Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 139

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The Patriarch Of The York Family

That’s impossible!

Tavion didn’t believe that Jonathan could have some hidden identity.

I know him all too well! After the company went bankrupt back then, he owed a boatload of debts and
was even hunted down by the loan sharks! If he really has some hidden identity, how could he possibly
have been pursued for an entire year? Just look at him! He’s so broke that he can’t even afford to buy a
set of decent clothes. Also, he has never even ridden in a Rolls-Royce. How could he be some
anonymous big shot?

“Kid, it seems that I’ve underestimated you!” While everyone was still wondering about Jonathan’s
hidden identity, Preston threw him an icy look and drawled, “I never thought that you’d have a few tricks
up your sleeve that even the police chief doesn’t dare interfere in your affairs! But so what? Compared
to the York family, you’re still no more than an ant!”

Rhett was a mere police chief, so he truly didn’t take him seriously.

Compared to the York family, what’s an inconsequential police chief?

“In my eyes, the York family is likewise no more than an ant!” Indifference was written all over
Jonathan’s face.

Even the four prominent families in Jazona are merely bigger ants in my eyes, not to mention the lone
York family!

When Preston saw that, disdain promptly marred his features. “Hah! I hope you can still say that when
my grandfather arrives later instead of throwing yourself down before me on your knees and begging
me to spare you! If that happens, I’ll be utterly disappointed in you!”

He could seemingly imagine the scene whereby the man would fall to his knees before him like a dog
and beg him to spare him after his grandfather arrives in a while.

Regretfully, Jonathan didn’t even spare him a single glance.

He’s just an ant, so there’s no point in me wasting my breath!

As time ticked by, the entire private room was wholly silent.

Everyone was awaiting the arrival of the patriarch of the York family, for they seemingly felt that there
was only one way things would end once the man arrived—Jonathan would die a gruesome death!

Truth be told, they were anticipating the show, so much so that they would insist on staying even if they
were allowed to leave right then.

All of them were eager to see how Jonathan was going to meet his end later.

Would he end up with his limbs chopped off and fed to the fishes in the Goda River? Or would he be
hanged from the roof of Empyrean Palace under the scorching sun for three days and nights before
being buried in a hole somewhere?

Just as everything was still and silent in the private room, a bang suddenly split the air as the room
door was kicked open from the outside.

On the heels of that, more than a dozen men in black suits stormed in.

Following behind them was an elderly man with gray hair in traditional attire.

He held a cane with a dragon head in his hand, and every step he took appeared exceedingly weak. It
was as though he would keel over and die anytime.

Despite him looking so frail that he seemed to have a foot in the grave, no one there dared to
underestimate him.

After all, he was the current patriarch of the York family, Hunter York!

In the past few decades, he had been the one who led the York family into making a name for
themselves in Jazona and kept them standing firm throughout the years. Furthermore, he even
safeguarded their position as one of the four prominent families in Jazona, a fact that hadn’t changed in


Preston’s eyes lit up the moment spotted Hunter, and he cried out to him.

“Hmm.” Hunter merely nodded placidly upon hearing that.

It wasn’t until he noticed the blood all over the man and the bruise on his face that an imperceptible
flash of wrath glinted in his eyes. “Who did this to you?”

“It was him!” At his question, Preston pointed at Jonathan at once. “Grandpa, it was him who beat me
up! He even said that he’ll wipe the York family out of existence!”

“What a useless piece of trash! You’re a member of the York family, yet you allowed a snot-nosed kid to
walk all over you! You’ve truly embarrassed the York family!” Snorting, Hunter banged the cane in his
hand hard. Preston was stricken that he flinched even as a glimmer of fear flashed across his face.
“Grandpa, I—”

“Okay, I don’t need any excuses from you! Get on your knees!” With a single reprimand from the man,
Preston fell to his knees before him with a thud, not daring to utter a single word of protest.

Ever since young, this grandfather of his was the person he feared most.

“I’ll deal with you when we get home!” Hunter grunted at the sight of the man kneeling on the ground.
Then, he turned and looked at Jonathan, whom Preston pointed out. “It was you who beat my grandson

“Yes, it was me. He likes to meddle in other people’s business, so I showed him the consequences of
being nosy!” Jonathan replied blithely.

“Hmph!” Hunter harrumphed when he heard that, and a gleam of fury flashed across his face. “Why
were you, an outsider, teaching him a lesson when he’s part of the York family? Even if he’s in the
wrong, it should be me doing the teaching. What right do you have to do so?”

“If you dare poke your nose into my affairs, I’ll teach you a lesson as well, not to mention him!”
Jonathan remarked in a mild voice.

“What did you just say?” Hunter was apoplectic after hearing the man’s audacious threat. “You’ll even
teach me a lesson as well? You’re really arrogant and insolent, young man! I heard from Pres that you
even want to wipe the York family out of existence?”

“So what if I do?” Jonathan quirked an eyebrow.

“It seems that I’ve indeed gotten up in years that many people have forgotten how the York family
gained a foothold in Jazona! Now, even a snot-nosed kid dares to walk all over the York family!”
Hearing his remark, Hunter shook his head even as a murderous gleam shone in his eyes. “I suppose
this is a good thing as well. It’s been years since I’ve last taken a life, so you can be the first in many
years! It’ll also show everyone in Jazona that I’m still alive and kicking, and the York family is still
standing firm!”

After saying that, he didn’t want to yak with Jonathan further, so he waved a hand and ordered, “Go
and break his limbs! Remember to keep it clean without making things too gory. I’m up in years, so I
can’t stomach seeing too much blood.”


With that order, that dozen or burly men in black suits instantly swarmed toward Jonathan.

At the scene transpiring before their eyes, everyone there was filled with excitement and dared not
even blink in fear that they might miss something.

Preston and Tavion, especially, could already seemingly picture the scene whereby all of Jonathan’s
limbs were broken later.

Nonetheless, Jonathan didn’t even bother sparing the men a single glance even as they drew
increasingly closer. Instead, he lowered his head and picked up his teacup. After taking a small sip of
tea, he commented, “I told you not to interfere in this matter, but you just wouldn’t listen. In that case,
there isn’t any need for the York family to exist in this world anymore!”

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