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The Legendary Man Chapter 131

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Come Back From The Dead

When the man in the white suit looked at Jonathan, Jonathan likewise stared at him.

It was none other than Tavion.

Even after four years had passed, Jonathan still recognized him at a single glance.

“Mr. Callahan, this man here insists on meeting you. I tried to get him to leave, but he refused to do so,”
the receptionist explained frantically upon seeing that Tavion had spotted Jonathan.

Unexpectedly, Tavion didn’t even bother looking at her. Instead, his eyes remained fixated on Jonathan
with a trace of disbelief in them.

“Jonathan?” he called out tentatively.

“Why, don’t you recognize me anymore?” Jonathan quirked an eyebrow.

“It’s really you, Jonathan? I thought I got the wrong person!” When Tavion had ascertained that it was
indeed Jonathan, he stepped forward to hug him. Alas, Jonathan instinctively took a step back upon
seeing that.

Tavion ended up with empty air in his arms.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t at all embarrassed. He shot daggers at the receptionist and reproved, “Why
didn’t you tell me that Jonathan is here? He’s one of my best friends! Without him, I wouldn’t be here
today! If he comes again in the future, make sure that you’re polite to a fault with him. You’ll be
dismissed if you dare stop him again! Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Callahan!” The receptionist was so stricken that she had gone as pale as a sheet.

“You must be tired after waiting here for such a long time.” Tavion appeared exceedingly friendly and
earnest. “Come, let’s go to my office for a rest. You there, get someone to brew a pot of tea and bring it
to my office!”

“Understood, Mr. Callahan!” Nodding, the receptionist spun on her heels and left.

When she had left, Tavion led Jonathan to his exclusive elevator. In the elevator, he glanced at the man
he hadn’t seen in several years. “I haven’t seen you in a few years, Jonathan! Where did you go in the
past few years? I turned the whole of Jazona upside down to look for you, but I simply couldn’t find

“Oh, really?” Jonathan eyed him coldly as he lied through his teeth.

Three years ago, I stayed in Jazona for an entire year. Why was it that I never heard of anyone looking
for me? Oh, that’s not right. There were people looking for me—my debtors and the group of people
hunting me down!

“Why didn’t you find me, then? I’ve been in Jazona for the past few years,” Jonathan riposted

“What? You’ve been in Jazona for the past few years?” Tavion abruptly swung his gaze at Jonathan,
incredulity brimming in his eyes. “That’s impossible! How could that be? In my effort to find you all
these years, I paid that useless bunch of people several million in total! Damn it! How dare they take
my money without doing any work? They’ll be getting it from me very soon!”

His reaction was intense, making it seem as though he had truly been hiring people to look for
Jonathan in the past few years.

Regretfully, Jonathan didn’t believe him in the slightest, no matter how realistic his act was.

Jadeborough is so small, yet he couldn’t find me even after searching for four years? What a lie!

No sooner had Tavion finished speaking than a knock suddenly sounded at the office door. On the
heels of that, a tall and fair woman in a short, black skirt walked in with two cups of hot tea. “Here’s the
tea you asked for, Mr. Callahan.”

“Okay, just put them down.” Tavion nodded before shifting his gaze to Jonathan. “Try the tea, Jonathan.
A friend of mine brought the tea leaves back from abroad, and I heard that a tael cost a few hundred

“Not bad.” Jonathan nonchalantly took a sip.

The secretary, however, curled her lips when she heard that.

Not bad? Tea leaves that cost a few hundred thousand a tael are just passable in his eyes? How
ignorant! He doesn’t even know what fine tea is!

“If you like it, I’ll gift you some later!” Tavion then waved a hand at the secretary and ordered, “Go and
get my tea leaves.”

“Sure, Mr. Callahan!”

The secretary was just about to leave when Jonathan called her back. “No, it’s fine. It’s too expensive;
it isn’t suitable for me.”

“What are you saying? You’re my best friend, so you’re suited to drink even tea worth millions a tael, let
alone a few hundred thousand!”

After saying that, Tavion glared at the secretary, chiding, “Why are you still standing there? Hurry up
and get the tea leaves!”

“Yes, Mr. Callahan!”

The secretary was so frightened that she quickly scurried away.

When she had left, Tavion snagged a box of cigars. Lighting one himself, he tossed one to Jonathan.
“Try this cigar, too. It was also bought by a friend abroad, and it cost ten thousand per cigar!”

“No, it’s okay.” Jonathan shook his head. “I prefer local stuff.”

“You’re simply too rigid!” Tavion shook his head, but he didn’t continue persuading him otherwise.
Instead, he took a huge puff of the cigar himself before asking, “You must have been doing pretty
dismally in Jazona in the past few years, haven’t you?”

Neither his clothes nor shoes are branded. I suppose his entire outfit doesn’t even cost five hundred in
total. And me? My socks alone cost over a thousand! In contrast, I could tell at a single glance that he
hasn’t been doing all that well in the past few years.

“Well, not too bad.” Sweeping a casual glance over him, Jonathan commented, “I heard that you’ve
been doing pretty well in the past few years? Not only do you have a net worth of a few billion, but you
even spent several billion to build this Tavion Tower! On my way here, the taxi driver told me all about
your acclaimed accomplishment!”

“Ah, I suppose I’ve been doing okay. It’s just a little better than before.” As Tavion spoke, he
unconsciously elevated himself above Jonathan, a trace of smugness radiating off his eyes.

Back then, we both started a company together. Yet, he couldn’t even afford to buy himself some
decent clothes now. On the contrary, my net worth has long since gone beyond several billion!

Sometimes, destiny is really frustrating!

“Did you come to seek my help this time? Or are you here to ask me for a loan to continue doing
business?” He then regarded Jonathan condescendingly.

He isn’t doing all too well and has fallen from grace, so he’s definitely here for no other reason than to
ask me for a loan or a job at my company! Ultimately, he just wants to take advantage of me!

“I’m not here for a loan.” Eyeing him placidly, Jonathan remarked, “I came to look for you to ask you
about something.”

“What is it?” Tavion inquired, huffing out a puff of smoke.

“I remember that you disappeared for half a year without any news after the company went bankrupt
four years ago. Later, your parents told me that you committed suicide. I even went to your village and
attended your funeral. As far as I know, you died three years ago.” Staring at the man regarding him
condescendingly on the opposite side, Jonathan questioned, “How have you come back from the dead

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