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Chapter 136

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Buzz Off

“What’s this about people hunting you down in the middle of the night? I don’t know what you’re talking
about!” Cowering on the ground, Tavion desperately crawled toward the door.

All he wanted to do right then was to make a run for it, not at all interested in risking his life with a
nutcase like Jonathan.

He’s just a pauper whose life isn’t even worth a dime, so it doesn’t matter even if he dies. But it’s
different with me! With a fortune of a few billion, I’ve got money I can’t ever finish spending in this
lifetime and countless women waiting to warm my bed! How could I die?

“You won’t be able to escape, so just save your energy!” Pinning an indifferent gaze on the man
crawling on the ground, Jonathan slowly stalked toward him.

From the moment I found out that he conspired with someone else to set me up and bring about my
bankruptcy, he was destined to die!

“Stay away from me!” At the sight of the man’s approaching footsteps, a glimmer of panic flashed
across Tavion’s eyes. But at just that precise moment, the private room door was suddenly pushed

Subsequently, a middle-aged man in a black suit strode in.

“What’s happening here?”

Upon glimpsing Tavion, who was huddled on the ground and crawling toward the door frantically, he
recognized him at a single glance. “Mr. Callahan?”

“Q-Quick, have someone restrain this lunatic! He wants to kill me!” The moment Tavion caught sight of
him, he clutched at his shirt as though he had seen a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

“A lunatic?” The middle-aged man instinctively lifted his eyes and cast his gaze over. The instant he
spotted Jonathan, a flash of surprise flickered in his eyes. “Mr. Goldstein?”

“Get out of my way!” Jonathan threw him a blasé look, scaring him so greatly that he hastily backed up
several steps.

“What happened, Mr. Goldstein?” The middle-aged man looked at Jonathan cautiously.

After all, he had personally witnessed how humble the owner of Empyrean Palace, Luna, was in front
of the man the last time.

“Don’t ask questions you shouldn’t be asking. Get out!” Jonathan wore a cold expression on his face.

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

Without further ado, the middle-aged man spun on his heels and left as though he had never been


The private room door was slammed shut once more, causing Tavion’s heart to abruptly sink to rock

What’s going on here? Why would an employee of Empyrean Palace fear Jonathan? Isn’t he just an
impoverished man who went bankrupt and owed a slew of debts a few years ago?

“There’s no need for you to stare at the door. No one in this world can save you!” Jonathan’s remark
doused the man’s final spark of hope. As Jonathan drew ever close, Tavion gritted his teeth and fell to

his knees before him without another word.

“I’m sorry, Jonathan! I was momentarily blinded by greed back then. I’ve seen the errors of my way, so
please give me another chance! You want money, right? I’ll give it to you! If a hundred million isn’t
enough, I’ll give you a billion! If even that isn’t sufficient for you, I’ll give you half of Tavion Group,

Tavion Group has a market value of a few billion, so even if it’s only three billion, that’s at least one and
a half billion right there. I only cheated him out of a hundred million back then, so it’s more than enough
that I’m returning him one and a half billion now, isn’t it?

“No, that’s not enough.” Jonathan shook his head apathetically. “I’ve got no interest in Tavion Group.”

“What exactly do you want, then? As long as you spare me, I’ll agree to whatever you want!” Tavion
hissed through clenched teeth.

“I want your life! When one commits a mistake, he naturally has to pay the price. And the price of you
betraying me back then is death!” Jonathan asserted frostily.

When Tavion heard that, his expression underwent a drastic change. “Quit while you’re ahead,
Jonathan! You won’t get a single dime if you kill me! Instead, you’ll even end up sacrificing your life in
return! Is it worth it to exchange your life with mine?”

“Not at all.” Jonathan shook his head before continuing, “Your life should have ended four years ago.
I’ve already allowed you to live four extra years. Are you still not content?”

After saying that, he didn’t want to yak with him anymore.

Lifting his leg, he kicked the man in the chin. At once, blood spurted out from Tavion’s mouth and nose,
and he collapsed onto the ground.

Just when he struggled to climb to his feet as his vision threatened to go black, the private room door
was pushed open again without warning.

On the heels of that, a young man in casual clothes strutted in briskly.

Tavion’s eyes lit up the second he saw him. He rushed forward and grabbed the hem of his pants like a
drowning man clutching at straws. “Please save me, Mr. York!”

Preston was taken aback to have a man covered in blood throwing himself at him out of the blue. But
when he had finally made out the person’s identity, a flash of surprise glinted in his eyes. “Tavion? How
did you end up in such a state? Who did this to you?”

“You’ve got to save me, Mr. York! Someone wants to kill me!” Tavion grasped at the hem of his pants
tightly, refusing to loosen his grip no matter what.

“Kill you?” Preston sneered upon hearing that, a flicker of disdain creeping onto his features. “Are you
serious? Who would dare kill someone in Empyrean Palace unless he has a death wish?”

Empyrean Palace belongs to Luna, the Dark Widow! This is her turf! Only those who are sick of living
would dare kill someone on her turf!

“Let me see who’s so gutsy to kill someone in Empyrean Palace!” Right after saying that, Preston
raised his eyes and looked over at Jonathan, drawling, “Kid, is it you who want to kill someone at
Empyrean Palace?”

“Buzz off!” Jonathan warned in an icy voice.

“What did you just say? I didn’t mishear you, did I?” In a flash, Preston’s expression contorted into a
mask of rage. “You ordered me to buzz off? Do you know who I am?”

“No, and I’m not interested in knowing either.” A trace of impatience shone in Jonathan’s eyes. “I’m only
giving you a minute. If you’re still here after a minute has passed-”

“What will you do, then?” Preston cut him off before he had finished speaking. “Why, are you planning
to beat me up as well? Kid, you dare to make a move against me before you had even asked around
about my identity? Mark my words that you won’t be walking out of Empyrean Palace alive today if you
dare harm even a hair on my head!”

Hah! Tavion might be afraid of him, but not me! Tavion is nothing, just a nouveau riche who had only
recently made a name for himself. But I, on the other hand, am the heir of the York family, one of the
four prominent families in Jazona! Would anyone dare to raise a hand against me? Well, unless he has
a death wish!

“Oh, really?” At his threat, Jonathan swept a nonchalant glance over him before countering, “Then, I’ll
just wait and see how you’re going to stop me from walking out of Empyrean Palace alive!”

As his words rang out, he stepped forward and kicked the man in the stomach.

Following that blow, Preston’s weak and flimsy body instantly flew out like a kite with a snapped string
and hit the private room door heavily.

A thud then reverberated around the room.

His legs immediately went weak, and he dropped to his knees before Jonathan.

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