Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 144

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An Order

“Do you think you’re worthy of meeting Mr. Warhol himself?” In response to Jonathan’s remark, Henry
sneered before asserting, “Young man, I don’t care who you are or the might of the person backing you
up! As long as I remain in Jazona, you’ll never have the opportunity to do whatever you wish here!”

After saying that, he no longer bothered to bandy words with Jonathan.

He turned to the few middle-aged men behind him instead, demanding, “So, have you all contacted the
Divine Dragon Guards?”

“Yes!” One of the middle-aged men nodded, adding, “They’ll be deploying a team over right away!”

“And have you sealed off this place?” Henry continued asking.

“Yes!” The middle-aged man again nodded and reassured, “The manager of Empyrean Palace was
very cooperative in sealing off the entire restaurant with no entry or exit allowed. Without your order, no
one can leave this place!”

“Great!” Henry nodded approvingly after hearing that.

Then, he shifted his gaze back to Jonathan and barked, “Young man, did you hear everything I said
just now? I’d advise you to put down the gun in your hand and surrender. Otherwise, you might not
even have the chance to do so when the Divine Dragon Guards arrive later!”

The Divine Dragon Guards are part of the Four Asura Guards and receive their orders straight from
Zachary Lint. Even as the secretary of the governor’s office, I can only appeal to them to give me a
hand. Besides, they’re not meant to maintain law and order. Instead, they unequivocally take lives
whenever they’re deployed! It’s no exaggeration to say that they’re basically ruthless killing machines.
Someone like him will probably be riddled with bullet holes in less than a minute when they arrive!

“I heard everything you said just now loud and clear. However, it seems that you hadn’t heard a single
word I said.” Jonathan glanced at him airily when he had finished speaking and repeated, “I said that
this isn’t something you can poke your nose into.”

“What if I’m determined to do just that?” Snorting, Henry declared, “I just want to see who exactly I can’t
afford to offend in Jazona and the matter I’m supposed to be cowed from interfering!”

In the whole of Jazona, there are only three people whom I fear as the secretary-general of the
governor’s office—Zachary Lint, Kingstone Warhol, and the head of the Divine Dragon Guards, Thierry
Cloutier! Other than the three of them, who else can I not afford to offend?

“If you insist on intervening, I’ll have no choice but to question Kingstone where he got the guts to butt
into my affairs!” In an instant, Jonathan’s gaze went chilly.

Even if Kingstone were standing right here, would he dare poke his nose into my business, not to
mention an insignificant secretary-general?

“Hah! Did you think Mr. Warhol is someone whom you can meet and question at will?” Henry didn’t take
his words seriously at all.

Jazona is a vast place, but few have the right to meet Mr. Warhol. I’ve seen all of those bigwigs and am
acquainted with them. Would a snot-nosed kid like him have the right to meet Mr. Warhol? In his

“You want to question Mr. Warhol, no? Go ahead. I’ll grant you this opportunity. Do you have his phone
number? Or do you need me to give it to you?” he drawled, looking at the man coldly.

“What a fool!” Jonathan merely cast him a wintry glance. Not in the mood to jabber with the man, he
took out his phone and rang Zachary up.

A moment later, Zachary’s voice rang out from the other end of the phone. “Mr. Goldstein!”

“Tell Kingstone to come and see me at Empyrean Palace in ten minutes. If he’s even a second late, he
doesn’t need to do so anymore!” Jonathan ordered in a frigid voice.

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!” Zachary didn’t bother saying anything superfluous, inquiring, “Do you
need me to go over as well, Mr. Goldstein?”

“No, it’s okay.” Jonathan then hung up.

Hearing that, everyone looked at him as though he was a simpleton.

Henry, especially, couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Oh wow, continue acting! He’s just a snot-nosed kid, yet he dares to order Mr. Warhol to come over in
such a commanding tone? Is he not quite right in the head? In the whole of Jazona, only one person
dares to speak to Mr. Warhol in such a tone—Zachary Lint. As the secretary-general of the governor’s
office, I’ve seen him plenty of times, so I know what the man looks like exactly. Nonetheless, a kid like
him who’s still clinging to his mother’s skirts is putting on an act in front of me? He’s still too wet behind
the ears!

“Ten minutes, yes? Fine, I’ll give you ten minutes! I’ll await Mr. Warhol’s arrival with you! We shall see
whether he comes after ten minutes!” he sneered as he threw Jonathan a contemptuous look after the
man had hung up the phone.

“Don’t entertain him, Mr. Chandler! Have people arrest him straight away!” Tavion couldn’t help urging
when he saw that Henry was actually giving Jonathan another ten minutes.

Things might change for the worse as time ticks by, and I don’t want anything to go wrong!

“What’s the hurry?” Harrumphing, Henry retorted, “Is the Divine Dragon Guards going to teleport here?
And can you restrain him alone?”

That riposte instantly rendered Tavion speechless.

Indeed, that’s true. He even defeated a dozen ex-military personnel without breaking a sweat, so how
could we possibly restrain him with our puny strength? Furthermore, he has a gun in his hand. What if
he shoots when backed into a corner?

“Since he likes to put on an act, I’ll just play along with him!” Chuckling coldly, Henry dipped his head
and glanced at his watch before adding, “It so happens that I’d like to see who the person backing him
up is that he has the guts to tell me that this isn’t a matter I can intervene in!”

If he was merely sticking his oar in things after meeting Hunter by coincidence earlier, it was now a
matter between him and Jonathan.

Since he was making a move against Jonathan, he decided to also eliminate the person backing the
man up.

As for whoever was right or wrong between Hunter and Jonathan, he wasn’t the least bit concerned
about the answer.

At times, that didn’t matter at all for people like them.

The most important thing was having the most powerful backer!

Time ticked by slowly.

The entire private room was eerily silent. The ten minutes seemingly passed exceedingly slowly.
Everyone had their gazes trained on the door, seemingly waiting for something or other.

However, they weren’t waiting for Kingstone but the Divine Dragon Guards instead.

They were waiting for them to shoot Jonathan dead right on the spot as soon as they arrived.

After all, they didn’t think Kingstone would make an appearance, not believing that Kingstone would
come running at an order from Jonathan.

Ultimately, he was the second most powerful person in Jazona as the governor of Jazona.

“It’s almost time. It looks like Mr. Warhol isn’t coming, after all.” When only a few seconds remained of
the ten minutes, Henry finally ambled to his feet, not in the mood to continue playing along with
Jonathan. But just as his words fell, someone kicked open the private room door.

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