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Chapter 86 The Starting Price Is A Hundred Million

Inside the grand hall, the crowd began to take their seats.

Only those of stature were allowed to be in private rooms while everyone else was seated in the grand

Through the screen, Jonathan coincidentally caught a glimpse of the Langford Group chairman’s son,
Alvin. What caught him by surprise was that Josephine’s best friend, Ysobel, was sitting right next to

Ysobel? Why is she sitting together with Alvin? Isn’t she already married?

Back when he moved into the Smith residence, Ysobel had already been married for a few years. In
fact, Jonathan had seen her husband before. He was a fat and ugly middle-aged man.

Furthermore, he was more than ten years older than Ysobel.

Also, he came from a rich family.

Watching the screen, Jonathan saw that both Alvin and Ysobel were openly affectionate with each
other, as if they were an actual couple.

“Mr. Goldstein, did you see someone familiar?” Harrison couldn’t help but ask when he saw Jonathan
staring at the screen.

“Not exactly.”

Jonathan shook his head as he looked elsewhere.

Soon, the auction finally began.

A female host in a short skimpy dress walked up to the stage with a microphone in her hand. With the
spotlight trailing her, it highlighted how stunning her figure was.

“A warm welcome everyone to the auction organized by the Hansley family! Today, we have many
guests who came from both near and far. Therefore, I’m sure all of you will not be disappointed with
today’s auction!

“For everything that we auction off tonight, we will donate one percent of the proceeds to the poor
students living in rural areas. Without further ado, let us begin with our first item!”

After a short introduction and barely any time wasted, the host kicked off the auction right away.

“The first item on a block today is a painting by Michaelangelo, titled Spring and Autumn. The starting
bid will be five million! Every increment must be at least a hundred thousand.”

The first item was Spring and Autumn by Michaelangelo. Word had it that its market price was at least
ten million. In fact, some had even offered twenty million before.

The moment the bid started, someone called out, “Six million!”

“Seven million!”

“I’ll bid ten million!”

In less than a few minutes, the price had escalated to ten million.

And that was just based on the bidders in the grand hall. Those sitting in the private rooms had yet to
take any action. Obviously, the painting wasn’t the reason they attended the auction.

In other words, the painting wasn’t worth their time.

“Fifteen million!”

Raising his paddle with one hand, Alvin had his arm around Ysobel who leaned in submissively.

Both of them looked like they were a couple who were madly in love.

“This good sir has bidden fifteen million. Is there anyone else with a higher bid?” Raising her gavel, the
host scanned the grand hall.

At that moment, the spotlight was shining upon Alvin, making it a glorious moment for him.

“Fifteen million going once!”

“Fifteen million going twice!”

“Fifteen million, sold!”

The moment the gavel slammed onto the rostrum, Spring and Autumn belonged to Alvin. With that,
Alvin proudly lowered his paddle and looked at Ysobel. “How does it feel? Is being with me more
satisfying than that useless husband of yours?”

“How can you even compare yourself to that fatty?” Ysobel replied coyly.

“Is that so?”

Smiling, Alvin began to let his hands wander all over Ysobel. “In that case, who is better in bed?”

“Of, of course it’s you.”

Ysobel began to breathe heavily.

“Tonight, let’s change positions so that I can experience…” Alvin patted Ysobel on her hips.

While Ysobel and Alvin were shamelessly cheating together, the auction continued in a fierce and
furious manner.

However, the next items on the block were largely paintings and porcelain wares.

Once in a while, there would be some rosaries where the host would dramatically sell them as having
been made by powerful monks and were able to ward off any poisons.

On top of that, they would also work wonders as lucky charms.

However, Jonathan wasn’t interest in such childish trinkets.

What powerful monks? Aren’t those just pieces of broken rock?

In spite of that, many of the participants bid for them desperately. In fact, some even offered eight
million for them.

“Mr. Goldstein, do you think those items are real?” Even Harrison was caught up in the fervor of the

For someone who spent a lot of time in the underworld, he could sometimes be extremely

“What do you think?” Jonathan glared at him. “Do you have too much money to burn that you’re willing
to pay millions for a few pieces of rock?”

“Didn’t they say that they were made by powerful monks?” Harrison muttered softly.

“Can’t you see that they’re just ordinary stones?” Jonathan rolled his eyes at him.


With a disheartened expression, Harrison didn’t dare comment any further.

Soon, the scam was over and the serious items were finally brought out.

This time, a different host took over, and it was none other than Luna herself.

The one whom Harrison called Dark Widow.

“Up next will be the highlight of tonight’s auction. Therefore, I will personally be your host.” The moment
Luna walked on stage, she attracted all the men’s attention.

Harrison was no exception.

“Our next item is a lavender jade figurine made by our nation’s greatest carver, Roscoe Channer!” Just
as she spoke, Luna carefully put a wooden box on the auction table. After opening it, she revealed the
shiny and life-like figurine for all to see.

“It’s imperial jade!”

In a blink of an eye, someone recognized the material used.

“Mr. Channer had spent half a year’s time to carve it,” Luna explained over the microphone. “I’m sure
the market value of his artwork can speak for themselves, and there’s no need for me to provide
introductions. The starting price for the figurine will be a hundred million, with increments of at least ten

A hundred million?

The moment Luna stated the starting bid, everyone below the stage was filled with excitement.

After all, Roscoe was the Chanaea’s top carver.

Rumor had it that he had sealed himself on top of a mountain and stopped carving altogether.

Just Roscoe’s name alone was enough to elevate the lavender jade figurine’s value above a hundred

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