe the York family out of existence!” Regarding him placidly, Jonathan
asserted, “I told you not to meddle in this affair, but you simply wouldn’t listen. Since you’re determined
to court death, I’ll grant you your wish!”

After saying that, he stepped over the dozen of burly men in black who were all lying on the ground and
strolled toward the man.

As he drew all the closer, Hunter felt his knees knocking together. Still, he kept his gaze glued on the
man and demanded, “W-What do you want?”

“What do you think?” Casting him a frosty glance, Jonathan bellowed, “Get down on your knees!”

The second his voice rang out, Hunter’s legs abruptly went weak, and he fell to his knees before the
man with a thud.

In a trice, everyone’s expressions changed.

No one expected the high and mighty patriarch of the York family to actually drop to his knees before

“How dare you, kid?” Hunter was so mortified that his face flushed bright red.

Argh! What a humiliation! This is simply the greatest shame ever!

Even he himself had no idea why his legs uncontrollably gave out on him.

I’m the patriarch of the York family, yet I kneeled before a snot-nosed kid before so many people here?
If this gets out, how am I going to show my face in public in the future?

“Is that all the York family is capable of? If that’s so, I’m truly disappointed!” Sweeping a nonchalant
glance over Hunter and Preston, who were both on their knees in front of him, Jonathan urged, “If
you’ve got other tricks up your sleeve, just unleash them all at once!”

“Hmph! Did you think that’s all? Then, you’ve truly underestimated the York family!” Hunter snorted
coldly. All of a sudden, he whipped out a gun from somewhere and pointed it right at the man,
declaring, “Kid, I admit that I indeed underestimated you previously. But so what if you’re skilled at
fighting? Can you beat a bullet?”

As the patriarch of the York family, if I had only relied on the dozen or so burly men in black, I would’ve
probably died time and again. Countless people want to kill me in the whole of Jazona, after all. If I
don’t have any means to protect myself, I can’t possibly be still alive now!

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