Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 151

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Pretending To Be Rich

Ten minutes later, their car stopped in front of a busy mall.

When Jonathan saw how lively it was, he was dazed by the sight. Four years ago, the building was
dilapidated while its surroundings were deserted, not a soul to be seen anywhere nearby.

Back then, the place would be covered in darkness at night as it didn’t even have a street lamp.

However, the old building was now gone. In its place was a ten-story building and a plaza right smack
in the center of the business district.

The plaza was brightly lit with crowds coming and going. Outside of it, there were many couples
holding hands and hugging each other. Once in a while, one could even find some couples kissing
unabashedly, as if they didn’t care about the looks passersby gave them.

“Isn’t it great to be young?” Looking at the couple, Jonathan couldn’t help but sigh. “Darling, why don’t
we kiss too?”

Ignoring his question, Josephine shot him a glare. “Can’t you be a little more serious?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my own wife?” Jonathan pursed his lips. Looking in the plaza’s direction, he
commented, “Back when this place was old and rundown, the street lamps would go off whenever it
rained as the power would be cut. Furthermore, the monthly rental back then was only five hundred.
But in the blink of an eye, it’s now transformed into a mall!”

Shaking his head, Jonathan subconsciously took Josephine’s hand and exclaimed, “Come on, Darling,
let’s go in and take a look!”

However, the moment he touched her hand, Josephine retracted it instantly as if she had been jolted by
an electrical shock. Ever since she was young, no man other than Connor had touched her hand

Even though she was no longer that resentful of Jonathan psychologically, her physical reflex was

“What’s wrong? Did my hand electrocute you?” Jonathan lowered his gaze to look at her.

“No, I just—” Before she could finish, Jonathan interrupted her, “Then what are you avoiding me for?”
Without another word, he took her hand and didn’t give her another chance to decline.


Left without a choice, Josephine allowed him to lead her into the plaza.

Inside, it was filled with shops selling luxury goods. There was LV, Chanel, Bulgari, etc. Every famous
luxury brand was there.

However, Jonathan’s cheap casual wear seemed to be out of place within the surroundings he was in.

It wasn’t because he couldn’t afford expensive clothing; it was just that he didn’t care for brands. All
that mattered to him was that his clothes were comfortable.

To him, every brand was just the same.

“Welcome, sir, ma’am! Would you like to take a look at the latest Bulgari collection?”

“No, thank you.” Josephine shook her head.

There was no way she could afford anything here as every item cost at least tens of thousands.

“Why don’t we take a look since we’re already here?” On the contrary, Jonathan didn’t decline the
salesperson’s invitation. Ever since he knew Josephine, he had never gone shopping with her or
bought her anything before.

“I don’t want to.” Shaking her head, Josephine whispered, “The items here are too expensive, so let’s
go someplace else instead.”

“It’s all right. I can afford it,” Jonathan replied with a smile. “Darling, isn’t this the first time we’re out
shopping together?”

“Yeah,” Josephine acknowledged softly while nodding her head.

Although he and Josephine had been married for a few years, they had neither gone shopping nor on a
date before.

In fact, they had never even seen a movie together.

“Since this is our first time shopping, shouldn’t I get you something?” Jonathan walked into the Bulgari
store with Josephine in tow. “Don’t worry; I brought my bank card when we left home.”

“There’s really no need to.” Despite her protests, Josephine was dragged into the store by Jonathan.

Inside, Bulgari’s latest collections were on display everywhere.

Just a watch alone would cost fifty to sixty thousand. As for the jeweled necklaces, their prices easily
reached hundreds of thousands.

The moment Josephine saw the price, she lost whatever interest she had to take a look.

These are extremely expensive! How am I going to afford them?

“Miss, this necklace seems to suit you very well. It’s the latest design from Bulgari, and our store is the
only one in Jadeborough that carries it. Why don’t you give it a try?” The moment they stepped into the
store, a friendly salesperson walked up to Josephine with a necklace in hand.

“How much does it cost?” Josephine casually asked.

“It’s not expensive at all. It only costs a few hundred thousand,” the female salesperson stated the price
nonchalantly. Just when she unhooked the necklace and wanted to help Josephine try it on, Josephine
shook her head in response to the price. “It’s all right. I don’t want to try it.”

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan asked quizzically.

“It’s too expensive!” Josephine frowned slightly.

How am I going to afford a necklace that costs a few hundred thousand?

“Not at all!” Jonathan declared with a smile. “As long as you like it, I’ll even buy the whole mall for you.”

The entire mall cost a few billion, which was peanuts to Jonathan.

What a poser! Does he know how much it actually costs to buy up the mall?

When she heard Jonathan’s words, the salesperson pursed her lips in disdain.

Just from Jonathan’s outfit alone, she presumed that the couple before her weren’t that rich. Hence,
she thought that they couldn’t afford a necklace that costs tens of thousands, let alone one that costs
hundreds of thousands.

Why is he pretending to be rich when he isn’t?

She had always hated those who were poor and yet liked to boast about how rich they were.

“Do you still want to try it? If not, I’m putting this back in the display.” Suddenly, the salesperson’s
attitude turned snarky.

“What’s with that tone?” Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows with a grim expression.

“What’s wrong with my tone?” the salesperson scoffed. “You obviously can’t afford it, and yet you still
insist on pretending to be rich. If you’re not going to buy anything, please leave and don’t waste my

Thinking that Jonathan and Josephine couldn’t afford it, the salesperson no longer showed them any

“Are you chasing us out?” Jonathan’s gaze darkened.

Anyone who knew him could see that he was angry.

This was the first time he went shopping with Josephine, and it was also their first date. They hadn’t
even shopped for a minute, but the salesperson was already shooing them away.

“Don’t accuse me of chasing you out!” The salesperson snorted. After putting the necklace away, she
turned her head and refused to even look at them.

In response to the salesperson’s attitude, Jonathan’s expression turned gloomy. Just when he was
about to lose his temper, Josephine quickly stopped him. “Forget it, Jonathan. Let’s go someplace

“All right.”

The moment he heard Josephine’s words, he suppressed his anger and acted as if nothing had
happened at all.

However, the moment they walked out of the store, they heard the salesperson mumble behind them,
“They’re obviously dirt poor and can’t afford anything. What’s the point in masquerading as the

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