Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 148

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The Mysterious Call

“Jonathan, where are you?” Josephine sounded haggard on the phone, as if she was exceptionally

“I’m in Jazona,” Jonathan replied with a smile. “What is it, Darling? Do you miss me?”

“Jazona? What are you doing there?” Josephine was surprised at why Jonathan had gone to Jazona

“I met an old friend whom I haven’t seen in years. Hence, we spent the entire day catching up!”
Jonathan lowered his head and looked at Tavion sprawled lifelessly on the ground. Both of them had
indeed not seen each other in years.

However, instead of chatting, Tavion was killed.

“An old friend?”

Since when does Jonathan have any old friends?

From what she could recall, Jonathan barely had any friends at all. Even when they got married, he
didn’t invite anyone. Nevertheless, she didn’t question him further. Instead, she remarked, “It’s getting
late. You better come home soon.”

“Okay. I’m on my way.”

At that moment, Jonathan seemed like a totally different person.

Just a moment ago, Jonathan was as fearsome as how everyone expected Asura to be.

But now, he seemed to have come off his pedestal and turned into an ordinary human being.

“What are you looking at me for?” After ending his call, he noticed everyone giving him strange looks.

It was like all of them were astounded by what they saw.

“N-Nothing.” Gulping, Kingstone cleared his throat and suggested, “Sir, shall I have someone send you

“Sure. I won’t need to take a taxi then.” Jonathan had taken a taxi here earlier. However, given that it
was peak hour, he realized he might not be able to hail one due to the heavy traffic.

“I can drive you back!”

Before Kingstone could arrange for someone to do it, Liam seized the opportunity to volunteer.

To him, driving Asura home was considered a glorious honor.

“Do you have a car?” Jonathan glanced at him.

“Yes!” Liam nodded. “I have a military jeep, and it’s exceptionally fast.”

“Let’s go then.”

Jonathan nodded. However, just before he stepped out, he stopped in his tracks abruptly and looked at
Hunter and Preston, who were still sitting on the ground.

Both of them had a listless look in their eyes, as if their soul had left their body.

“The York family’s and Tavion Group’s assets will be transferred to Graham Group,” Jonathan declared
while looking at Kingstone. “Tomorrow, I’ll send someone to get in touch with you.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Kingstone nodded in acknowledgment.

However, he was surprised to hear about Graham Group as he had never heard of them before. Is
Graham Group somehow related to Jonathan?

“Let’s go.” Jonathan stepped out of the private room.

The moment he exited the building, Jonathan saw two military jeeps parked outside. After he got into
one of them, Kingstone and the Divine Dragon Guards knelt on the ground again to send him off.

“Farewell, Sir!”

Half an hour later, the jeep stopped outside Edenic Heights. It wasn’t because the security guard
stopped them. Instead, it was Jonathan who requested to be let out there. “All right, I’ll be getting off
here. You should head back now.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Liam got down the jeep to personally open Jonathan’s door for him. It wasn’t until Jonathan
disappeared from his sight that he finally left by himself.

Meanwhile, the lights at No. 1 Villa were still on.

Josephine was sitting on the sofa, engrossed in drawing something with her pen. When some of her
stray hair dropped in front of her face, she casually raised her hand to tuck them behind her ear.

He had caught a glimpse of the scene the moment he entered. Despite the simplicity of the gesture, it
was like an arrow to the heart for Jonathan.

“Darling, I’m home.” Jonathan subconsciously sat beside Josephine. When he tried to reach out his
hand to hug her, she struggled free before glaring at him. “Mom and Dad are watching us. You had
better behave properly.”

“In that case, can I behave improperly when they’re not around?” Jonathan raised his eyebrows with a
cheeky smile, causing Josephine to give him another angry stare.

“What are you looking at?”

When Jonathan lowered his gaze, he noticed that Josephine was holding an architecture blueprint.
There were many houses drawn on top of it, and it looked like the design for the ecological park.

“It’s the blueprint for the ecological park.” Josephine put down her pen and massaged her temple. “This
is just an initial draft that requires some revisions. However, I still don’t know where to start.”

After all, she wasn’t a trained architect and had not managed a project as massive as the ecological
park before. Therefore, she was worried about making any mistakes.

“Take your time. Don’t rush.” Jonathan got to his feet and walked up behind her. Then, he began to
massage her shoulders. “By the way, has someone from Graham Group gotten in touch with you?”

“Yeah.” Josephine nodded.

When she felt Jonathan’s hands massaging her shoulders, she didn’t shy away, although she was
momentarily caught off guard. Instead, she closed her eyes and replied, “How did you convince
Graham to contribute both manpower and capital for this project? Not only that, but they aren’t the ones
leading it. This isn’t how they usually run things at all.”

How did I convince Graham? All I did was casually mention it to him. After all, Graham Group belongs
to me. Hence, there’s no need for any persuasion at all.

Nevertheless, Jonathan wasn’t going to tell her the truth. Instead, he found a random excuse. “I made a
deal with him. In exchange for helping you take on the ecological park project, I’ll assist them in taking
over some of the York family’s projects.”

“The York family of Jazona?” The moment she heard the name, Josephine widened her eyes. Turning
around, she gave Jonathan a puzzled look. “How did you get involved with them?”

The York family is one of the four prominent families of Jazona. Even Graham Group is considered a
small company when compared to them, let alone the Smith family. In fact, the York family wouldn’t
even bat an eyelid at their presence. So how is Jonathan related to them in any way?

“I talked to Zachary about it.” By then, Jonathan was used to crediting Zachary for everything. “He put
me in contact with the York family and helped me form a partnership between Graham Group and

As expected, Jonathan got Zachary to help him again.

Although Josephine knew that Jonathan did it for her sake, she still asserted with a slight frown, “Next
time, try not to trouble Zachary unless absolutely necessary. After all, every time he helps you, you will
fall deeper into his debt. Given how much you owe him already, how do you expect to repay him?”

Why do I need to repay Zachary’s favor? Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t dare accept it at all.

“There’s no need to repay my debt to him as he owes me even more than this.” Jonathan chuckled.
Back when they were on the battlefield, Jonathan had saved Zachary’s life countless times.

If it wasn’t for Jonathan, Zachary wouldn’t even live to be the mighty King of War.

“Jonathan, you—” Josephine shot him a glare. Before she could say anything further, she was
interrupted by a ringing phone.

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