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Chapter 135

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Send You Across The Great Divide

Over seven million? Converting into Chanaean currency, that would amount to about fifty million

“What’s this about seven million and an overseas bank account? This is all utter nonsense! I never had
any bank account abroad, nor had I ever seen the alleged seven million!” Tavion hastily denied after
hearing Zachary’s declaration on the other end of the phone.

Alas, his denial had no effect on the man.

Zachary merely continued speaking. “After the seven over million were transferred into his account, he
didn’t use it at once. Instead, he left it there for a whole two years before using the money. And it so
happens to be the capital he used to register Tavion Group. I also found out that the person who wired
the money to him was the person in charge of the company who signed the bad contract with him back

Every single utterance out of his mouth had a flicker of panic flashing across Tavion’s eyes. When he
heard the last sentence, in particular, he screeched frantically as though he had lost his mind, “Who the
hell are you? Stop slandering me! The capital I used to register Tavion Group was from the loan I took
out! What’s this nonsense about an overseas bank account? Stop defaming me there! Come over here
if you’ve got the guts and confront me face to face!”

On the other end of the phone, Zachary seemed to have heard his ear-splitting shout, for he
questioned icily, “Are you sure you want me to go and confront you face to face? If I truly do so today,
Tavion Callahan, I’m afraid that you’ll never have the chance to continue living in this world anymore!
Anyhow, you should really appreciate the opportunity you have right now to holler and clamor before
me. If it weren’t for Mr. Goldstein holding me back, I would’ve long since sent you to meet your maker!”

I’m one of the four Kings of War, and I rule over the whole of Jazona! If it weren’t for Mr. Goldstein
warning me not to interfere in this matter, even Tavion Group would’ve been wiped out in the blink of an
eye with an order from me, not to mention an insignificant person like him!

“Who are you trying to scare? Come over here if you’ve got the guts and show me how you’re going to
send me to meet my maker!” Utter chagrin showed on Tavion’s face.

Did he think that I’m a scaredy-cat? No matter what, I’m the newest billionaire in Jazona and one of the
ten most outstanding men in the city! Even Kingstone Warhol once came to meet me personally! Yet, a
random nobody wants to send me to meet my maker? What a joke!

“Mr. Goldstein, I also found some of his bank records in the past few years. There’s evidence of tax
evasion and some illegal income, as well as proof of him bribing government officials. If you need them,
I’ll send someone to bring them over to you anytime!” Zachary couldn’t be bothered to entertain a fool
like Tavion.

He’s just an ant, unworthy to have me getting angry!

“No, that’s fine. I’ll resolve my own problem myself!” Hanging up the phone, Jonathan looked at Tavion
impassively and drawled, “What else do you have to say now? Do you still want to continue acting

By then, Tavion gave up maintaining the act as well. “Stop trying to scare me, Jonathan! You want to
dupe me by finding some extra to put on an act, huh? Do you think that I’m so easily intimidated? What
was that nonsense about tax evasion and bribery? I don’t know anything about that!”

“Whether you committed tax evasion or bribery is none of my business, and I’m not the least bit
interested in that.” Regarding the man who was fuming, Jonathan admitted, “The only reason I came to
see you today is to verify whether my guess is correct, whether it was you who conspired with
someone else back then and caused me to go bankrupt. And the facts proved that it was indeed you!

Honestly speaking, I’d rather the truth be the other way round. No one had ever betrayed me in my
entire life. You’re the first and also the last! To pay for that price, I’ll personally send you across the
great divide! You should’ve died a few years ago anyway.”

The moment his words fell, he stalked toward the man.

With every step he took, Tavion took a step back. When he had gone as far as the corner of the table,
he bellowed at the man with eyes blazing scarlet, “What do you want, Jonathan?”

“To send you across the great divide,” Jonathan answered in a chilly voice.

“Have you lost your mind? You just want money, no? I’ll give it to you! Is ten million enough? If it’s not
enough, I’ll give you fifty million or even a hundred million! That’s more than enough, right?”

Tavion cowered in the corner, gritting his teeth hard.

I’ve finally realized that he’s a damn lunatic!

“No, it’s not enough even if you give me ten billion!” Jonathan hadn’t the slightest bit of interest in

To him, it was just a figure.

If he wanted money, he could have even a hundred billion, not to mention ten billion.

The entire world belonged to him, so money had no meaning for him.

“You’ve gone mad! You’re truly out of your mind!” Hearing that, Tavion was all the more convinced that
the man had gone off his rocker. “Jonathan, let me tell you this—you’ll never be able to walk out of
Empyrean Palace alive if you dare harm a single hair on my head today! Do you know my status now?

I’m one of the ten most outstanding men in Jazona, and I have a net worth of several billion! Do you
believe that you won’t be able to get out of here if you dare raise a hand against me?”

“No.” Eyeing him dispassionately, Jonathan took a step forward and kicked him in the chest.

With that kick, Tavion ended up sprawling beneath the table before curling up like a ball.

“Stop! Otherwise, I’m going to lodge a police report!” Tavion’s secretary threatened with the phone in
her hand just when Jonathan was about to reach the man himself.

“Go ahead.” Without even sparing her a glance, Jonathan stalked forward and kicked Tavion in the
stomach again. “The thing I abhor most in my life is betrayal, especially by someone I trust most!”

Four years ago, I wasn’t yet Asura, nor had I accidentally broken into the military camp. At that time, he
was the person I trusted most! Even after the company went bankrupt, I never held a grudge against
him. But little did I know that the person who stabbed me the deepest in the back was none other than
the person I trusted most!

“Yes, lodge a police report! Quick! He’s truly psycho!” Tavion, curled up on the ground, desperately
shouted at his secretary after having coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Understood!” Without further ado, the secretary phoned the police right away. “Hello, is this the police?
Someone here wants to commit murder in the Supreme VIP Room in Empyrean Palace! Hurry up and
send someone over!”

From the beginning till the end, Jonathan didn’t stop her from lodging a police report. In fact, he didn’t
even spare her a single glance. Instead, he looked down at Tavion on the ground and surmised, “Those
people who were hunting me down in the middle of the night three years ago was also your doing,
wasn’t it?”

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