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Chapter 137

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You Are Being Too Garrulous

“How dare you hit me, kid?” Preston remained on his knees on the ground with shaky legs while
clutching his stomach. Even at that very moment, he still couldn’t quite believe that someone actually
dared to get physical with him.

Someone actually dared hit me, the heir of the York family, in Jazona?

“That kick was just a warning to you. If you dare poke your nose into this matter, I don’t mind killing you,
too!” Jonathan’s face was devoid of emotion, and the look in his eyes as he regarded the man was as
though the latter’s death was near at hand.

“Do you know who I am? I’m Preston York, the heir of the York family! Would you dare kill me?” Preston
glared at him with eyes blazing scarlet.

I’m dead certain that he only dared make a move against me because he had no idea about my
identity! If he knows who I am, would he still dare do the same? Well, unless he’s sick of living!

“What’s so great about the York family? If the York family dares to meddle in this matter, I’ll wipe it out
of existence as well!” Jonathan declared coldly.

It’s just the insignificant York family in Jazona. I can obliterate it anytime with a simple order!

Oh my God, he’s truly off his rocker! He’s stark raving mad!

Almost everyone there felt that he was out of his head when they heard his audacious statement.

Wipe the York family out of existence? Has he got a screw loose? Does he really know the status of the
York family in Jazona? It’s one of the four prominent families in Jazona and has been rooted in the city

for decades! It wouldn’t be an easy task even if the governor of Jazona, Kingstone Warhol, wanted to
do that, much less him! Who does he think he is? The King of War, Zachary Lint? Or Asura himself?

“Wipe the York family out of existence? Kid, I didn’t mishear you, no?” Surprisingly, Preston wasn’t at all
enraged to hear that. Instead, he guffawed. “In all these years, you’re the first person who dared say
such a thing to me!”

“Is that so? That’s because you’ve never met me in the past!” Not in the mood to waste his breath with
him, Jonathan gave him another swift kick. A thud sounded as Preston’s body slammed against the
private room door once more.

Spat! He coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Then, he struggled up from the ground while clutching his stomach. Gritting his teeth, he glowered at
Jonathan and vowed, “Kid, you’ll definitely die a horrific death! I promise you that!”

Ever since young, no one had ever dared to treat me in such a manner! As the heir of the York family, it
had always been me beating others up! No one had ever raised a hand against me!

“Did I say that you could get up?” Jonathan’s gaze went chilly, striking such fear into Preston that his
legs went weak, and he unwittingly dropped to his knees before the man with a thud.

Never once in his life had he ever seen such a strong sense of oppression as reflected in the man’s
eyes right then.

“It seems that you’re determined to interfere in this matter, yes?” Staring down at the man kneeling on
the ground, Jonathan stated glacially, “All right, I’ll grant you that opportunity, then. I’ll see whether the
York family can save you and Tavion.”

When he had said that, he surprisingly didn’t continue stalking forward. Instead, he went back to his
seat and casually lit a cigarette.

Eyeing Preston and Tavion dispassionately, he drawled, “I’m giving you an opportunity now. You can
make however many calls you like and call anyone over. I’ll see whether there’s anyone in Jazona who
can save you both!”

He’s allowing us to make calls and even call anyone over?

The second Preston and Tavion heard that, their eyes lit up. Conversely, the few people standing
behind Jonathan gazed at him as though he was an idiot.

What a fool! Sure enough, he’s a moron! Not only is he foolish, but he’s even arrogant! If it were just
the people in this private room now, no one could save them even if he wanted to kill them. Even if the
York family were to rush over, they couldn’t possibly be any faster than he is to act! As long as they
couldn’t leave this room, they would be up the creek without a paddle with no one to come to their

But once they were given a chance to contact people outside this room, death would be imminent for
him! Regardless of whether it’s the York family that is one of the four prominent families in Jazona or
the vast connections Tavion amassed in the city throughout the years, someone like him was no match
for neither! After all, his company had gone bankrupt a few years ago, and he even owed a shedload of
debts. As long as they were given the opportunity, they’ve got a hundred ways to beat him at his game!

“Kid, you said that, so don’t go about regretting it!” Upon hearing that, Preston called home right away.
A moment later, an age-weathered voice sounded from the other end of the phone. “Hello, Pres?”

“Grandpa, I’m at Empyrean Palace, and someone has beaten me up! He even said that he wanted to
kill me and wipe the York family out of existence! Come and save me, quick!” Preston cried out into the
phone as soon as the call was connected.

“What did you just say? Wipe the York family out of existence?” A hint of fury colored the voice on the
other end of the phone when the person heard that. “I didn’t hear you wrongly, did I? Who was so
conceited to say that?”

“I don’t know who he is! I only know that he wants to kill me! Quick, come and save me, Grandpa!”

“Tell him to just wait. I’ll be there right away!”

The call was then disconnected with a snort. After making the call, Preston stared at Jonathan while on
his knees on the ground as though the man was moments away from certain death.

You’re so dead, kid!

As part of the York family, he was all too familiar with his grandfather’s temper. From the phone call
earlier, he could distinctly sense that the man was livid.

“Kid, I can give you a chance before my grandfather arrives. If you get on your knees and grovel before
me now, calling me your lord and master, I can consider sparing you. I’ll merely break both your legs.
However, it won’t be that simple anymore when my grandfather arrives!”

In the blink of an eye, he again regarded Jonathan condescendingly. In his eyes, the man was no
different than someone with his neck on the chopping block.

“You’re being too garrulous!” Jonathan’s gaze turned wintry, instantly terrifying him so badly that he
hastily stumbled back several steps and almost knocked into the door.

But at that exact moment, someone abruptly swung open the private room door once more.

In the next instant, a group of police officers barged in, followed by an elderly man in plain clothes. No
sooner had they entered the room than the man demanded, “Who called for the police?”


The moment she caught sight of the police, Tavion’s secretary, who had gone as pale as a sheet,
immediately stepped forward.

“It was you who lodged a police report?” Looking at her sternly, the elderly man questioned, “On the
phone just now, you said someone wants to commit murder in Empyrean Palace, right? Who was it?”

“It was him!”

Tavion’s secretary pointed at Jonathan without a second’s delay.

The elderly man reflexively cast his gaze in the direction she was pointing, only to be greeted by the
sight of Jonathan. At once, his expression changed. “It’s you?”

Good Lord! It’s him! It’s the bane of my life again!

As soon as his eyes landed on Jonathan, he recognized him at a single glance.

Last night, it was because of him that my deputy police chief was detained by the Divine Dragon
Guards! Even now, that man is still in custody! And it was also because of him that I’m now under
investigation and will even likely be dismissed!

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