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Chapter 84 Dominance

“There’s something I need to clarify with you.”

After taking his seat in front of Graham, Jonathan took out a cigarette which Graham hurriedly lit for
him. “Mr. Goldstein, go ahead.”

“With regards to the fact that I have acquired the company, there’s no need to make it public. You
should just keep it to yourself. Also, I am buying up all the company’s shares. However, there’s no need
for you to leave Graham Group. After all, I still need you to run the company going forward,” Jonathan
explained. “As for your salary, I will pay you in terms of shares and dividends. Do you have a problem
with that?”


Graham nodded in earnest, as there was no way he would dare object.

“Good!” Jonathan nodded. “From now on, you will still be Graham Group’s chairman. As for me, just
assign me a random role.”

A random role?

Graham was baffled. “May I know which role you are interested in?”

“Anything will do,” Jonathan casually replied, “as long as I’m an employee of Graham Group. But, I
have to let you know upfront that I have no time to come to work. In other words, the whole point I
acquired your company is to have it act as a front for me. In terms of its operations, I will not be
involved in any way.”

Jonathan’s true objective was just to show Josephine that he had a proper job and stop her from being
suspicious all the time.

As for the position or salary, he had no interest in it at all.

“Mr. Goldstein, did you really buy over Graham Group just to use it as an excuse?” Despite how rich
Graham was, he still couldn’t help but gulp at the fact.

After all, it still involved billions and wasn’t child’s play at all.

Did he just spend billions to acquire a real estate firm so that he can appear to have a job?


Jonathan nodded. “I had initially wanted to get someone to set up a real estate firm for me. However,
after giving it some thought, I found it too troublesome. Hence, I decided to acquire one which was a lot

Jonathan had spent a few billion to solve a problem simply because he was lazy to find someone else.

“Mr. Goldstein, actually, you didn’t have to do it this way.” Graham explained meekly, “I can help you
resolve your problem. There’s no need for you to spend so much money to buy over our company-”

“Enough!” Jonathan interrupted him. “Just keep my identity a secret.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Graham nodded at once.

“By the way, how much do I need to acquire your company?” Only then did Jonathan remember to ask
about Graham Group’s market value.

After all, he had no idea how much Graham Group was worth.

In fact, if Andrew’s man didn’t even tell him that they were buying up Graham Group, he wouldn’t even
have heard of the name before.

He doesn’t even know the price?

At that moment, Graham’s secretary couldn’t help but stare at Jonathan.

Who in the world is this guy?

From the moment Jonathan stepped in, she was trying to guess his identity, especially after she heard
that he had acquired Graham Group just to use it as his excuse. Just the thought alone had caused her
body to tremble.

He is unbelievably domineering! He actually spent a few billion just to buy up Graham Group as a

She had seen many rich young men. However, compared to Jonathan, all those men were reduced to

All they could do was spend a few million on sports cars.

But for Jonathan, he could easily splurge billions. In fact, he even bought Graham Group without
knowing its price, and that was what made him a cut above the rest.

“Three, three billion…” Graham gulped, feeling apprehensive about revealing the price. After all, three
billion was a massive number, and he was facing none other than Jonathan.

Three billion aside, Jonathan could always choose to seize his company without paying anything.

“Three billion, right?”

Jonathan replied plainly, “Fine, get someone to draw up the contract in the afternoon. I’ll return to sign it
and pay you the next time I’m back.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Graham nodded at once.

Once negotiations were done, Jonathan stubbed out his cigarette. From the moment he walked out of
the chairman’s office, Graham personally escorted him down the elevator and out the main door.

It wasn’t until Jonathan was out of sight that Graham could breathe a sigh of relief.

At that moment, it dawned upon him that his back was drenched in sweat.

The pressure he felt from Jonathan was simply too great.

“Mr. Cabot, who is Mr. Goldstein really?” By the time Jonathan left, the secretary couldn’t help but ask,
“Why does a few billion seem like a small change to him?”

After being in Graham’s service for so many years, she had seen him negotiate many large deals.
However, never once did she watch a transaction worth billions concluded in just a few seconds.

In fact, the price didn’t even seem to matter.

“Didn’t I tell you that it’s not your place to know?” Graham gave the secretary a cold stare. “All you
need to know is that he can take Graham Group away from me without paying anything, and I wouldn’t
even dare protest.”


The secretary widened her eyes and looked at Graham in disbelief.

He can seize Graham Group without paying anything?

“Can he be one of the King of War’s associates?” The secretary’s imagination began to run wild.

Barring the King of War himself, Mr. Goldstein might have a special relationship with him. Who else in
Jazona can commandeer Graham Group without Graham’s protest?

“The King of War?”

Graham smirked at her response. “Do you know how much Graham Group is currently worth now?
Five billion! Even if it was the King of War, I wouldn’t have given it up for free, let alone if he was the
King of War’s associate.”

Compared to Jonathan, the King of War is nothing. Even the King of War has to kneel and greet
Jonathan as Asura.

“Can, can he be…” The secretary gulped and didn’t dare speculate any further. Saying his name alone
would create immense pressure for her.

“Enough, stop guessing!” Graham cut her off.

“Get someone to draft the share transfer agreement at once. Also, inform the rest of the shareholders
to hand over all of their shares by tonight! Tell anyone who refuses to do so to pack up and get out of
my sight!”

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