Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 143

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An Inconsequential Secretary General

As the secretary-general of the governor’s office and Kingstone’s personal secretary, the power Henry
wielded in the whole of Jazona was only second to Kingstone himself.

Even the mayor had to show him respect upon meeting him.

After all, he was the person closest to Kingstone.

“Mr. Chandler, I suspect that he’s a professional assassin!” With Henry there, Hunter instantly grew
much bolder. “Not only did he attempt to commit murder, but he even has a destructive weapon on him!
If you’d even arrived a few minutes later, Mr. Chandler, I’m afraid that you would’ve missed seeing me
for the very last time!”

“He’s a professional assassin, you said?” In response, Henry’s expression abruptly changed.

“Yes!” Hunter nodded hastily. “Look at my legs, Mr. Chandler! It was him who shot me!”

While saying that, he pointed at his legs that had long since been shot through by bullets.

At the sight of the bullet holes in his legs, the change in Henry’s expression intensified. “How
audacious! This is a blatant crime! What is the police in Jazona doing that a professional assassin
managed to sneak into Empyrean Palace and endanger civilians? Why is the lot of you standing
around and twiddling your thumbs? Hurry up and lodge a police report!”

Right after he had finished speaking, he jerked his head around and glared at the few middle-aged men
behind him.

Following his order, the few middle-aged men whipped out their phones to call the police without a
single word.

“No, just lodging a police report isn’t sufficient! Apprise the Divine Dragon Guards of the situation and
have them deploy the Special Forces for backup. If all else fails, have the Divine Dragon Guards
themselves come personally. Also, notify everyone to seal off Empyrean Palace immediately! Without
my order, no one is allowed to enter or leave!”

As expected of someone accustomed to handling critical matters, nary a trace of panic showed on
Henry’s face despite hearing that Jonathan was a professional assassin.

Instead, he started making all the necessary arrangements to gain control of the situation in an orderly

Alas, the look in everyone’s eyes turned exceedingly strange when they heard him giving the
instruction to lodge a police report.

Lodge a police report? Why do so when the police chief is standing right there? What’s the use of doing
so? Even the police chief himself dares not intervene in this matter and only remains a spectator! Yet,
he wants to call the police?

“There’s no need to lodge a police report, Mr. Chandler! The police chief is right there!” Tavion, who
had been keeping mum, suddenly piped up.

As he said that, he pointed at Rhett, who was standing in the corner and trying his best to make himself

“What?” Henry’s face darkened at lightning speed when he heard that. Casting his gaze in the direction
where the man was pointing, he peered at Rhett and demanded, “You’re a police chief in Jazona?
Which branch are you from?”

“Mr. Chandler, I’m Rhett Barnstone, the police chief of Lightspring Police Station…” Seeing that he had
been called out, Rhett could no longer pretend that he wasn’t there. He could only bite the bullet and

speak up.

But before he had even finished speaking, Henry irritably cut him off. “You’re the police chief of
Lightspring Police Station, yes? Let me ask you this—as a police chief, how could you just watch as a
criminal caused grievous bodily harm here? Why didn’t you arrest him?”

“I can explain, Mr. Chandler!” Although the man didn’t know him, Rhett knew of the man.

After all, few were unaware of the person who was acting as the secretary-general of the governor’s

“Forget it! You don’t need to explain anything.” Henry didn’t give him any opportunity to explain things,
thundering, “Despite being a police chief, you actually banded up with a criminal and aided him in
violating the law! I think your time as the police chief is nearing its end. Have your director write me a
report on this matter tomorrow. If I’m not satisfied with it, you’ll be dismissed from your post!”

He was so enraged that his face flushed bright red.

He’s a police chief, yet he merely stood idly by and watched as the professional assassin carried out
his crimes! Worse still, he simply turned a blind eye to Hunter, Tavion, and Preston kneeling before the
man without doing anything! What right does someone like him have to be police chief?

“Understood, Mr. Chandler!” Rage bubbled within Rhett at the man’s reprimand, but he didn’t dare utter
a single word in protest.

How I wish to do something as well, but I haven’t the capability to do so! Even Thierry, the top brass of
the Divine Dragon Guards, doesn’t dare to simply interfere in his matter! Would I, an insignificant police
chief, dare to do so?

“Hmph!” Henry harrumphed when he saw the man’s ingratiating demeanor.

Glancing at the middle-aged men behind him, he commanded, “Notify the Divine Dragon Guards
immediately and have them come personally!”

“Understood, Mr. Chandler!”

Subsequent to his order, the few middle-aged men behind him promptly took out their phones and
contacted the Divine Dragon Guards.

At the turn of events unfolding right before his eyes, Tavion couldn’t help staring at Jonathan with a
trace of scorn in his eyes.

Ah, poor you, Jonathan! You weren’t my match four years ago, and you’re still beneath me four years
later! So what if you’ve got some hidden identity? And what does it matter even if you’re skilled at
fighting? No matter how powerful your identity, could it surpass that of the secretary-general of the
governor’s office? And despite being skilled at fighting, would you be any match for the Divine Dragon
Guards? No matter how powerful your identity, could you trump the secretary-general of Jazona? And
could you defeat the Divine Dragon Guards?

“Hah! I don’t care what kind of background you have or who you’ve got backing you up, young man!
Don’t forget that it’s Jazona here, the place where the governor’s office and the King of War Division
rule supreme! It’s not someplace a snot-nosed kid like you can do as you please!” Henry regarded
Jonathan coldly with blatant disdain shining in his eyes.

Hah! He’s most likely the good-for-nothing son of some big shot, flexing his muscles here with the
connections and influence his family possesses! Wealthy heirs who only depend on their fathers
without having anything to show for themselves like him are precisely the kind of people I despise most
in my entire life!

“Are you done yakking?” A flash of impatience flickered in Jonathan’s eyes when Henry continued to
ramble on and on. “You’re Mr. Chandler, yes? As the secretary-general of the governor’s office, do you
not have the most basic ability to tell right from wrong? You’re just going to believe whatever they say?
Don’t you have even the slightest sense of judgment? Is this how Kingstone usually teaches you?”

“How impudent!” When Henry heard him addressing Kingstone by name, a glimmer of fury glinted in
his eyes. “Who do you think you are that you’re worthy of addressing Mr. Warhol by name?”

“Why, I can’t address him by name?” Upon hearing that, Jonathan scoffed, “Even if Kingstone were
standing here, he wouldn’t dare have any objections to me calling him by name, much less an
inconsequential secretary-general like you!”

An inconsequential secretary-general?

At that remark, everyone eyed him as though he was an idiot.

That’s the secretary-general of the governor’s office, Kingstone Warhol’s personal secretary! The man’s
authority and status are even more formidable than that of the mayor of Jazona! Yet, he’s merely an
inconsequential secretary-general in his eyes?

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