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Chapter 91 I Spent Three Hundred Million

“Come on in,” Jonathan commanded casually.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Under his orders, the men stepped into the villa.

Their appearance caught the attention of Margaret and Emmeline.

“Mr. Goldstein, please check the contents,” said the man in black as he offered a sandalwood box in his
palms. However, Jonathan accepted it and gave him a cocky wave. “There’s no need to check the
contents. You may leave now!”


Without hesitation, the men filed out of the villa obediently.

After they left, Margaret pursed her lips in annoyance. “What is this? What’s the mystery all about? I
can’t believe they made a grand entrance just to deliver this box. What is inside?”

“A gift I prepared for Josephine’s annual party,” said Jonathan as he placed the sandalwood box on the

“Let me see what it is!”

Margaret opened the box without hesitation to reveal a carved figure in translucent lavender jade.
Without a mottle in sight, it was clear that this was a valuable ornament.

“Oh, what a nice figurine. How much did you buy it for?” Margaret grabbed the lavender jade figurine
and fondled it casually as though it was a cheap ornament.

“A hundred grand,” came Jonathan’s offhand answer.

“This ugly-looking figurine cost a hundred grand?” Margaret pursed her lips in disbelief. “I think it costs
at most ten grand! Jonathan, did you get scammed?”

“If it costs ten thousand, I’ll buy everything from that shop!” Jonathan didn’t want to explain too much.

If she finds out that the lavender jade figurine costs three hundred million, she’ll definitely tremble in

Margaret scoffed, “Is this the only thing you bought for our company’s annual party tomorrow? You can
afford to buy a villa but not an expensive gift? We’re going to get humiliated again!”

With that, she let out a derisive snort and tossed the lavender jade figurine back into the sandalwood
box forcefully, nearly toppling the box over.

Luckily, the lavender jade figurine was of good quality. Otherwise, Margaret would’ve caused a scratch
on the figurine with her action.

“This figurine must be worth more than one hundred thousand!” Emmeline, who had been keeping
mum, finally blurted out.

She knew Jonathan wouldn’t buy a cheap jadeite worth only one hundred thousand.

“How much do you think it costs, then?” Margaret sneered.

“I have no idea,” Emmeline mumbled, biting her bottom lip.

“Young girls like you often get scammed!” Margaret uttered coldly as she rose to her feet to go upstairs.
“We’re definitely going to get humiliated tomorrow!”

After Margaret took her leave, Emmeline jolted up and scurried after her.

She dared not remain in the living room with Jonathan and acted as though he was a horrifying beast
who would gobble her up any minute.

After they went upstairs, Jonathan lit up a cigarette. He had barely taken a few puffs when footsteps
sounded outside the villa. Shortly after, Andrew appeared in sight.

“Commander,” he greeted Jonathan in his freshly pressed military uniform.

After that, he stood there unmoving, like a statue.

“Come on in,” Jonathan said.

Andrew gave a curt nod and came in. “Commander, Graham Cabot has just sent this share transfer
agreement,” he reported before handing the document to Jonathan.

As Jonathan was seated on the couch, Andrew stood before him in a respectful manner.

“All right!” Jonathan casually replied.

He took the document and flipped through it. On the agreement, it was written that one hundred
percent of Graham Group’s shares were transferred to Jonathan Goldstein after the board of directors
voted in unison.

“Graham’s an efficient man,” Jonathan said, pleased with how fast Graham dealt with the matter. He
got himself a pen and signed his name on the document.

The agreement came into force upon being signed by both parties.

It also meant that Jonathan would be the owner of Graham Group starting that day.

“Give him this card. He is entitled to spend three billion,” Jonathan uttered as he gave his black card to
Andrew. He wasn’t afraid Graham would overspend, for the latter was a coward.

“Yes, Commander!” Andrew took the card from him humbly. “Any other orders, Commander?”

“That’s it!” came Jonathan’s answer.

Before Andrew took his leave, Jonathan called out, “Wait a minute. Remember to return the card to me
after he spends three billion!”

This was his only card. If Andrew thought there were only three billion in this account and gave the card
to Graham, Jonathan would end up being dirt poor again.


Andrew marched away after receiving Jonathan’s order.

Once he disappeared from sight, Jonathan promptly tossed the agreement into a random box. I can’t
let Josephine see this! If she finds out, my cover will be blown!

Right after he concealed the agreement, Josephine suddenly pushed the door open and strode in.

“Jonathan? What are you doing?” Josephine frowned at the sight of Jonathan’s suspicious figure
lurking around.

“Oh, nothing. I was looking for a screwdriver.” Jonathan made up an excuse.

His lips curling into a smile, he made his way to Josephine. “Darling, you must be tired from work. Why
don’t you take a seat? I can give you a massage!”

“No, it’s fine,” Josephine answered, shaking her head.

She collapsed onto the couch in exhaustion. “So? How did your interview with Graham Group go?
When will you start working?”

“Tomorrow morning!”

Jonathan sat beside her nonchalantly and slowly inched nearer to her. The moment their bodies
touched, Josephine jolted up as if she had been electrified. “By the way, did you buy the gift as
instructed?” she asked hastily.

“Yes, I did!”

Jonathan pointed at the sandalwood box on the table. “It’s inside the box!”

“What did you buy?” Josephine asked as she walked toward the sandalwood box. When she opened
the box, a translucent figurine appeared in sight. Surprise flashed across her eyes as she inquired,
“You bought a jade figurine?”

“Do you like it?” Jonathan turned at his shoulder to ask.

“This must’ve cost at least one hundred thousand, right?” Josephine scrutinized the jadeite carefully.
“Though I don’t know jades that well, I’m pretty sure this is a high-quality jadeite. Previously, I saw a
pair of jade bracelets in a store that costs hundreds of thousands!”

Josephine was more experienced than Margaret, for she immediately recognized that it was a valuable
piece of ornament at first sight.

“It’s not cheap,” answered Jonathan with a mischievous grin. He then explained, “It is a lavender jade
figurine carved by the famous Roscoe Channer. I bought it for three hundred million!”

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