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Chapter 87 Respect

“A hundred and ten million!”

Just when everyone was still in shock at the starting bid, someone from the private rooms on the
second floor had already increased it.

“A hundred and twenty million!”

It was followed by another bid from one of the private rooms.

“A hundred and thirty million!”

“A hundred and fifty million!”

In a blink of an eye, the lavender jade figurine’s price escalated to a hundred and fifty million.

All in less than a minute.

Subconsciously, those in the grand hall began to look toward the second floor.

It was then they realized the truly wealthy were all seated in the private rooms there.

Inside room number six, Jonathan had lit a cigarette and was scrutinizing the figurine.

Just from its color alone, one can tell that it’s made from premium quality imperial jade. Also, since it’s
sculpted by Roscoe, its value is beyond measurable.

When Jonathan was still a live-in son-in-law at the Smith residence, he had already heard of Roscoe
and knew that he was the nation’s greatest carver.

The figurine seems to make a good present for Josephine’s annual party, doesn’t it?

Finally, Jonathan, who was largely bored throughout, had taken interest in one of the items. He called
out over his microphone, “Two hundred million!”

Two hundred million?

The entire hall fell silent the moment they heard his bid.

Even though everyone in the private rooms was filthy rich, they had only made ten million increments.
However, Jonathan shocked everyone by jumping fifty million right away.

“Our distinguished guest from room number six has bid two hundred million. Does anyone else have a
higher bid?” The moment she heard the bid, Luna turned to look at room number six by reflex.

She could recognize Jonathan’s voice from over the speakers.

“Two hundred and ten million!” Just when Jonathan announced his bid, someone had already beaten it.

“Two hundred and fifty million,” Jonathan calmly countered.

He had made a huge increment of forty million again.

The moment he finished, the crowd went wild.

They had never seen anyone splurge with such recklessness before.

Despite it being tens of millions, Jonathan made it sound like it was just some small change.

“Our guest from room number six has increased his bid to two hundred and fifty million!” Even Luna
was shocked when she heard Jonathan up his offer.

Evidently, she had not expected Jonathan to be so generous in his bidding.

“Two hundred and fifty million! Is there anyone willing to make a higher bid?” Luna’s voice was already

After all, she would receive a commission for all the items that were sold at the auction.

The higher the price they were sold at, the higher her commission was.

“Two hundred and sixty million!” It was the same voice that competed with Jonathan earlier. However,
one could hear him gritting his teeth when he announced his bid.

“Three hundred million!”

Jonathan didn’t want to waste any time.

Three hundred million!

The entire hall became so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. In fact, the breathing sounds of the
guests could be heard all too clearly.

Who is the guest in room number six? Even if the lavender jade figurine was carved by Roscoe, it
probably isn’t worth three hundred million, is it? Two hundred million is probably the ceiling of its value.
And yet, the guest in room number six has bid three hundred million. Is he crazy? It seems he is really
dying to have it.

“Three hundred million! Our distinguished guest in room number six has bid three hundred million!”
Luna shouted as she could no longer contain her excitement.

Three hundred million was the highest bid for the night.

“Three hundred million, is there anyone willing to go higher?” Luna turned her attention to room number
two while holding up her gavel.

She was still waiting for a higher bid.

“Harrison, are you challenging me on purpose?” Suddenly, the voice over the speaker called out
Harrison’s name.

The moment he heard it, Harrison was stunned.

Just when Harrison was guessing who it was, the voice rang out again. “My grandfather is celebrating
his eightieth birthday soon. Hence, I’m buying the lavender jade figurine as a gift for him. On my
account, can you let me have it?”

“Preston York!”

At that moment, Harrison recognized who the voice belonged to.

“Do you know him?” Jonathan looked at Harrison with his eyebrows furrowed.

“I do.”

Harrison nodded. “He is Preston York, of the York family from Jazona. It’s his grandfather’s eightieth
birthday soon, and he has even invited me to it.”

“I have not heard of them before,” Jonathan responded indifferently.

Obviously, he didn’t plan on letting Preston have the item.

Even if it was the patriarch of the York family, Jonathan wouldn’t even give a da*n, let alone Preston.

“Mr. York, it’s not that I want to disrespect you, but I am unable to fulfill your request.” Harrison made
his decision decisively. He called out over the microphone, “Today, the lavender jade figurine will
definitely be mine!”

“Fine, Harrison. You’ve got guts to spurn me like that.” In response to Harrison’s answer, the voice over
the speaker turned frosty. “I will remember what happened today, and I will make sure you pay for it!”

From Preston’s tone, it was evident that he and Harrison were now enemies.

However, Harrison simply sneered in defiance, “I’ll be waiting!”

The York family of Jazona was a powerful family.

However, it didn’t matter to Harrison at all. Compared to Jonathan, they were just some insignificant

Meanwhile, the verbal clash between them both shocked everyone present.

No one had expected that seated in the private rooms on the second floor were Harrison, the most
ruthless man of Jadeborough, and Preston of the mighty York family of Jazona.

What came as a bigger surprise was that Harrison had rebuffed Preston in front of everyone.

After all, the York family was one of Jazona’s four prominent families.

However, the one who was most shocked was actually Luna. It had never crossed her mind that
Harrison was willing to offend Preston for Jonathan’s sake.

Harrison obviously knows who Preston is; therefore, there can only be one explanation. Mr. Goldstein
must be a lot more powerful than the York family.

“Three hundred million once!”

“Three hundred million twice!”

“Three hundred million, sold!”

Although she was still shocked, Luna still remembered her duty to slam the gavel down. The moment
she did, it was an indication that the auction was coming to an end.

“Up next, we will have our last item for the evening. This item is made of very special material. So
special that I do not even know how to describe it, let alone value it!

“Initially, I didn’t plan on putting it on the block. But now, I feel that it is worthy of being the highlight of
the night. Without further ago, please bring out tonight’s special item!”

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