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Chapter 89 Person In Charge Of The Auction

Black card?

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Luna took one look at Jonathan’s card and immediately recognized it as a worldwide limited edition
black card.

Rumor had it that only a selected few were issued this card in Chanaea.

It was a card with an unlimited spending limit and could be used anywhere in the world!

No matter where the owner was, this black card could be swiped countless times.

A transaction of three billion would go through, let alone a three hundred million transaction.

“What are you doing? Hurry, swipe Mr. Goldstein’s card!” Luna turned to order the server standing
behind her. He immediately accepted the card from Jonathan and swiped it on the POS machine.
Beep! The three million transaction went through smoothly!

“Mr. Goldstein, thank you!” the server said, returning the card to him. He offered the lavender jade
figurine to Jonathan before asking, “Do you want us to deliver this to your house? Or do you want to
take it with you now?”

“Deliver it to No. 1 Villa in Edenic Heights!” Jonathan answered nonchalantly.

“Got it!” the server answered and left the room with his head lowered.

When Luna heard Jonathan mention his residence, her eyes lit up. I thought Mr. Warhol, who comes
from one of the four prominent families in Jazona, lives there? Why is Jonathan occupying the villa

now? Is he related to the Warhol family?

Standing up, she poured Jonathan a glass of wine before pressing herself to his taut muscles. “Mr.
Goldstein, do you know Mr. Warhol?” she asked in a breathy tone. Her flirty gaze was enough to attract
any man’s attention.

“No, I don’t!” came Jonathan’s answer. His brows snapped together as he took a step back to stay
away from her.

He disliked women other than Josephine getting this close to him.

“Why are you staying in No. 1 Villa, then?” Instead of feeling upset at Jonathan’s rejection, she grew
increasingly interested in him.

“The auction has ended, right? I should take my leave!” Jonathan wasn’t in the mood to chat further.

After all, plenty of women had thrown themselves at him for the past few years, including popular
female celebrities and wealthy socialites.

Luna couldn’t hold a candle to them.

“Mr. Goldstein, let me see you out.” Finally, Luna felt a sense of frustration. After all, men had lusted
about her since she became an adult, but Jonathan was the first one who seemed disinterested in her.

In fact, she could tell that there was a hint of annoyance in his expression.

Jonathan nodded in acknowledgement before striding out of the room.

On the way out, Luna said nothing as she observed Jonathan carefully. She suddenly realized that
Harrison dared not walk in front of Jonathan.

It looked as if Harrison was Jonathan’s subordinate instead of a friend.

Look how careful Harrison is before Jonathan. Friends don’t act that way. But Harrison is the most
ruthless man in Jadeborough. He’s not even afraid of Preston, but why is he afraid of Jonathan?

“Mr. Goldstein, dinner will be served after the auction. Won’t you attend it?” Once they reached the
door, Luna tried to make him stay.

“No!” Jonathan shook his head and turned to leave.

Right then, a familiar voice rang out behind him. “Oh, fancy running into the live-in son-in-law of the
Smith family here. Hello, Jonathan!”

Jonathan didn’t even need to look, for he could recognize the person by her voice.

It was none other than Ysobel.

Sure enough, he looked up to see Ysobel sashaying over to him, hand in hand with Alvin. A hint of
mockery appeared in her gaze as she asked, “Jonathan, why are you at the auction instead of in the
Smith residence? Take a look at your sad state in the mirror. Do you have the right to be here?”

The live-in son-in-law of the Smith family?

Surprise flashed across Luna’s eyes as she heard that.

Jonathan is a live-in son-in-law? How is that possible? Can a live-in son-in-law spend a few hundred
million in one go using his worldwide limited edition black card?

After Harrison heard Ysobel’s mocking words, his expression darkened. He was about to retaliate when
Jonathan stopped him. “You don’t own the auction. Why can’t I be here?” Jonathan asked coolly.

Ysobel retorted with a snicker, “I was invited to be here. Do you have an invitation? Do you think
someone like you will receive an invitation?”

Her voice dripping with disdain as she asked, “Jonathan, did you sneak in?”

“Well, unfortunately, I do have an invitation card.” Jonathan pulled out the invitation card from his
pocket. Ysobel’s expression fell as she saw that.

However, she maintained her cool and questioned, “Did you forge this invitation card? Why would the
organizer invite a loser like you to the auction? Are you here to pick up trash or clean the venue?” She
ended her barrage of questions with a scoff.

Verily, she looked down on a deadbeat like him from the depths of her heart.

Hence, she assumed he wasn’t invited to such a fancy event.

Attending the same event as Jonathan made her feel like her standards had been lowered.

“Miss, please watch your language. If you continue insulting him, I shall ask the security guards to
throw you out!” Luna warned Ysobel before Jonathan could say anything.

“Kick me out? Who do you think you are? I’m here with Mr. Langford. Do you know him? He’s Mr. Alvin
Langford, the only son of the Chairman of Langford Group. What right do you have to kick me out?”
Ysobel sneered.

Disdain shone on her face, for she assumed the lady standing beside Jonathan was no one important.

Perhaps she’s a hooker who charges one hundred per session he found on the streets!

“If Sebastian Langford is here and talks to me rudely, I’ll kick him out without hesitation, let alone his
son.” Luna’s expression scrunched up in fury as she waved for the security guards to come over.
“Security, drag them out!”

“Yes!” The security guards rushed over with their batons as ordered.

As the security guards were about to grab them, Ysobel panicked instantly. “How dare you kick us out?
I’ll file a complaint with your superior and have you fired!”

“Have me fired? You didn’t even bother finding out who I am before kicking up a fuss?” Luna’s
expression turned as dark as thunder. “You want to talk to my superior, right? Well, talk to me! I am the
organizer of the event! In other words, I am in charge of the auction,” she announced, her tone glacial.

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