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Chapter 146

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Meeting Asura

Can this Mr. Warhol be a fake? Perhaps Jonathan paid an actor to masquerade as the governor?

At that very moment, the same thought crossed everyone’s mind.

After all, no one could fathom why Kingstone, the governor of Jazona, would want to kneel in deference
to Jonathan.

“Do you know why I called you here to see me?” Jonathan asked as he gave Kingstone a
dispassionate glance.

“No, I don’t.” Kingstone shook his head.

“Is he the secretary of the governor’s office?” Jonathan inquired as he casually pointed at Henry.

“Yes, he is!”

When Kingstone turned around and shot Henry a glance, it sent a chill down Henry’s spine, causing
him to break out in cold sweat.

What a terrifying gaze!

As Kingstone’s personal secretary, Henry could easily read the look in Kingstone’s eyes.

He knew that Kingstone would only give him that look whenever he was angry with him.

“Did he offend you?” Kingstone probed carefully as he looked in Jonathan’s direction.

“Not really.” Jonathan elaborated in an indifferent tone, “All he did was abuse his authority as the
secretary-general to mobilize the Divine Dragon Guards. Furthermore, he even ordered them to

execute me on the spot.”


When he heard Jonathan’s accusations against Henry, Kingstone’s expression fell.

The secretary of the governor’s office deployed the Divine Dragon Guards on his own accord and even
ordered them to kill Jonathan? Is he trying to stage a rebellion?

“Kingstone, it seems the governor’s office is getting ahead of itself. Without Zachary’s orders, it has
mobilized the Divine Dragon Guards on its own accord and even ordered them to execute me. Do you
intend to replace the King of War Division and take over Jazona?” Jonathan stared at Kingstone coldly.
“After a few days, do you also plan to take over Asura’s residence?”

Although Jonathan wasn’t speaking loudly, it was enough to strike fear into Kingstone, to the extent his
knees went wobbly.

Even though he was the second most powerful man in Jazona, he was still a lowly governor from
Jonathan’s perspective.

A single word from Jonathan was enough to imprison him.

“I’m sorry, Asura. It’s my fault. I’m ready to accept any punishment you mete out.” In front of Jonathan,
Kingstone didn’t dare protest nor defend himself.

After all, a mistake was undoubtedly still a mistake, even if it was his secretary who had committed it.

He didn’t dare retort in any way, as his secretary represented both him and the governor’s office.

Consequently, he had no choice but to accept the responsibility for the mistake, even if he had not
personally done it.

“You deserve to be punished!” Jonathan scoffed. “As the governor of Jazona, you can’t even keep a
handle on your secretary. How are you going to manage the entire state of Jazona? It seems to me that
you no longer deserve to be the governor.”

“Yes, Asura. I admit my mistake!” Just like a child who knew he had done something wrong, Kingstone
didn’t even dare breathe while he knelt in front of Jonathan.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe the person kneeling in front of Jonathan
was Kingstone, the mighty governor of Jazona.

“I don’t want to listen to your nonsense. I’ll give you one minute. Take care of this mess, or I’ll take care
of you.” Not wanting to waste any time, Jonathan gave him one minute.


Upon Jonathan’s order, Kingstone didn’t dare waste another second. Getting up at once, he turned to
Henry. “Mr. Chandler? You’re fired! From today onward, you’re no longer the secretary of the
governor’s office.”

Not giving Henry any chance to respond, Kingstone waved his hand and declared, “Men, capture him
and bring him back for questioning. Also, arrange for an investigation into his activities these past few
years to see if he was involved in anything illegal.”

“Right away, Mr. Warhol!”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the few middle-aged men who came in with Kingstone stepped forward
to restrain Henry. When he realized what was about to happen, Henry dropped to his knees and
pleaded with Kingstone, “Mr. Warhol, I’m sorry! I beg of you, please show me some mercy! Considering
that I have worked for you for so many years, I’m sure my efforts must definitely be worth something.
Therefore, please give me another chance!”

“Don’t blame me for this. Instead, you should blame yourself for offending someone you shouldn’t
have.” Kingstone didn’t pity Henry at all because he had no illusions as to how he was appointed
governor of Jazona.

Without Jonathan’s approval, there was no way he could have been allowed in that position.

“Take him away!” Kingstone gestured with his hand.

Even though Henry was crying out in a pitiful manner, no one paid him any attention.

After all, no one had the guts to go against Kingstone.

“As for the few of them, take them away as well!” Raising his hand, Kingstone pointed at the few
middle-aged men who came together with Henry. There was no way he was letting them off the hook.

“Yes, Sir!”

Upon hearing Kingstone’s orders, the arrogant Henry had collapsed onto the ground with an ashen

Not daring to resist, he resigned himself to be taken away by Kingstone’s subordinates.

“You must be the Divine Dragon Guards. You can go back now as I will tie up the loose ends here,”
Kingstone instructed as he looked at the captain for the first time.

“Yes, Sir!”

Given that Kingstone was going to deal with the aftermath and Henry, who had requested their help,
had been taken away, the Divine Dragon Guards no longer had any business there.

However, the captain didn’t leave with his men at once. Instead, he suddenly stood at attention with
military precision before dropping to his knees with a thud in front of Jonathan.

“Captain Liam Galahad of the Divine Dragon Guards Special Forces Team Two, reporting for duty to

Reporting for duty to Asura?

The moment Liam finished, everyone present felt as if their mind was blown.

How is this possible? How can Jonathan actually be Asura?

There’s only one Asura in Chanaea—the one who led the Four Asura Guards to defeat all his enemies
and united the nation.

Jonathan is Asura? How can that be?

No one could believe it, nor were they willing to do so. Just when they were still mired in shock, all the
other Divine Dragon Guards joined their captain on his knees without any hesitation.

“Divine Dragon Guards Special Forces Team Two, reporting for duty, Sir!”

“H-How is this possible?” Everyone present was filled with disbelief at what had just unfolded before

Hunter, in particular, was so shocked that he felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

Gaping, he stared blankly at what was going on, unable to accept any of it.

“How is this possible? How can he be Asura?”

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