Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 134

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Break My Legs

I caused the company to go bankrupt and even owe a shedload of debts?

Despite Mike’s and Vincent’s contemptuous gazes, Jonathan was in no hurry to explain things. Instead,
he shifted his gaze to Tavion.

I’ll just see what he’s going to say!

However, Tavion acted as though he didn’t notice the man’s gaze on him. He merely waved a hand and
urged, “Let’s not talk about that. It’s all in the past! Besides, he wasn’t to be blamed entirely for the
incident back then. I was also partially responsible!”

While he was seemingly defending Jonathan, he was actually answering the two men’s question in the

In other words, he was saying that it was indeed Jonathan who had caused the company to go
bankrupt back then!

“Hmph! You’re too generous, Mr. Callahan, to not take offense at such a trivial matter! If it were me, he
would be getting off easy with two broken legs!” Mike proclaimed with a harrumph after hearing that.

“Mr. Ziegler, you haven’t even imbibed, yet you’re already drunk?” At that, Tavion threw him a glare and
chided, “Whose legs are you threatening to break? Jonathan is my good friend, so I won’t just stand by
and do nothing!”

“I just feel sorry for you, Mr. Callahan! Say, how could someone like him still have the audacity to seek
you out and even sit at the same table with you?” Snorting, Mike glowered at Jonathan with
repugnance written all over his face.

It was as though sitting at the same table with Jonathan was a great insult to him.

“Why would you feel sorry for me? I don’t even mind, so it should go doubly for you!” Tavion shot him a
hard look before he turned to Jonathan and urged, “Just ignore him, Jonathan. He has an inherently
sharp tongue. I’ll have him down three glasses later as an apology!”

“That’s unnecessary.” Seeing them both singing to each other’s tune to demean him in every way
possible, Jonathan merely smirked and said to Mike, “Earlier, you were the one who wanted to break
my legs, yes?”

“So what if it was me?” With a frosty expression on his face, Mike barked, “If it weren’t for Mr.
Callahan’s sake, lad, I would’ve long since had your legs broken! Who do you think you are? And what
right do you have to sit at the same table with us? Wasn’t it enough that you caused him to go bankrupt
back then? Yet, you still have the audacity to seek him out? What’s your motive in doing so this time?
To ask for a loan or to procure a job in his company?”

While saying that, he stared at Jonathan condescendingly as though the man was dirt beneath his
shoe and would never amount to anything.

“You’re talking too much, Mr. Ziegler!” Frowning, Tavion shot daggers at him.

Hearing that, Mike snorted and asserted, “Don’t hold me back, Mr. Callahan! He has long since been
getting on my nerves!”

Subsequently, he turned to Jonathan and mocked, “You want to get a job at his company, don’t you?
He still needs a driver for his Rolls-Royce! Are you interested in that? Otherwise, how about joining our
company? Our company is short of a security guard! Are you taking the offer? If you are, I’ll inform the
finance department tomorrow and have them contact you! But before that, you’ve got to prostrate
yourself before us and apologize. You can only join our company if we’re satisfied with your apology.
After all, we don’t employ deadbeats!”

In his eyes, Jonathan was no different from a deadbeat.

So what if he had a net worth of over a billion a few years ago? He still ended up with his company
going bankrupt and owing a slew of debt! If it weren’t for Mr. Callahan bringing him along, would he
have the right to dine at the same table with us? He’s a total loser!

“He’s right in that you’re being too loquacious.” Jonathan wasn’t the least bit enraged despite the man’s
interminable snubs. Instead, he cast him a bland look and repeated, “Earlier, you said you wanted to
break my legs, didn’t you? How were you planning on doing that?”

As his words fell, he stepped forward and kicked him in the stomach.

In the next instant, a muffled thud sounded. Mike’s plump body was knocked to the ground following
that kick.

On the heels of that, Jonathan lifted his right leg and stomped on the man’s knee.

At once, a crisp snap split the air as the man’s knee was shattered.


A shrill, agonized wail reverberated around the entire room.

“H-How dare you make a move against me?” Mike roared at Jonathan, glowering even as he clutched
his shattered knee.

Never had he expected the man to get physical without warning and go so far as to shatter his knee.

“What’s the big deal about that?” Eyeing him indifferently, Jonathan remarked, “Before you stood up for
someone else, did no one ever tell you that a loose tongue leads to trouble?”

“You’ve gone too far, Jonathan!” Precisely that moment, Tavion, who had been keeping mum, abruptly
shot to his feet. Glowering at the man with a dark expression on his face, he demanded, “What is the
meaning of this? Mr. Ziegler is my guest, yet you beat him up so badly right before my eyes!”

“You know the answer to that full well, no?” Jonathan was no longer in the mood to continue playing
games with them.

I was just wondering what other tricks he had up his sleeve, but it turned out that his plan was to join
hands with someone else to humiliate me. It’s been so many years, but he’s still as dumb as a box of

“I broke his leg as a reminder so that he’ll first consider how many legs he has before he agrees to be
used as cannon fodder next time!”

“To think that I still regard you as my best friend, Jonathan! Yet, this is how you treat me?” Tavion’s
expression grew increasingly darker and grimmer. Even he didn’t expect the man to get physical right
off the bat without any qualms.

“Don’t even mention the word ‘friend’ with me! You’re not worthy of it!” Staring at him coldly, Jonathan
spat, “How did I treat you back then? You were dirt poor, having no money for your meals nor a roof
over your head. You were eating my food, living in my house, and even spending my money! Not only
that, but you even used the money you borrowed from me to buy into my company! You didn’t even
spend a single dime, yet you gained ten million worth of shares for nothing! But what did you do? You
conspired with someone else and signed a bad contract to set me up. Was that how you repaid me,
Tavion Callahan?”

Tavion initially wore a dark look on his face, but a glimmer of panic flashed across his eyes when he
heard that final utterance. Still, he gritted his teeth and refused to admit to it. “What nonsense are you
spouting, Jonathan? That’s not true! How could I possibly have conspired with someone else to set you

up? Back then, I also had a share in the company! What good would it do me if I caused you to go

“What good would it do you?” Seeing that he was still determined to maintain the act even when things
had come to that, Jonathan sneered, “You like to act, don’t you? In that case, I’ll grant you your wish

After saying that, Jonathan picked up his phone and made a call.

A moment later, Zachary’s voice rang out from the other end of the phone.

“Have you gotten everything I told you to investigate?” Jonathan asked in a glacial voice.

“Yes!” Zachary replied. “Four years ago, after the company you started with Tavion Callahan went
bankrupt, a whooping sum of over seven million was transferred into his overseas bank account on that
very same day.”

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