Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 142

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What An Ignorant Fool

On the heels of that, an agonized wail split the air.

Both of Hunter’s legs were maimed by Jonathan.

However, none of the people there dared to utter a single protest.

Even Preston cowered in the corner despite the sight before him, not even daring to move an inch.

“You’ll definitely die a horrific death, kid! The York family will never let you off the hook!” Hunter shot
daggers at Jonathan as he knelt in the pool of blood. The look in his eyes was so menacing that it was
as though he wanted to skin the man alive.

Unfortunately, looks couldn’t kill.

Otherwise, he would have ripped the man to ribbons time and again ages ago.

“Do you think the York family will still exist after you die?” Sneering, Jonathan regarded him blithely and
reiterated, “To me, the York family is no more than an ant!”

What? The York family is no more than an ant?

Upon hearing that, everyone there stared at Jonathan as though they were looking at a moron.

Who in the whole of Jazona would dare utter such a remark to Hunter York? And who would dare say
that the York family, one of the four prominent families, is no more than an ant?

“Hah! What an ignorant fool!” Hunter snorted at that audacious statement. Regarding Jonathan as
though the man would certainly die soon, he asserted, “Kid, I assure you that you’ll definitely die a
horrific death!”

“You’re blathering too much!” By then, Jonathan was no longer in the mood to listen to those feeble
threats. “What other tricks do you still have up your sleeve? If there’s nothing left, I’ll send you to meet
your maker now!”

After saying that, he swept a placid glance over the three people kneeling on the ground—Hunter,
Preston, and Tavion.

In the blink of an eye, their faces went ashen.

That went doubly so for Preston. He had never thought that there would come a day when he was
forced to his knees like a dog while awaiting his execution when he was the heir of the York family!

“I don’t want to die! Please don’t kill me! I beg you!” he abruptly shrieked at the top of his lungs.

“Shut up!” When his cry reverberated in the room, Hunter’s head snapped back, and he glared at him
hotly. “The descendants of the York family aren’t as cowardly as you! It’s just death, no? What’s there
to fear? Do your worse, kid! I’m a chicken if I even frown!”

As things had come to that, he no longer harbored any illusions. Alas, his fear of death didn’t apply to
Preston. When Preston heard his grandfather’s assertion, he instantly burst into tears and howled, “I
don’t want to die, Grandpa! I’m still young! There are tons of women I haven’t slept with and a boatload
of money I haven’t spent! How could I die?”

The second he finished saying that, he prostrated himself before Jonathan on his knees and groveled
without delay, “Please spare me, Mr. Goldstein! Just consider me a clown and let me go, won’t you?”

“Get up right this instance, you unfilial child!” Hunter was so livid when he saw him groveling that his
eyes blazed scarlet. “The York family doesn’t have a spineless descendant like you!”

“I don’t need to have any spine! I just want to live!” Preston remained kneeling on the ground and
continued begging for mercy.

Regretfully, Jonathan shook his head. “It’s too late. I gave you an opportunity, but you didn’t appreciate

Having said that, he slowly raised the gun in his hand.

When Preston noticed his movement, unadulterated fear deluged him, and he shook like a leaf. “No!
Don’t kill me!”

No sooner had he said that than a flurry of loud footsteps sounded outside the private room door out of
the blue.

Shortly after, someone unexpectedly pushed open the door from the outside.

“What’s going on here? And what’s with all the racket? How utterly disgraceful!” As the voice rang out,
a middle-aged man in traditional attire stalked into the room.

He didn’t seem all that advanced in age, seemingly only in his fifties.

Behind him, four or five middle-aged men followed in suits and glasses.

But the moment the middle-aged man stepped in, Hunter, who had resigned himself to death on his
knees on the ground, recognized him at a single glance. “Mr. Chandler?”

“Hmm?” When the voice drifted into his ears, the middle-aged man known as Mr. Chandler reflexively
lowered his head and gazed in that direction. As soon as he made out the man kneeling on the ground,
his brows promptly scrunched together. “Old Mr. York? What are you doing?”

Mr. Chandler?

The instant that name was tossed out, everyone immediately trained their gazes on the middle-aged

In Jazona, the only person known as Mr. Chandler is the secretary-general of the governor’s office,
Henry Chandler!

“Mr. Chandler, I…” Hunter’s expression was as black as thunder. He was just about to say something
when Preston, who was initially kneeling on the ground, jumped to his feet and sprinted over to Henry.
“Save me, Mr. Chandler! Someone wants to kill me!”

The man’s arrival was analogous to a knight in shining armor to Preston, and he rushed over without
the slightest hesitation.

“Preston?” Henry frowned slightly upon recognizing the man. “What happened? Who wants to kill you?
Calm down and tell me all about it. With me here, no one can kill you.”

“Mr. Chandler…” At that precise moment, Tavion, who had been kneeling on the ground for half an
hour, likewise called out Henry’s name weakly.

“Tavion?” The furrow of Henry’s brows deepened at once. “Why are you here as well? What exactly is
going on? Why are you all on your knees here?”

“I told them to kneel!” Jonathan declared without warning just when the man’s brows were almost
permanently drawn together. The minute Henry heard the voice, he cut his gaze at the man. “Who are

“That is of no importance. All you need to know is that you can’t interfere in this matter!” Jonathan
hadn’t the patience to prattle with him.

“I can’t interfere?” At his pronouncement, Henry acted as though he had heard the world’s greatest

As the secretary-general of the governor’s office and Kingstone Warhol’s personal secretary, no one
had ever dared to say such a thing to me. Everyone is humble and servile to me, both government
officials of all ranks in Jazona and business owners with a net worth of billions or tens of billions! Yet, a
snot-nosed kid like him dared speak to me in such an impertinent manner?

“Am I hearing you correctly? Do you know who I am? And are you aware of how many years it had
been since someone dared to speak to me so brazenly?” He eyed the man frostily, drawling, “Is there
still any matter in Jazona I can’t interfere in? I’ll just see whether you’re above the law in this place that
no one can keep you in line!”

Snorting, he no longer paid the man any mind but looked down at Hunter kneeling on the ground,
urging, “Just speak freely without any fear, Old Mr. York! With me here, no one will dare harm a hair on
your head!”

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