Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 138

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Do Not Ask For Trouble

When Jonathan heard the voices, he instinctively glanced over.

After doing so, his brows knitted together.

Why is it him again? Are there no other police officers in Jazona?

“What exactly is happening here, Mr. Goldstein?” In the face of Jonathan, Rhett inexplicably felt a touch

As the police chief, few can intimidate me in the whole of Jazona that I’d feel daunted and lose all
courage. Yet, he happens to be one of them! Even the top dog of the Divine Dragon Guards, Thierry,
didn’t dare utter a single word of protest before him. What am I, a mere police chief, in comparison? I’ll
lose my position if I dare go against him!

“Can’t you see what’s going on here?” Jonathan replied airily.

“Ah, this is a misunderstanding! This is definitely a misunderstanding! How could Mr. Goldstein possibly
commit murder?” Since Jonathan refused to help him out, he could only make up an excuse himself.

Alas, before he had even finished speaking, Tavion’s secretary screeched at the top of her lungs, “It’s
no misunderstanding! I witnessed him beating Mr. Callahan up to within an inch of his life with my own
eyes and he almost killed him! How could it be a misunderstanding? Quick, arrest him and take him to
the police station!”

While she was petrified in the face of Jonathan, who shattered Mike’s leg without an ounce of
hesitation, that she didn’t dare utter a single word, she was no longer afraid since the police were here.

Her confidence had returned in a trice.

“Are you instructing me here?” Rhett’s expression promptly darkened at her commanding tone. “Do I
need you to teach me how to do my work?”

“How dare you?” Tavion’s secretary grew so furious that her face contorted into a mask of fury. “What
kind of attitude is this? Do you believe that I’ll call and lodge a complaint against you to the police

“Do you want to lodge a complaint against me? Well, just go ahead. I’m the police chief!”

Rhett hadn’t any avenue to vent his anger, so her action was tantamount to volunteering herself to be
his punching bag.

If there weren’t so many people looking on, I’d whirl around and leave right this instant! I inadvertently
stuck my oar in his affairs yesterday, and I almost got dismissed from my position! Would I dare make
the same mistake again?

“You’re the police chief, you said? I’m Preston York, a member of the York family!” Preston, who was
slumped at a corner near the door, exclaimed all of a sudden.

Preston York?

Rhett frowned upon hearing that.

The heir of the York family, Preston York? While I’ve never seen him, I’ve heard of his name. He’s a
notorious playboy with a legendary reputation in Jazona. Why is he here?

“I can testify that there’s no misunderstanding here! He indeed has the intention of committing murder
here, and he almost killed me!” Throwing him a frosty look, Preston added, “Do you see the injuries on
me? It was all thanks to him!”

What? He beat Preston up?

Rhett’s eye twitched when he heard that.

Dear Lord, he even dares to go against someone from the four prominent families? Worse still, he beat
up the heir of the York family? Does he have a death wish? Or is he sick of living? Everyone in Jazona
knows the influence of the York family! If he provoked them, even the mayor of Jazona wouldn’t be able
to save him, let alone an insignificant police chief like me!

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, Rhett wore a frightfully grim expression on his face.
Just then, Jonathan, who had been keeping mum, abruptly seconded, “He’s right. There’s indeed no
misunderstanding here. I want to kill him, and it was also me who inflicted the injuries on him!”


In an instant, Rhett’s legs went weak in fright.

He actually admitted to it? Worse still, he did so in front of so many people here?

For a moment, he was seized by the urge to slap himself across the face.

Da*n it! Why did I have to get involved in this? Now, even I can’t save him anymore. What can I do
when he has admitted to it himself?

“Uh, Mr. Goldstein…” Noticing that everyone there had their gazes fixated on him, he could only bite
the bullet and reproach, “Mr. Goldstein, murder is against the law!”

“So what?” Arching an eyebrow, Jonathan turned to him and announced, “I’m going to kill Tavion
Callahan today, and no one can save him! If the York family dares to butt into this matter, I’ll obliterate
them! And if you dare do the same, I’ll have you sacked!”

Have the police chief sacked?

When his words fell, almost everyone there felt that he had gone out of his mind.

Who does he think he is? Does he think he’s Zachary Lint or Kingstone Warhol? In the whole of
Jazona, only two people dare say such a thing—one is the governor of Jazona, Kingstone Warhol, and
the other is the King of War, Zachary Lint! This punk is a nobody, yet he dares make such a

After hearing that, Preston couldn’t help sneering, “Hah! How arrogant, kid! Obliterate the York family
and have the police chief sacked? I’ll just wait and see how you’re going to accomplish either of that!”

Having said that, he eyed Rhett coldly and thundered, “Why are you still standing around? Hurry up
and arrest him! Or does the police merely takes the citizen’s money without doing anything? Didn’t you
hear him insulting you?”

Insulting me? I don’t find it insulting at all! Even the top brass of the Divine Dragon Guards was all
deferential in front of him and hardly dared to breathe. What’s a small police chief like me in
comparison? It’ll just take a single word from him for me to be given the boot!

“I think there must be some misunderstanding here. Why don’t we resolve it first?” Left with no other
recourse, Rhett could only steel his resolve and turn to wave a dismissive hand at his subordinates,
ordering, “Go out first!”

“Yes, Chief Barnstone!”

Following that order, the group of police officers left the private room without any hesitation. When they
had left, Rhett continued forging on and shifted his gaze to Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein-”

“If you want to keep your nose out of this, stand there and keep your mouth zipped. Don’t ask for
trouble!” Jonathan interrupted him mid-sentence.

He could tell that the man obviously didn’t want to get involved in the mess, and he didn’t want to waste
his breath with him either.

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!” Upon hearing that, Rhett instantly retreated as though he had been
granted amnesty and hid in the corner wordlessly.

At the sight of the scene unfolding right before their eyes, incredulity manifested on the faces of
everyone there.

How is this possible? The police chief didn’t even dare utter a single word of protest before him? And
simply because he said not to intervene in the matter, he truly followed his order to the letter? Could it
be that he has some hidden identity?

In a flash, that question popped up in their minds.

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