Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 132

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A Bunch Of Lies

In the blink of an eye, Tavion’s expression changed drastically.

It was as though someone had caught him in a lie, and a pained look crossed his face. “That was a
misunderstanding, Jonathan.”

“Oh? How was it a misunderstanding?” Jonathan lightly leaned back against the couch and gazed at
him aloofly.

“Actually, I didn’t commit suicide back then…” Tavion’s eyes darted everywhere, not having expected
the man to launch a sudden attack at him. “After our company went bankrupt back then, loan sharks
were looking for me everywhere. They didn’t just send people to hunt me down but even went so far as
to harass my family. Left with no other recourse, I could only fake my death in hopes that I could dupe
those loan sharks! You don’t know how dangerous it was back then. I almost got hacked to death a few

While saying that, his hand that held the cigar trembled lightly, complementing his fearful expression.

If I hadn’t heard about how he shoved all the blame of the incident back then on me from the taxi driver
on my way here, I might really be taken in by his lies! It’s truly a shame that he’s not running for the

“I don’t know if those loan sharks were duped, but I was undoubtedly taken in.” Instead of exposing
him, Jonathan glanced at him casually and stated, “Not only did I attend your funeral back then, but I
even gave the remaining tens of thousands I had left to your parents.”

Back then, I was riddled with debts after the company went bankrupt and even had a whole slew of
loan sharks hunting me down. Yet, I still gave his family the tens of thousands I had left without any

reservations despite my circumstances then!

“What? You really did that?” Tavion arched an eyebrow, acting as though he didn’t know anything about
it. “Why have I never heard about it from my parents?”

“So you think I’m lying to you?” Jonathan raised an eyebrow as well.

“Of course not!” Chuckling, Tavion countered, “How could you possibly lie to me? It’s just tens of
thousands, isn’t it? Okay. When you leave later, I’ll have someone give you a million as compensation
for your money back then. How about that?”

“Do you think that I’m here to ask you for the money?” Jonathan cast him a frigid look.

Back then, he signed a bad contract with someone else and caused my listed company with a market
value of over a hundred million to not only go bankrupt overnight but even end up owing a ton of debts.
Yet, I didn’t even ask him to compensate me a single dime! Could I possibly be here now to ask him
about the tens of thousands?

“Of course not! I just feel that I owe you too much regarding the matter back then!” Smiling, Tavion
maintained, “The million is just a teeny-weeny compensation from me. After all, our company wouldn’t
have gone bankrupt overnight if it weren’t because of me back then. Besides, I even caused you to be
saddled with a slew of debts.”

Naturally, he wouldn’t push the blame onto Jonathan right in front of the man himself.

Meanwhile, Jonathan didn’t expose him either. I’ll just see how much longer he’s going to keep this act

Knock, knock!

A few minutes later, the secretary knocked on the door again. But this time, there was a tray in her
hands, on which laid the tea leaves wrapped in a piece of golden paper.

“Here are the tea leaves, Mr. Callahan.” In a soft voice, she added, “There are three taels of tea leaves
in here, and the market value outside is over a million.”

The second half of her utterance was deliberate, expressly meant for the ignorant man who was
unschooled in tea so that he would know how much three taels of tea leaves cost and use them

“Why are there only three taels?” Tavion frowned slightly.

“Didn’t you also give your friend a few taels when he came to visit back then?” While saying that, the
secretary put the tray down. Then, she looked at Tavion and reminded, “It’s about time, Mr. Callahan.
You have a dinner appointment with Mr. Whittaker and Mr. Ziegler.”

“Are they here already?” Tavion dipped his head and glanced at his watch.

“Yes, they’re waiting for you in the waiting lounge,” the secretary replied in a murmur.

“Okay, then tell them that we’ll be going over to Empyrean Palace for dinner tonight,” Tavion instructed
airily. After doing so, he turned to Jonathan. “Why don’t you join us, Jonathan?”

“Mr. Callahan, you’re going to be talking business with Mr. Ziegler and the others, remember? Won’t it
be inappropriate for him to tag along?” the secretary prompted.

Frankly speaking, she didn’t quite like Jonathan.

Mr. Callahan usually only comes into contact with either wealthy heirs from prominent families or the
super-rich with a net worth of billions. He never associates with the dirt poor like this man here whose
entire outfit seemingly doesn’t even cost three hundred!

“What’s inappropriate about it?” Tavion shot her a glare, asserting, “Jonathan is my best friend! And it’s
just dinner, is it not? What’s the big deal about bringing him along? Cut the crap and make the
arrangements quickly!”

“Understood, Mr. Callahan!” Biting her lip resentfully, the secretary stormed off.

When she had left, Tavion looked at Jonathan and invited, “Let’s have dinner together tonight. I’ll
introduce a few big shots to you.”

“Big shots?”

“One of them is the heir of the York family, one of the four prominent families in Jazona! How’s that? A
big shot, huh?” A flash of triumph flickered in Tavion’s eyes.

If I don’t bring him along, he’ll probably never have the opportunity to eat at the same table with the heir
from one of the four prominent families in his entire life! After all, Mr. York usually associates with
affluent people such as the wealthy heirs from Yaleview and Kingshinton. The least of them still have a
net worth of billions. Would someone like Jonathan, who had gone bankrupt a few years ago and even
owed a boatload of debts, have the opportunity to dine with him? That’s a pipe dream!

“Indeed!” Jonathan chuckled.

If my memory serves, the person who bid on the lavender jade figurine with me during the auction back
then was also the heir of the York family.

“Let’s go! Otherwise, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t have the chance to dine at the same table with him in
your lifetime!” Tavion’s tone and gaze carried a distinct hint of disdain toward him.

I’ve got to admit that he was indeed an entrepreneur genius back then. In just a year, he managed to
transform a small and insignificant company into a gigantic company with a market value of over a

hundred million! And at that time, I only invested fifty thousand. In a year, my fifty thousand ballooned
to more than ten million. Nonetheless, that was then. Today, I already have a net worth of a few billion!
All who associate with me are bigwigs with a net worth of billions and even tens of billions!

Therefore, he had no respect for a pauper like Jonathan.

“Sure! I’m not in a hurry to go back anyway.” Jonathan calmly stood up and strolled out of the office
with him.

It so happens that I’d like to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve!

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