Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 141

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Really Dare To Shoot

“Kill him, Grandpa!” Preston couldn’t help shouting as soon as he saw Hunter whipping out a gun.

He was gripped by the urge to snatch the gun away from his grandfather and shoot Jonathan dead.

Never had I suffered such humiliation ever since young! And the mortification is so great that I don’t
think I’ll be appeased even if I shoot him ten times over!

“Kill him? Isn’t that too easy for him?” Hunter eyed Jonathan with a sneer and announced, “We should
first break his legs before breaking his arms. Won’t it be even more tormenting for him to keep him in
such agonizing pain that he wishes for death?”

“Yes! We should torture him! We must torture him to the point that death would be a mercy!” Preston’s
features were contorted by cruelty.

Everyone there stared at Jonathan icily at that moment. It was as though he had already been
sentenced to death in their eyes.

Tavion, especially, looked at him with a smirk playing on his lips. “Aren’t you skilled at fighting,
Jonathan? Why are you not doing so anymore? Didn’t you even say that you wanted to kill me? Why
have you stopped now?”

“As I said, you’re just an ant. As an ant, you’ve got to have the corresponding self-awareness!”

This time, Tavion was finally feeling invincible.

However, Hunter didn’t notice Rhett eyeing him at the side as though he was an idiot.

Well, he actually dared whip out a gun in front of Mr. Goldstein? Does he have a death wish? Or is he
sick of living? Back then, I saw with my own eyes how the dozen or so police officers with guns in their
hands were all soundly trounced by him. Even a dozen professional police officers weren’t his match,
yet he wants to try when he already has a foot in the grave? He’s just asking for it!

“Have you all finished talking?” Despite the smug look in their eyes as they regarded him, Jonathan
swept a blithe gaze over them all before stating, “If so, you can go and meet your maker!”

When his words fell, he moved at lightning speed.

Hunter merely saw a black figure flashing past before pain shot through his wrist. He couldn’t even see
Jonathan’s movements clearly, but the gun in his hand had already ended up in the man’s hand

When he snapped back to his senses, the muzzle was already pointed at his head.

“Who gave you the guts to whip out a gun before me?” The black gun spun several times in Jonathan’s
hand, but the muzzle never left Hunter’s head.

From the very day I accidentally broke into the military camp three years ago, I’ve been no stranger to
heavy gunfire. What’s more, my hands are stained with the blood of innumerable lives! Is he sick of
living that he dared to whip out a gun in front of me?

At almost the same time, everyone there jolted back to reality, but they all couldn’t quite believe their

The gun was unmistakably in Old Mr. York’s hand the previous second. How did it end up in his hand in
the blink of an eye? How did he do that?

When the muzzle of the gun was pointed at him, a trace of defeat manifested on Hunter’s face at long
last. “It seems that I’ve still underestimated you. I’ve always thought that you’re just a snot-nosed kid
who’s ignorant and arrogant, but it looks like I was wrong.”

Studying Jonathan intently, he demanded, “Well? Who exactly are you? And why did you lure me here

“Lure you? Who do you think you are?” Upon hearing that, Jonathan looked at him coldly. “You think
too highly of yourself!”

“Are you not here because of me?” Hunter’s expression promptly changed.

In his opinion, Jonathan was either a professional assassin or retired special forces. Otherwise, it made
no sense that someone of his caliber would get into a conflict with his grandson.

I know my own grandson all too well! He’s just a rich playboy, so how could he possibly offend a
professional assassin like him? The only possibility is that this is a trap in the first place, one specially
designed for me!

“As I’ve said, you think too highly of yourself!” Glancing at him airily, Jonathan reminded, “I’ve long
since warned you not to butt into this matter, but you were too obstinate to heed my warning.
Therefore, I’ve got no choice but to send you across the great divide!”

Following his words, a click sounded as he cocked the gun.

A second before he was going to pull the trigger, Hunter’s expression abruptly changed. He was still
scheming inwardly with disdain written clear on his face earlier, but a flicker of fear flashed across his
eyes right then.

“Wait! Since you’re not here because of me, there’s no unresolvable conflict between us! If it was just
my grandson having offended you, I’m willing to apologize on his behalf. Feel free to propose whatever
stipulation you like, for I’ll agree to anything at all!”

Ultimately, he chose to give in.

Given the choice between giving in and dying, he still chose the former at the end of the day.

What’s embarrassing about giving in? As long as I get to live, I wouldn’t even hesitate if he wants me to
fall to my knees before him and apologize, let alone doing such an easy thing as caving to him!

“You’ll agree to whatever stipulation I propose?” Hearing that, Jonathan eyed him impassively and
drawled, “What if my stipulation is to have the two of you depart this life?”

“Are you making a fool of me?” At once, Hunter’s expression darkened and became frightfully grim.
“You’d better stop while you’re ahead, kid! If you kill me, you won’t get anything. Instead, you’ll even be
hunted by the York family! Considering the York family’s influence, I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave
Jazona alive after killing me!”

“Ah, really? Then, I’d truly like to see whether I can leave Jazona alive after killing you!” Right after
saying that, Jonathan didn’t bother yakking with him anymore. He pulled the trigger in short order. A
bang pierced the air, upon which a golden bullet shot out at lightning speed.

It went right through Hunter’s right leg.

As excruciating pain assailed his right leg, Hunter dropped to his knees before Jonathan.

That scene instantly struck stark fear into everyone there that the color drained from their faces.

Tavion’s secretary, especially, went as pale as a sheet.

I never thought that he’d actually dare to fire a shot! That’s the patriarch of the York family, one of the
four prominent families! Yet, he dared to shoot him? Does he really have a death wish?

“Grandpa!” Preston cried out frantically when he heard the gun going off, jolting in fright.

Nonetheless, he didn’t dare take a step forward. In fact, he didn’t even dare twitch a single muscle.

“You really dare to shoot me, kid?”

Hunter’s eyes bore into Jonathan, his gaze carrying a murderous intent that bordered on fanatical.

“Did you think I was joking with you?” Jonathan threw him a chilly glance and declared, “Didn’t you say
earlier that you wanted to break my legs first before breaking my arm? In that case, I’ll return it to you in
the same manner!”

After he had said that, he pulled the trigger again. Another bang rang out, and the bullet went through
the man’s other leg.

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