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Chapter 90 So What If I Slapped You

What? She’s the organizer of the auction? That’s impossible! Didn’t Alvin tell me that the organizer is
Luna Hansley of the Hansley family in Jazona? Why would someone as respectable and distinguished
as her take Jonathan’s side?

“No! You must be an imposter!” Ysobel yelled, pointing an accusing finger in Luna’s direction.

The latter couldn’t be bothered to talk to her and instead gave a commanding wave. “Drag them out
this instant!”

“How dare you?” Alvin finally spoke up before the security guards could lay a hand on him. “Even if
you’re Luna Hansley, there’s no need to kick me out because of this loser. Our families have a lot of
business dealings!”

“Tell Sebastian that all the business dealings between the Langford family and the Hansley family have
been called off from now on,” came Luna’s reply. She then added, “Besides, anyone who dares to
collaborate with Langford Group is considered an enemy of the Hansley family!”

Alvin’s mind was blown at her announcement.

Langford Group had contracts worth hundreds of millions with the Hansley family in Jazona, but Luna
called them off just like that.

In that instant, he knew he was done for.

“Ms. Hansley, I-I’m really sorry for offending you!” Alvin promptly gave a polite bow. “Can you give me
another chance to correct my mistake?”

Luna snorted. “You didn’t offend me. You’ve offended my VIP, Mr. Goldstein!”

“He’s a VIP?” Ysobel let out a derisive snort. “Did you mistake him for someone else? How could he be
a VIP? He’s just a lowly live-in son-in-law. If the Smith family hadn’t taken him in for a year, he would’ve
starved to death by the streets! How could he be your family’s VIP?”

“Shut the f*ck up!” Since she refused to give in, Alvin instantly gave her a tight slap.

“Did you just slap me? Alvin, you slapped me because of this loser?” Ysobel demanded in disbelief.

“So what if I slapped you? If you won’t shut up, I’ll beat you to a pulp!” Alvin responded sharply before
giving her another slap.

I wouldn’t have dated this loose woman if her looks hadn’t attracted me! But she’s foolish enough to
offend Luna Hansley and has nearly brought doom to my family. There’s no way I’ll let this slip!

“All right. Stop putting up a show. Get out right now!” Luna snapped angrily. At once, the security
guards took action and dragged them toward the door.

Alvin struggled to free himself, but the security guard’s baton promptly hit his stomach with a thud.

As pain flared up his belly over his entire being, he fell silent and allowed himself to be dragged out.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’m sorry for the commotion. It was our fault for inviting such rude guests who offended
you. Please accept my apology!” Luna apologized profusely after Ysobel and Alvin disappeared from

“That has nothing to do with you,” Jonathan answered with a casual wave.

He didn’t blame Luna, for no one knew Ysobel and Alvin would be foolish enough to reproach the
organizer before Luna herself.

“From today onward, rest assured that we will cut all ties with Langford Group,” Luna promised. She
couldn’t help but worry that Jonathan was still mad.

For some reason, fear would overwhelm her entire being when she was with Jonathan.

It felt like the man’s wrath could wipe the Hansley family out completely, though she had no idea about
his identity yet.

“There’s no need to do that,” said Jonathan as he glanced at her plainly. “Besides, I don’t like owing

To him, Langford Group was no different from insects. If he wanted to take revenge, it would only take
a phone call to destroy Langford Group.

There was no need for someone else to interfere in his business, for he could solve it single-handedly.

“I’m not doing this so you owe me a favor,” Luna offered a hasty explanation. However, Jonathan was
already bristling with annoyance as he uttered impatiently, “All right. It’s late, so I should take my

Having said that, he strode out of Northfield Mountain Resort without looking back.

Outside the entrance, Harrison had been waiting with his black Bentley for some time.

“Mr. Goldstein, goodbye!” Luna bade goodbye to Jonathan.

She watched as Jonathan got into the car and sped away. When the black Bentley was no longer in
sight, she whipped out her phone to make a call. “Find out the details of the man who came along with
Harrison in room number six!”

After a brief pause, she added in a stern voice, “From today onward, we shall cancel all business
dealings with Langford Group! Announce to the public that everyone who collaborates with Langford
Group will be the Hansley family’s enemy!”

“Got it!” A gruff male voice rang out on the other end of the line.

After cutting the line, Luna gazed in the direction where Jonathan’s car had disappeared.

Though she was going to celebrate her thirtieth birthday in a few years’ time, this was the first time she
got attracted to a man.

Half an hour later, the black Bentley rolled to a stop before the door of No. 1 Villa.

“Mr. Goldstein, should I deal with Langford Group?” Harrison questioned before any of them got down
from the car.

After all, Harrison was influential enough in Jadeborough to teach Langford Group a lesson easily.

“No need!” Jonathan gave a dismissive wave. “Don’t stain your feet by stepping on a measly ant.”

Having said that, he stepped out of the car and made his way into No. 1 Villa.

When he opened the door, he saw Margaret and Emmeline lounging on the couch, watching TV, while
Connor mopped the floor with an apron around his waist.

This was a normal occurrence in the Smith family.

Wait a minute, where is Josephine?

With that thought in mind, Jonathan asked, “Where is Josephine?”

“She’s still at work. You know how busy she is because of her company’s annual party!” Margaret
answered, casting him an irritated look. Though they were living in Jonathan’s house, she still couldn’t
correct her habit of ordering him around.

“By the way, did you prepare the gifts for the annual party tomorrow?” Suddenly, something struck
Margaret as she turned to stare at him.

“Yes, I did,” came Jonathan’s nonchalant reply.

Right after he gave his answer, a flurry of footsteps sounded outside the door. In the next instant, a
middle-aged man dressed in a crisp black suit showed up outside the villa with his subordinates behind
him. “Mr. Goldstein, your lavender jade figurine is here,” he said, offering a polite bow.

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