Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 145

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Kingstone Arrives

Next, the sound of hurried footsteps stomping heavily on the floor could be heard.

It felt as if the ground would shatter beneath their force.

With a loud bang, the door to the private room was kicked open.

A middle-aged man in a military uniform walked in. Behind him were tens of soldiers dressed in military
fatigues and armed with heavy weaponry.

The moment he entered, his sharp gaze swept through the crowd before he declared, “I’m the captain
of Special Forces Team Two under the Divine Dragon Guards. I’m here under orders to provide
reinforcements. May I know who Mr. Henry Chandler is?”

The moment he saw the middle-aged captain, Henry’s eyes lit up. He quickly replied, “It’s me!”

“Mr. Chandler, did you contact the Divine Dragon Guards for support?” The captain glanced at Henry
and asked, “What’s so serious that you have to mobilize the Divine Dragon Guards?”

“There’s someone assaulting innocents here on purpose. He’s also in possession of an extremely
dangerous weapon. I suspect that he’s an assassin sent from outside the border!” Henry turned around
and gave Jonathan a cold stare. “I propose that you shoot him right away!”

“An assassin has infiltrated our borders?” The captain’s expression drastically changed. With a wave of
his hand, he ordered, “Everyone, prepare for battle!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Upon his instructions, the soldiers cocked their guns and aimed them at everyone in the private room.

Even Henry wasn’t excluded.

The soldiers were waiting for their captain’s orders to fire.

“Who among them is the assassin?” the captain asked Henry.

“It’s him!” Henry pointed at Jonathan.


The moment he saw Jonathan, the captain’s face flashed with surprise. To him, Jonathan was simply
too youthful-looking to be an assassin. If Henry hadn’t pointed him out, the captain would have thought
that Jonathan was a fresh graduate out of university.

“Is he the foreign assassin you’re talking about?” The captain furrowed his eyebrows slightly.
Nevertheless, he adopted a cautious stance and didn’t underestimate Jonathan just because of his

“That’s right!” Henry nodded and remarked, “Just shoot him on the spot or take him back to the Divine
Dragon Guards’ base. I suggest that you interrogate him thoroughly, as I suspect that he’s working with
someone on the inside.”

“The Divine Dragon Guards doesn’t need anyone from the governor’s office to teach us how to do our
job!” the captain asserted in response to Henry’s pretentious commands.

The Divine Dragon Guards is under the sole authority of the King of War Division. Therefore, we only
take orders from them. Consequently, the governor’s office has no right to tell us what to do.

“I’m sorry that I spoke out of turn.” Although Henry was dissatisfied with the captain’s attitude toward
him, he had no choice but to suppress his anger. After all, the Divine Dragon Guards only took orders
from Thierry and Zachary.

Even though Henry was the secretary-general of the governor’s office and Kingstone’s personal
secretary, it didn’t mean anything to the Divine Dragon Guards. He was unable to throw his weight
around in front of them, unlike how he could before everyone else.


Snorting, the captain looked at Jonathan and ordered, “Put down your weapon and raise your hands.
Or else, you’ll be executed on the spot!”

That was how the Divine Dragon Guards executed their missions.

Their enemies had the choice to either surrender or die.

“Executed on the spot? Who gave you that order? Zachary or Thierry?” Even though he heard the
captain’s orders, Jonathan couldn’t be bothered to look at him. Instead, he sneered, “Who ordered you
to poke your nose into my business? All of you should get out! If you dare persist, I’ll punish you lot with
a week of solitary confinement!”

The moment he spoke, everyone was stunned.

No one had expected Jonathan to admonish the Divine Dragon Guards despite having tens of gun
barrels aimed at his head.

They’re the Divine Dragon Guards, for goodness sake! They don’t even need a reason to kill, and yet
Jonathan dares to speak to them that way?

“Are you telling us, the Divine Dragon Guards, what to do?” The captain’s expression darkened
drastically in response. “What gives you the right to order us around?”

The Divine Dragon Guards only take orders from Thierry and Zachary. Even Kingstone has no authority
over us. And yet, a foreign assassin dares to give us orders?

“You should ask Thierry whether I have the right or not!” Jonathan glanced at his watch, not wanting to
waste a moment longer. “It’s almost time for this ruckus to end!”

As he finished speaking, Jonathan stood up and looked outside the door. At that very moment, a flurry
of footsteps was heard before an elderly man in a suit barged in.

Behind him were four or five brawny men in suits. While catching up with him, they yelled, “Mr. Warhol,
please slow down. Your body can’t cope with how fast you’re going!”

“Stop wasting my time and step aside!”

With that, Kingstone rushed into the private room.

The moment he saw Kingstone, Henry’s expression turned sullen as he hurried forward to receive him.
“Mr. Warhol, what brings you here?”

Mr. Warhol?

Everyone was shocked to hear that name.

This elderly man with greying hair is actually Kingstone Warhol, governor of Jazona?

“Mr. Chandler? Why are you here?” The moment he saw Henry, Kingstone was filled with surprise.
However, he was in no mood to speak to him. Instead, he simply shoved him aside. “Out of my way!”

“Mr. Warhol—” Before Henry could say anything, he realized Kingstone had already disregarded him
and was walking in Jonathan’s direction instead.

At that moment, everyone’s attention shifted from Kingstone to Jonathan.

They still couldn’t believe what was unfolding before them.

Kingstone had actually come on Jonathan’s account.

How is this possible?

After all, Kingstone was the most powerful man in Jazona, second only to Zachary.

How is it that he hurried over within ten minutes, just as Jonathan had instructed?

“Asura, it’s my honor to have you grace us with your presence.”

The moment he saw Jonathan, Kingstone dropped to his knees without hesitation.

Why is the mighty governor of Jazona kneeling in front of Jonathan?

In that instant, everyone felt as if their minds had gone blank. In fact, they couldn’t even believe their

The governor of Jazona, Mr. Warhol, is actually kneeling in front of Jonathan?

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