Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 130

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There Are Two Options

“I heard it from the owner of Tavion Tower! I even watched his interview on television last year or the
year before, and he said it himself!” the taxi driver answered airily.

Ah, he said it himself, huh?

Upon hearing that, Jonathan couldn’t help sneering.

“Are you going to Tavion Tower to interview for a job, lad?” The taxi driver didn’t notice Jonathan’s
wintry expression and continued chatting with him. “I heard that the requirements for a job there are
pretty high. You’ve got at least a bachelor’s degree, yes?”

“I’m going there to pay the owner of Tavion Tower, Tavion Callahan, himself a visit!” Jonathan admitted
in a curt voice.

“You’re acquainted with him?” Surprise manifested on the taxi driver’s face when he heard that
Jonathan was acquainted with the owner of Tavion Tower.

His countenance is plain, and he doesn’t appear to be some rich man. I never expected him to be
acquainted with the owner of Tavion Tower!

“Yes.” Snickering, Jonathan drawled, “I’m the business partner whom he claimed to have caused him to
go bankrupt. My visit this time is for no other reason than to ask him whether he hates me for having
put him through all that back then!”

In an instant, the taxi driver’s expression changed, and his face flushed bright red.

He wanted to say something, yet the words were stuck in his throat.

Nonetheless, Jonathan wasn’t in the mood to bother about him. He whipped out his phone and made a
call instead.

Shortly after, a deep and booming voice sounded on the other end of the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Goldstein?”

“Yeah, it’s me.” In a low voice, Jonathan ordered, “Investigate someone for me. His name is Tavion
Callahan, and he’s the owner of Tavion Group in Jazona. I want everything on him in the past five
years, including the number of meals he ate every day, the number of women he bedded, and the
amount of money going into his bank account. I want all of that.”

“Has he offended you, Mr. Goldstein?”

The voice on the other end of the phone went icy at once, and the murderous intent in it was clearly
discernible even through the phone.

“Don’t ask questions you shouldn’t be asking. You only need to help me investigate everything I said
earlier. Give me all the information before dawn. Is there any problem with that?” Jonathan enunciated

The person on the other end instantly replied, “No! Rest assured that I’ll investigate even his ancestors
before dawn!”

“I’m not interested in his ancestors. I’m only interested in everything he did in the past five years!”
Jonathan then proceeded to warn coldly, “For this matter, you’re only to investigate him. Do not
interfere. Do you hear me?”

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

“I’m not joking with you. If you dare interfere in this matter, I’ll toss you out of Jazona. Also, you’ll be
dismissed from your position as the King of War!” In all these years, this was the first time Jonathan
ever warned Zachary.

As one of the four Kings of War and the person he trusted most, Jonathan had never threatened him as
he did that day.

Of course, he had also never been as furious as he was that day.

“Is the matter this time very serious, Mr. Goldstein?” On the other end of the phone, Zachary
perceptively sensed something different from the man’s tone.

Even through the phone, he could hear the wrath in the man’s voice.

“Yes. It’s so serious that I’ve got to handle it myself!” Then Jonathan hung up without giving him an
opportunity to utter another word.

An hour later, the taxi came to a stop in front of Tavion Tower.

Undeniably, Tavion Tower was indeed majestic, for it spread over dozens of hectares.

The stone plaque at the entrance with the words “Tavion Tower” was even more impressive.

“Hello, Sir. How may I help you?” A beguiling receptionist in a short, black skirt immediately came
forward and blocked Jonathan’s path as soon as he entered the lobby.

“I’m here to see Tavion Callahan!” Jonathan declared plainly.

“Do you have an appointment?”


“I’m sorry, but you can’t meet Mr. Callahan without an appointment. If you want to meet him, you must
make an appointment a week ahead.” The receptionist politely and diplomatically denied him entry.

“A week is too long. I want to see him right now!” Casting her a glance, Jonathan added, “Tell him that
someone named Jonathan Goldstein wants to see him. He’ll definitely agree to see me.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but Mr. Callahan is currently in a meeting. I’m afraid I can’t do that for you,” the
receptionist declined once again.

“It’s okay. I can wait.”

Jonathan didn’t put her in a difficult position but plopped down on the couch. Then he unhurriedly lit a

Since I came here today, I naturally won’t be going back empty-handed!

At that, the receptionist looked at him with much exasperation. “You’re making things difficult for me,
Sir. There are droves of people who want to see Mr. Callahan every single day. Without an
appointment, he won’t see you even if you wait here until night falls.”

“I’ve told you that he’ll definitely agree to see me if you tell him my name.” Subsequently, Jonathan
glanced at the slowly approaching security guards before he lifted his eyes to her and warned, “You’d
better not provoke me with such a method. Otherwise, you’ll certainly regret it!”

“Sir, you misunderstood!” When her intention was exposed, the receptionist could only wave a hand at
the security guards and signal them to return to their posts.

When they had retreated, she turned to Jonathan once more and asserted, “Sir, you’re really making
things difficult for me!”

“If I truly wanted to make life difficult for you, I would be standing in front of your boss’ door right now.”
Eyeing her dispassionately, Jonathan stated, “I’ll give you ten minutes to consider this. Either you
inform your boss as per my orders, or I’ll forcefully kick open your boss’ office door. There are two
options. Make your choice.”

“Sir, you’re—” The receptionist was so irked that her face contorted into a mask of rage. But just when
she was about to speak further, a few burly men in black suits and black sunglasses who appeared
very much like bodyguards stalked into the lobby at some point in time.

Behind those few burly men was a man in a white suit who stood out like a sore thumb.

“Mr. Callahan!”

The instant the receptionist who was initially fuming caught sight of the man in the white suit, she
promptly put her irritation away and forced a professional smile.

“Mmm,” the man in the white suit acknowledged blithely. Without even sparing her a glance, he
brushed right past her.

However, the second his gaze swept over Jonathan nonchalantly, he froze and halted in his tracks.

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