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Chapter 85 Dark Widow

It was eight in the evening at the Northfield Mountain Resort.

Rows of luxury cars were parked in front of the main building as if all the who’s who of Jadeborough
had arrived.

It was the equivalent of a gathering of the city’s top dogs.

The security guards dressed in black suits at the entrance alone numbered in the hundreds. All of them
were wearing earpieces and holding weapons in their hands. Furthermore, many of them had bulges
on their waists which were obviously hidden guns.

Tight security was expected given all the wealthy figures in attendance.

After all, the organizers couldn’t bear to have anything untoward happen.

“Mr. Goldstein, this way please.” Harrison bowed slightly before leading the way.

The event was a high-class private auction where guests were allowed entry by invitation. No one was
allowed to take photos or reveal the events at the auction.

“Looks like we have a good crowd!” Along the journey, Jonathan saw at least tens of other guests.

Many of them were portly looking and were followed by an entourage of bodyguards.

In fact, one could also spot a couple of familiar stars among the guests.

“Mr. Goldstein, the bidders today are made up by not only the local of Jadeborough but most of
Jazona’s prominent figures are all here too. Besides, I also heard that we have many distinguished

guests coming over from Kingshinton.” Although Harrison’s influence barely extended outside
Jadeborough, he was still overflowing with confidence given that Jonathan was by his side.

Even if both Jazona and Kingshinton’s King of Wars were present, they too had to kneel and pay their
respects to Jonathan, let alone the other prominent figures from both places.

“Mr. Seymour, it’s a surprise to see you here!”

The moment they entered Northfield Mountain Resort, a sexy lady welcomed them with a vibrant smile.

She was dressed in a black gown that accentuated all the curves on her body, especially her
curvaceous hips and bosom. One couldn’t help but feel the urge to grab her and take her forcefully
from behind.

“Ms. Hansley, it’s been a while!” Harrison returned her greeting with a smile.

“Are you sure? Didn’t we just see each other a few months ago?” Luna Hansley smiled while giving
Harrison a coy look. “Mr. Seymour, I have reserved a private room for you. It will be room number six.
I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”

“With you in charge of the arrangements, I’m sure I’m in good hands,” Harrison answered as they were
led to the room by Luna.

The room was huge and had a massive LCD screen inside.

Once could see everything that was going on in the auction from there.

“Mr. Seymour, this is…” After they were seated in the private room, Luna looked in Jonathan’s

“He’s a friend and major client from out of town. You can address him as Mr. Goldstein.” Harrison
randomly assigned an identity for Jonathan. “He will be the main client for today instead of me.”

“Ms. Hansley, please ensure he has a good time. If he is unsatisfied for whatever reason, this will be
the last auction you will ever be organizing,” Harrison reminded Luna.

Luna was stunned by Harrison’s words. After all, Jonathan was only in his twenties and youthful-
looking. If Harrison hadn’t come with him, she would have thought that he was just a fresh university

From Harrison’s tone, Mr. Goldstein must be someone important, to the extent of being capable of
shutting me down?

“Mr. Goldstein, since this is our first meeting, let me propose a toast to you!” In a blink of an eye, Luna
had opened a bottle of red wine and personally poured a glass for Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, if you see
anything that pleases your eye, please go ahead and bid for it. By gracing the occasion, you are an
esteemed guest of the Hansley family. If you are dissatisfied with our hospitality in any way, please feel
free to vent on me.”

“Don’t listen to him. I’m just here to take a look around.” Jonathan took a perfunctory sip, as he had no
interest to continue the conversation with Luna.

In truth, Luna was a looker indeed. Not only did she have a stunning figure, but her mannerisms were
so sensuous that she could seduce any man she wanted.

Unfortunately, Jonathan had no interest in her at all.

His main objective was to get Josephine a gift for her annual party and to check out whether the elixirs
on auction were authentic or fakes.

“In that case, I won’t bother you any further. Feel free to let me know if you need anything.” When she
realized that Jonathan had no interest in her, Luna knowingly took her leave at once.

After she left, Harrison explained, “Mr. Goldstein, this lady isn’t some innocent gal. She is known as the
Dark Widow of Jazona. Many men have died in her hands. Rumor has it that her victims numbered
from tens to hundreds. In fact, she always kills them mercilessly!”

“Dark Widow?” Jonathan couldn’t help but smile at the name. After all, he had met one before.

Back during the war, he had encountered a real Dark Widow in the West Region.

She alone was able to take on four of his King of Wars and even beat them back.

If he hadn’t personally intervened, she would have defeated the four of them combined.

“Mr. Goldstein, don’t underestimate her!” Lighting up a cigarette, Harrison added, “Although she is a
woman, she has been appointed as the heir to the Hansley family. If it wasn’t for her, the Hansley
family would have fallen out of the four prominent families of Jazona. After she took over the family’s
affairs, she started organizing the auctions and partnered with many other families to control many of
the businesses in Jazona.

“I heard that she is feared in both the official and underground circles of Jazona. Also, she is the one
responsible for today’s auction.”

“You seem to be very interested in her.” Jonathan grinned at Harrison.

“I wouldn’t dare!” Harrison replied helplessly. “Every man who slept with her was squeezed dry by her.
Given my status, there’s no way she would be interested in me. In fact, if you hadn’t handed me the
Blackwood family’s business, she would probably not even bat an eyelid at my existence.”

Despite being the most ruthless man in Jadeborough, Harrison had no illusions about where he stood.
Outside of Jadeborough, he was a nobody.

In contrast to him, Luna was the designated heir to the Hansley family, one of the four prominent
families of Jazona. If he hadn’t taken over the Blackwood family’s assets, there was no way she would
show him any respect.

In fact, he wouldn’t even get a private room, let alone private room number six.

“Don’t underestimate yourself. Wasn’t Zachary just a gun-toting infantry man back then?” Jonathan
glanced at Harrison before turning his attention toward the screen.

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