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Chapter 98 Impersonate Him

“I’m not joking with you!” At the sight of the crowd heaping contempt on Jonathan, Josephine grew so
incandescent that her eyes blazed scarlet. “Everyone at the Blackwood family’s banquet that day
witnessed it! Not only me, but even my parents were there! They saw it, too!”

After saying that, she turned to Connor and urged, “Dad, tell them whether I’m speaking the truth!”

Hastily nodding, Connor stated, “Yes, it’s true! I saw it with my own eyes!”

Snorting, Ezra retorted, “At the end of the day, it’s just your entire family standing witness, no? You’re a
family, so even if you make up stories, no one will expose you! He forced the patriarch of the
Blackwood family to apologize on his knees, you said? Why don’t you say that he was also the one
who banished them from Jadeborough?”

He snickered, not believing Josephine in the least.

Following his words, however, Josephine replied coldly, “You’re right. It was indeed with a single word
from him that the Blackwood family was banished from Jadeborough!”

“Oh wow, go on acting!” Eyeing her as though she wasn’t quite right in the head, Ezra mocked, “The
Blackwood family has been banished from Jadeborough anyway, so no one will step out and refute you
no matter what you say! Anything you say goes!”

“You’re simply unreasonable!” Josephine had no retort left at his persistent comebacks. Just then,
Miguel, who hadn’t said anything thus far, spoke out of the blue. “Josephine, you said it was Jonathan
who resolved the Smith family’s crisis?”

“Yes!” Josephine maintained with an emphatic nod.

“Nonsense!” Miguel chided before he continued sharply, “It was my friend from Jazona who resolved
the Smith family’s crisis! How could it possibly be him? Does he even have the capability to do so?”

When Jonathan heard that, he couldn’t help sniggering. “Your friend? Where’s that friend of yours?”

Harrumphing, Miguel declared, “He’s right here! If he hadn’t told me personally that he was the one
who resolved the Smith family’s crisis this time, I might have truly been taken in by the two of you!”

While saying that, he strode toward a middle-aged man sitting at the front. “Mr. Field!”


The middle-aged man, Sammy Field, nodded with a haughty look on his face.

“See? This is that friend of mine, Mr. Field, the eldest son of the Field family. He has vast connections
in Jazona, far beyond someone like you could ever imagine!” Casting Jonathan a chilly look, Miguel
added, “If it weren’t for him having some connections with the King of War and successfully persuading
the man himself to do him a favor, do you think the Blackwood family would have easily let us off the
hook, let alone gotten banished from Jadeborough? Do you think you could’ve booted the Blackwood
family out of the city if Mr. Field hadn’t done anything?”

He regarded Jonathan glacially, his gaze so penetrating that it was as though he was determined to
expose a liar.

“Actually, it was just the King of War doing me a paltry favor.” Sammy waved a hand with a humble
expression on his face. Regretfully, his humility was simply rendering him a fool in Jonathan’s eyes.

Glancing at the man placidly, Jonathan murmured, “The Field family? I’ve never heard of them! You
said you’re acquainted with Zachary, yes? Fine. Give him a call, and we’ll see whether he’ll corroborate
your story!”

Sammy snorted with disdain etched on his face. “Do you think anyone can simply give the King of War
a call? Do you think he’s got nothing better to do like you? Even if it were me, I’ve got to make an
appointment a few days in advance if I want to contact him!”

There was no flaw to be found in that remark of his.

At least, that was the case in the eyes of everyone there.

Who is the King of War? That’s the true ruler of Jazona! Even the mayor of Jazona is beneath him. As
such, can anyone simply give him a call? What a joke!

Jonathan merely watched Sammy putting on a show coldly. “You don’t dare to do so, do you? How
about I give him a call and ask whether he knows you?”

Sneering, Sammy countered, “Who knows whether you’re really calling the King of War? What if you
find someone to impersonate him?”

“Can’t you tell whether it’s his voice?” Jonathan questioned frostily.

“Hah! You even dare to buy a counterfeit lavender jade figurine, so what else don’t you dare do?”
Sammy mocked with a snicker.

“It looks like you’ll never admit to your lie today unless he comes here in person.” Jonathan eyed him

Undeniably, he’s something else! He sounds utterly convincing, with nary a flaw in his words. If I
weren’t here, he would’ve probably fooled everyone present!

Seeing his high and mighty attitude, Miguel snapped before Sammy could even respond to that. “Shut
up! How could you be so rude to Mr. Field? Apologize right this instant, Jonathan!”

Jonathan couldn’t help guffawing when he heard that. “You want me to apologize to him? Are you

“How dare you?” Miguel’s face flushed bright red upon seeing that he dared speak to him in such a
manner. He pointed at the man and proclaimed, “I’m only giving you a minute, Jonathan. If you haven’t
apologized to Mr. Field after a minute has passed, don’t blame me for showing you no mercy!”

Jonathan’s gaze turned wintry. “Oh? What are you planning to do to me? Are you planning to kick me
out or strong-arm me into apologizing?”

“That’s enough! Stop fighting!” At long last, Hugo, as the patriarch of the Smith family, couldn’t stand it
anymore. After thundering that reproach, he turned to Jonathan and demanded, “Jonathan, you said it
was you who resolved the Smith family’s crisis, right? How can you prove it?”

Glancing at him indifferently, Jonathan announced, “Why do I need to prove it? I didn’t resolve the
issue between the Smith and Blackwood families for the sake of the Smiths back then. Instead, I did it
for my wife, Josephine. If it weren’t for her, I might not even bother interfering in your business even if
you were to beg me on your knees!”

At his imperious attitude, Lula snapped, “How dare you speak to Dad in such a tone, Jonathan? Hurry
up and apologize!”

“Apologize? Do you think the lot of you are worthy of it?” Snorting, Jonathan then declared, “The
person who can have me apologize hasn’t been born in this world yet!”

“How dare you? This is preposterous! You’re inordinately brazen!” When his words rang out, Hugo
went through the roof and almost passed out. “M-Men, throw him out of here!”


With that command from him, the servants of the Smith family swarmed toward Jonathan.

But just when they were inches from him, a sudden shout came from the door. “Mr. Swindell is here!”

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