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Chapter 88 A Game

Once he said that, a female auctioneer clad in a miniskirt strutted to the stage with a silver tray in her

She was Luna Hansley.

There was a red cloth covering the tray. The moment she removed it, a medicinal scent wafted all
around the venue.

Instead of a thick scent, it was mellow and elegant.

Underneath the red cloth was a black pill.

It looked like a fake pill one would see in a fraudulent advertisement lying that one could stay sexually
stimulated for the entire night after taking it.

Luna announced excitedly, “This is our highlight of the event, the Pill of Life! It is said that the alchemist
who developed this pill used a total of forty-nine days to perfect this pill. The Pill of Life is able to turn
things around and save a person from dying. In other words, no matter how serious your wounds are or
how sick you are, as long as you’re still breathing, this pill will be able to save you! Is there anything
more important than staying alive? No! Thus, the starting bid for the Pill of Life is one hundred million,
with an increase in the bid of no less than ten million!”

After she made it clear, someone immediately barked, “One hundred and ten million!”

“One hundred and twenty million!” another hollered.

Clearly, this Pill of Life was more sought after compared to the previous lavender jade figurine. After all,
the latter was just an ornamental stone, while the Pill of Life could save someone’s life.

“Two hundred million!”

Suddenly, someone increased the bid by eighty million, making the current bid a total of two hundred

At once, an eerie silence ensued in the venue.

No one dared to increase the bid!

After all, this voice belonged to Preston York, who had just given Harrison a hard time earlier.

“Harrison, are you also going to take this from me?” Preston’s voice rang out, breaking the silence in
the hall.

This time, he was obviously targeting Harrison, too!

Instead of replying to Preston, Harrison turned to Jonathan and uttered hesitantly, “Mr. Goldstein…”

“Are you interested in a game?” Jonathan replied, casting a smile in his direction.

“What game?” Harrison was momentarily dumbstruck by the unrelated question.

“Three hundred million!” Jonathan announced into his megaphone. Instantly, the crowd descended into
an uproar.

Three hundred million again! Harrison is going against Preston again!

“Harrison, you just won’t give up, huh?” Preston demanded, his tone turning icy. There was a hint of
rage in his voice.

“All right. I bid three hundred and fifty million!” he roared, trembling in rage.

He increased the bid by fifty million in one go!

“Three hundred and fifty million, going once. Anyone who wishes to increase the bid?” Luna asked, her
gaze landing on room number six.

I can’t believe Mr. Goldstein kept provoking the York family! Isn’t he afraid of them?

“Four hundred million,” Jonathan uttered calmly.

“Four hundred million! The VIP in room number six has just placed a bid for four hundred million!” Luna
announced. The crowd promptly gasped in shock.

No one had expected the VIP in room number six would once again raise the bid by fifty million.

“Four hundred and fifty million!” Preston demanded, his eyes reddening in rage. He couldn’t be
bothered if the Pill of Life was worth that much.

The only thought he had in mind was to defeat Harrison!

If I lose to him again, it will be humiliating to the York family. How am I going to show my face in public?

“Four hundred and fifty million. Is there anyone who would like to increase the bid?” Luna asked. Her
hands holding the microphone were shaking in excitement.

Four hundred and fifty million! I can get a commission of over forty million if the deal goes through!

It was eerily serene that one could have heard a pin drop.

Even Jonathan, who had been increasing the bid a while ago, said nothing.

“Four hundred and fifty million, going once. Four hundred and fifty million, going twice. Four hundred
and fifty million, sold!” she concluded, hitting the gavel loudly.


Now that Preston had successfully bought the Pill of Life, his smug voice rang out. “Harrison, did you
chicken out? Why didn’t you continue increasing the bid, huh? Let’s see if you’re richer than the York

After finally defeating Harrison, Preston wanted to humiliate him thoroughly.

Hearing Preston’s words, Jonathan merely scoffed and answered, “Who said I wanted it? I’ve never
intended to buy this pill! I increased the bid just to mess with you.”

He gave a derisive snort and continued, “Actually, you could’ve bought the pill for two hundred million.
Hopefully, the extra two hundred and fifty million you had to fork out taught you a lesson so you won’t
repeat your mistake.”

From the very beginning, Jonathan had no interest in this so-called Pill of Life.

It is just a pill made of various concentrated herbs. If a weak person takes it, his increasing blood flow
will cause him to die from a heart attack. There’s no way it can save someone’s life. It will be a miracle
if it doesn’t kill the patient who consumes it!

“Did you take me for a fool, Harrison Seymour?” Preston hollered as a wave of fury crashed through

Did someone just take me, Preston York of the prestigious York family in Jazona, for a fool?

Harrison hollered through the megaphone, “So what if I fooled you? You were the one who provoked
me in the first place! Preston York, I went easy on you by asking you to fork out only two hundred and
fifty million. If you dare provoke me again, I’ll make you lose one billion!”

Though Harrison’s voice was harsh, he couldn’t stop a smile from spreading on his lips.

Preston wanted to take revenge on me, but Mr. Goldstein fooled him easily! What an idiot. He did the
wrong thing by challenging Mr. Goldstein.

“Harrison Seymour, just you wait and see!”


Suddenly, an electric sizzle sounded through the megaphone before silence descended on the venue.

Evidently, Preston got so mad that he smashed his microphone into pieces.

“All right. The auction has come to an end. For those who wish to join our dinner, please head to the
backyard of Northfield Mountain Resort. Dinner will be served there!” Luna hurriedly announced the
end of the auction to prevent a conflict from happening.

Hearing that, Jonathan rose to his feet, ready to leave. Before he could do so, Luna pushed the door to
his room open.

“Congratulations, Mr. Goldstein. This lavender jade figurine is now yours!” she congratulated him

With a snap of her fingers, someone brought that lavender jade figurine into the room.

“Three hundred million, right?” Jonathan whipped out his black card and handed it to her. “Put it on the
card, please.”

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