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Chapter 147

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Who Else Can Save You

“Get up!”

Waving his hand, Jonathan glanced at the Divine Dragon Guards blithely.

“I’m ready to be punished accordingly for offending you, Sir.” Kneeling on the floor, Liam didn’t dare get
up. Recalling what he had said earlier, he could not find the energy to straighten from his position.

He had questioned Jonathan’s right to order the Divine Dragon Guards around.

“You haven’t committed an offense because you weren’t aware of my identity.” Jonathan didn’t hold it
against them. The Divine Dragon Guards heaved a sigh of relief at his words.

After all, their behavior earlier was enough for them to be executed on the spot.

They couldn’t believe that they had actually aimed their guns at Asura, which was no different than
courting death itself.

“Sir, what should we do with these men?” At that moment, Kingstone pointed at Hunter, Tavion, and

He obviously recognized Preston as the head of one of Jazona’s four prominent families.

“From today onward, I no longer want to see the York family in Jazona. Do you understand?” Jonathan
gave Kingstone a knowing look.

Upon hearing his words, Hunter felt his vision go dark as he began to feel his head spin.

The York family’s businesses that have been built over decades will disappear with just one word from

“Understood!” Lowering his head, Kingstone replied, “After tonight, the York family will no longer exist in


Jonathan nodded before turning to Tavion. “As for this man, I’ll deal with him myself. There’s no need
for you to interfere.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The next moment, Kingstone and the Divine Dragon Guards took a step back to open a path for

Within the huge private room, no one dared to make a sound.

“It’s impossible! How can you be Asura?” Watching Jonathan approach, Tavion sat down and stared
blankly into space. He still couldn’t believe what had happened right in front of his eyes. “Just a few
years ago, you were nothing more than a bankrupt b*stard saddled with immense debts. How did you
end up becoming Asura over the last four years? This just cannot be!”

“Since we’re on that topic, I have to thank you for it.” In response to Tavion’s words, Jonathan shot him
an indifferent glance. “If you hadn’t sent assassins to kill me in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t have
stumbled into the military barracks by accident, let alone bring peace to the nation and become Asura.”

“No way! This can’t be real!” Despite all that had happened, Tavion was adamant in his refusal to
believe that Jonathan was the legendary Asura.

To him, Asura was like a god. After all, he had united the nation and defeated all its enemies within a
few short years.

There was no way he could connect Asura to Jonathan, whom he had easily cheated and played for
the fool back then.

“Does it really matter anymore whether I’m Asura or not?” When he saw Tavion mumbling to himself,
Jonathan stared at him coldly. “So what if I’m a fake? Who do you think would dare come save you
now? Do you think anyone actually can?”

From the beginning, Jonathan had declared that no one in Jazona would be able to stop him if he
wanted to kill Tavion.

However, Tavion hadn’t believed him at all.

And that was the genesis of the whole commotion. Finally, it was time for it to come to an end.

“Jonathan, I’m sorry. I truly regret my actions now!” Without a moment’s hesitation, Tavion dropped to
his knees in front of Jonathan. “Please give me another chance, all right? I’m really sorry!”

Despite the tears rolling down Tavion’s face, Jonathan didn’t feel a shred of pity for him at all.

Back then, it was his sympathy for Tavion that caused him to be stabbed in the back.

Once the trust was lost, there was no way one could ever regain it.

“It’s too late!” Jonathan shook his head as he swung his black pistol around his finger. Just when
Tavion was about to say something, Jonathan gently pulled the trigger.

With a loud bang, the golden bullet pierced through Tavion’s skull.

Tavion didn’t even have the chance to defend himself as his body slumped to the ground with a heavy

His eyes were wide open as if horror was the last thing he felt before losing his life.

As for his mouth, it was still gaping midway, indicating that he still had something to say. Unfortunately,
the opportunity to do so had been taken from him.

Chucking the gun aside, Jonathan turned toward Kingstone and ordered, “Get someone to clean this

Upon receiving his instructions, Kingstone shifted his attention to the middle-aged men behind him.
“The few of you, clear this place up. Also, inform Empyrean Palace that this place will be locked down
for the night, and they’re not allowed to continue operating.”

“Yes, Mr. Warhol!”

The few middle-aged men quickly went off to do Kingstone’s bidding.

“Sir, what should we do about these few men?” After Tavion was killed, Hunter, Preston, the sexy
secretary, and Mike were all still alive.

Until they knew what plans Jonathan had in store for them, they didn’t dare move a muscle.

“Release them!” Jonathan waved his hand, not wanting to waste any more of his time on them. “Also,
have all of them investigated. If there are any problems, send them to prison before they cause any
more harm in Jazona.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Kingstone nodded in acknowledgment.

However, the few of them felt their knees buckle the moment they heard Jonathan’s words. They were
filled with the urge to slap themselves for getting on Jonathan’s nerves.

After all, despicable people like them probably had a closet full of skeletons.

Once they were investigated, there would be enough evidence to put them behind bars for the rest of
their lives.

“Sir, everything has been taken care of. Why don’t we head to the governor’s office for a chat?”
Kingstone finally gathered the courage to say so when he saw that everything was more or less
wrapped up.

“No thanks.” Jonathan shook his head. “It’s getting late, so I need to return home and spend some time
with my wife.”

He had been out the entire day, and the sky had already turned dark. If he didn’t head home soon, he
figured that Josephine would likely be angry again.

“You’re married?” Kingstone widened his eyes in shock.

Even though he controlled the entire state of Jazona, Kingstone barely knew a thing about Jonathan.

There was no way he would have the audacity to investigate Jonathan’s background.

“Mmm-hmm.” Nodding his head, Jonathan turned his attention to Liam. “You should also save it as I
have no time to visit the Divine Dragon Guards. Go back and remind Zachary that the next time
something goes wrong with them, I’ll throw him into Northern Crimson Prison for a month!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Liam stood at attention with a solemn look on his face.

“It’s about time now, so I’ll be on my way.” When Jonathan realized it was getting dark, he didn’t want to
linger around any longer. However, the moment he was about to leave, his phone suddenly rang.

“Hello, Darling?”

Jonathan’s tone instantly switched from one with murderous intent to one filled with gentle warmth.

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