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Chapter 80 Graham Group

After leaving, Jonathan didn’t return to No. 1 Villa. Instead, he gave Harrison a call.

The moment the call got through, Harrison’s voice rang out. “Mr. Goldstein, how can I help you?”

“Are there any antique shops in Jadeborough? I would like to buy a painting,” Jonathan casually
remarked. Actually, there were many paintings in his official residence, and all of them were worth
hundreds of millions.

However, the Smith Group’s annual party was tomorrow. Hence, it was too much to ask for those
paintings to be airlifted over.

“Of course there are. But, the paintings there aren’t really compatible with your status.” After a slight
hesitation, Harrison added, “Coincidentally, there’s an auction tonight at Jadeborough, and I heard
there will be some paintings on the block. Would you be interested in taking a look?”

“An auction?” Jonathan was surprised. He didn’t expect a third-tier city like Jadeborough to actually
organize an auction.

“That’s right. Not only are there paintings on sale, but there are also meteorites, elixirs, and whatnot.
However, no one is sure if they’re real or fake.”

Harrison was obviously not interested in them. However, Jonathan raised his eyebrow when his interest
was piqued by the meteorites and elixirs. Unexpectedly, he asked, “What time is the auction?”

“Eight in the evening. Are you going?”

“Mmm-hmm, pick me up from Edenic Heights later.”

Jonathan wasn’t really keen on the paintings. Instead, he was intrigued by the meteorites and elixirs. To
others, such items might be nothing but scams.

But to him, it was not necessarily the case.

Back then, if he hadn’t trespassed the army camp by accident and chance upon the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique, there was no way he could conquer and unite the nation within three years.

Consequently, he became Asura because of that.


Time flew by in a blink of an eye.

When it was one in the afternoon, Josephine came home on purpose from the Smith Group. She had
wanted to accompany Jonathan to report for duty at the real estate firm.

In truth, she was checking on him to see if he was lying to her and whether he actually found a job.

“Darling, do you really intend on going to the office with me?” Jonathan began to worry. It was almost
two, and yet, there was no news from Andrew still.

Therefore, he wasn’t sure if Andrew had managed to acquire the real estate firm yet.

“Or else?” Jonathan stared earnestly at him. “Jonathan, tell me the truth. Is all of what you told me
earlier nothing but lies?”

“Of course not!” Jonathan denied it at once. There was no way he would admit it at such a crucial

“Where is your office? I’ll drive you there!” Josephine didn’t want to waste any time. Taking out the car
key, she turned on the engine of the Lamborghini.

After all, she didn’t have much time. After sending Jonathan to this office, the still needed to go back to
hers to decorate the place for the annual party.

“For the life of me, I can’t remember!” Jonathan pinched his forehead in frustration. “Why don’t I make a
call to ask?”

“Go ahead.”

Josephine looked earnestly at him.

“I’m going outside to make the call.” Picking up his phone, Jonathan walked out as if he was going to.
The moment he stepped out of the house, he ran into one of the soldiers who was disguised as a

When the soldier saw Jonathan, he almost saluted by reflex. However, Jonathan interrupted him,
“Enough, stop wasting time. Is it done?”

“Yes, Commander!” the soldier replied in a quavering voice. He was so nervous that he was already
drenched in sweat.

It was understandable that he felt that way. After all, he was standing in front of the great Asura who
had defeated all the nation’s enemies.

“Which company?”

“Graham Group,” the soldier answered anxiously.

“Graham Group, right?” Jonathan returned to the mansion without turning back. The moment he
entered, he looked in Josephine’s direction. “Darling, I finally remembered. It’s Graham Group!”

“Graham Group?” Josephine was shocked by the name. “Are you sure it’s Graham Group?”

“What about it?” Jonathan asked in surprise.

Josephine sounded as if there was something wrong with Graham Group.

“The Graham Group is Jadeborough’s top real estate firm, and the company is worth billions. In fact,
half of the buildings here were developed by them. Also, I heard that they are very demanding in terms
of academic qualifications. One has to be a graduate from a top-tier university in order to get an
interview, and that also applies to their lowest positions. If I recall correctly, aren’t you a graduate from
a second-tier university?” Josephine gave Jonathan a curious look.

“Is that so? I never heard anything about their requirements for academic qualifications.” Jonathan
sneakily tried to change the subject. “It might be because I went through the backdoor?”

After shooting Jonathan another unconvinced look, Josephine didn’t pursue the matter further.

While they were driving out of Edenic Heights, Josephine remarked, “No matter how you got into the
company, you cannot be as nonchalant as you have previously been. I heard that the company is very
competitive and strict. If you fail to do your work, they might sack you anytime. So, don’t get yourself
fired in your first week there.”

“There’s no way they’re going to fire me,” Jonathan quipped with a grin. “Who knows, they might be
begging me to stay after a few months.”

Fire me? You have got to be kidding! I’m going to take over their company and be their new chairman.
I’m not going there to be an ordinary employee. Have you ever seen a company fire its chairman

“Also, you had better stop your affinity for boasting when you’re at work. No one is going to tolerate it
there.” Josephine glared at him before flooring the accelerator.

However, when they were near Graham Group, Josephine didn’t drive straight in. Instead, she stopped
at a supermarket nearby.

After a while, Josephine returned with a red plastic bag in hand.

“What did you buy?” Jonathan was surprised when Josephine handed him the bag.

“Cigarettes and some drinks.” Josephine casually replied. “When you arrive at the office, you had better
be humble and keep your bad habits in check so that others won’t resent you. Also, if someone asks
for a cigarette, don’t be stingy and give it out generously. Once you run out, I’ll buy you some more.
Also, it’s different working in an office. You will be faced with many competitors. If you don’t know these
unspoken rules, others will quickly ostracize you.”

When Josephine educated Jonathan on the politics of an office, Jonathan listened helplessly with a wry
smile on his face.

Why is she treating me like a naive newbie, to the extent of reminding me to treat others to a cigarette?

“I understand.” Jonathan didn’t protest even though he didn’t care about such methods. Nevertheless,
he was appreciative of the thought that Josephine had put into it. “Darling, in order to thank you, I’ll
reward you with a kiss!”

“Stop fooling around. We have arrived at your office. Now, get down!” Josephine shoved him aside the
moment the car stopped at the ground floor of Graham Group.

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