Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 150

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The Lower Class

Half an hour later, they stopped somewhere in the southern part of the city.

Compared to the other areas of Jadeborough, the southern part of the city was an old area that was
less developed.

It was filled with old and dilapidated buildings, while the streets were littered with roadside stalls.

Usually, the rich seldom frequented the area.

Therefore, when the red Lamborghini stopped by the roadside, it attracted everyone’s attention. Many
of the youths there even blew wolf whistles at it.

Furthermore, when Josephine got out of the car, all the males there were mesmerized.

After all, her looks and figure were no less inferior than that of movie actresses.

In fact, her attractiveness actually surpassed them, which explained the fact that she had plenty of
suitors before she married Jonathan.

Even after she married him, many of her suitors continued to stalk and cling to her.

However, when everyone saw Jonathan appear beside Josephine, all of them looked at him with

Sheesh! Another beauty wasted on a beast!

“Darling, the barbeque from that stall is supposed to be very delicious. Shall we head there?” Jonathan
ignored the gazes that fell upon them. In truth, there weren’t any new stalls in the area.

All he wanted to do was to take Josephine out for a meal so that she could take her mind off her

“Let’s go!”

Josephine nodded before both of them headed to the roadside stall.

“Sir, ten skewers each of grilled mutton, duck, and beef please,” Jonathan randomly ordered before
taking his seat.

They hadn’t been seated for long when a pot-bellied, middle-aged man and his skimpily dressed
female companion walked past them. Just as they were passing by, the young lady pinched her nose
and remarked, “Darling, let’s not eat here because this place is just too dirty. Look, only those of the
lower class patronize this place. I refuse to dine at a place like this!”

Lower class?

Just as she spoke, the faces of everyone seated there drastically changed.

Just when many of their tempers were about to flare, they noticed the middle-aged man’s Maybach
parked by the side. Given that it was worth millions, they could only force themselves to swallow their

They were left with no choice as they knew they couldn’t afford to offend someone who drove a

“It’s indeed too filthy here!” The middle-aged man waved a hand in front of his nose, as if there was a
stench in the air. “And here I thought there was something special here to eat. Forget it; I’ll take you to
a proper fine dining restaurant instead.”

With that, the middle-aged man put his arm around his companion’s waist as they headed back to the

As they walked off, the lady gave the middle-aged man a kiss. Then, she remarked coquettishly, “I
knew you were the best!”


“Let’s go quickly and stay away from these people. Otherwise, they’ll just dirty our clothes.”

Both of them spoke without any attempt to lower their voices at all.

It was clear they didn’t care about the feelings of those who heard what they said.

It was as if all those people didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as they did.

Unfortunately, despite how angry everyone there was, no one dared to utter a word of protest.

It wasn’t until the Maybach disappeared from their sight that someone dared to shout, “What the f*ck?
Do they really think they’re actually VIPs?”

“Just because they drive a stinking Maybach, they think it makes them someone important.”

“Exactly! Isn’t it obvious they’re having an improper relationship? The man looks like a sugar daddy
while the woman must be his sugar baby.”

After the Maybach was gone, the crowd suddenly had the courage to ridicule the couple.

As for Jonathan, he didn’t even deign to spare them a look.

What’s the point in wasting time with insects?

“Jonathan, aren’t you angry that they accused you of being someone low class?” Josephine was
surprised at how calm Jonathan was throughout the exchange.

In her mind, Jonathan didn’t exactly have a good temper.

“What’s there to be angry about?” He answered with a grin, “Why should I care about two insects? In
the eyes of those who are even richer, aren’t they lower class folks too?”

“But this isn’t like you!” Josephine couldn’t help but look at Jonathan suspiciously. After all, when the
head of the Blackwood family had knelt in front of him, Jonathan had shown him no mercy at all.

Even the son of Jazona’s deputy police chief was beaten up regardless of his status.

“In your mind, what’s your impression of me?” Jonathan gave her a plain look. “Am I someone
impulsive? Do I have no regard for the consequences and only know how to solve problems with my

“Isn’t that the case?” Josephine couldn’t resist giving him the side-eye. “I was expecting you to start a
fight with them.”

“No, I wouldn’t have.” Jonathan shook his head with a smile. “Beating them up would only have soiled
my hands.”

To him, those two were nothing but insignificant insects, and he didn’t take their behavior to heart.

After they finished their meal, Jonathan didn’t take Josephine home right away. Instead, they used the
opportunity to take a stroll around. At that moment, both of them finally felt like a couple, unlike a few
years ago when they were only married in name.

Back then, they would barely say a few words to each other within a single month.

As they strolled along the streets, the gentle breeze that blew past improved Josephine’s mood

She couldn’t help but remark, “You seem to be familiar with this part of the city.”

“My previous company used to be located here,” Jonathan answered with a smile. Back then, he had
just graduated from university and couldn’t afford the rental of a high-end skyscraper. Consequently, he
could only manage to rent a place in an old building in the southern part of the city to use as his

Its rental was only five hundred a month.

Later on, when the company expanded, he didn’t move away. Instead, he rented the entire building.

“Your previous company?” Having heard his words, Josephine suddenly recalled that Jonathan used to
run a company too. “By the way, you’ve never mentioned your old company to me before. How did you
go bankrupt back then?”

It was hard to believe that after four years of marriage, Josephine still didn’t know how Jonathan’s
company went bust.

“I fell into a trap and was cheated,” Jonathan casually replied. “Anyway, let’s not talk about that
anymore. Instead, I’ll show you where my previous company was. It’s not far from here, coincidentally.”


Unexpectedly, Josephine didn’t decline.

Instead, she was wondering if she should try to get to know Jonathan better.

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