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Chapter 82 Do You Know Me

Escort me to the door?

Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows in response.

As for Josephine, her expression darkened with greater intensity.

What’s wrong with this guy? Even if they can’t find Jonathan’s details, there’s no need for him to be
kicked out.

“Mr. Johnston, isn’t this unnecessary?” Even the lady thought Barry was overreacting. However, Barry’s
face turned grim when he was questioned. “Are you telling me how to do my job? Why don’t you be the
HR manager instead?”

“Mr. Johnston, that’s not what I meant,” the lady frantically explained.

“Enough, there’s no need to say another word.” Barry waved her away impatiently. “I have seen too
many cases of applicants trying to sneak into Graham Group with forged offer letters. There’s no need
to waste any more time with him. Show him the door right away. If he doesn’t leave, I’ll get security to
throw him out!”

Just as he spoke, Barry gestured to the security guards to come over without even looking at Jonathan.

However, the moment Barry reached out his hand, Jonathan’s face turned frosty. “Mr. Johnston, am I
right? How can a person like you be a manager at Graham Group? Whoever that appointed you should
also be sacked! How can you throw someone out before clarifying the situation? Is this how the
Graham Group treats their guests?”

Jonathan had a sullen expression on. If Josephine wasn’t present, he would have broken Barry’s arm.
Even then, it would have been considered a light punishment.

However, Barry sneered in response to Jonathan’s words, “How dare you question how I treat my
guests? How can someone like you even be considered a guest of the Graham Group? Do you know
what sort of people our guests are? They have at least a few hundred million in assets before they can
qualify as our guests.”

“For someone who doesn’t even have an offer letter, how dare you claim to be the Graham Group’s

Evidently, when the lady mentioned that HR didn’t have any information on Jonathan, Barry assumed
that Jonathan was someone who didn’t even pass the Graham Group’s interview.

“Get your chairman to see me now!” Jonathan didn’t want to waste any more time.

A lowly manager might be someone impressive to others, but in Jonathan’s eyes, Barry was more
insignificant than an insect.

“Our chairman?” Barry scoffed in response. “Do you think just about anyone can see our chairman?
Who do you think you are?”

“I’ll give you one minute to get your chairman to come and see me!” Jonathan reiterated with an icy

“Assh*le, stop f*cking around with me!” Barry’s expression darkened at once as he pointed to the
security guards. “The few of you, throw this kid out immediately!”

He didn’t even want to waste time speaking to Jonathan.


At Barry’s instruction, the security guards raised their batons and headed in Jonathan’s direction. They
looked as if they were ready to strike at any sign of resistance by Jonathan.

At the exact same time, an elderly man dressed in a black suit came out of the chairman’s private

With slightly greying hair, he had a serious look on his face.

Even the swagger in his walk exuded an air of unbounded authority.

The moment he exited the elevator, he was greeted by the sight of the security guards chasing a young
man out with their batons. From the way things look, it was as if a conflict was about to break out.

Consequently, Graham’s face turned grim at once.

My distinguished guest is about to arrive. Why are they causing a ruckus right now? Wouldn’t this result
in my preparations going to waste?


Upon Graham’s command, the security guards were so frightened that they stopped their actions. As
for Barry, his face had turned pale in shock.

He quickly walked up to Graham and greeted the chairman respectfully.

“Mr. Cabot, wh-why have you come down?” When he was facing Jonathan, Barry threw his weight
around. But in the face of Graham, he turned into someone subservient.

“What’s going on?” Graham demanded right away.

“Nothing. It’s just that this young man is trying to get in even though he failed the interview. That’s why
I’m throwing him out,” Barry explained meekly.

“Hurry up and get it done!” Waving his hands, Graham asserted, “Remember, nothing must go wrong
today. If there are any mistakes, I will hold you accountable for them. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Cabot!”

Barry nodded in acknowledgment. Just when he was about to order the security guards to throw
Jonathan out, Jonathan turned around with an icy expression. Looking at Graham, he remarked, “Are
you Graham Group’s chairman? That’s really brazen of you!”

“Insolence! How dare you speak to our chairman that way?” Barry was shocked by Jonathan’s
comments. “What are the few of you spacing out for? Get him out of here at once!”

“Yes!” the guards responded.

Just when the guards were about to seize Jonathan, Graham’s expression drastically changed. He
called out quickly, “Stop! All of you, stop at once!”

“Mr. Cabot?”

Barry gave Graham a confused look.

However, Graham ignored him. Instead, he stared intently at Jonathan. “Are you Mr. Goldstein?”

“That’s me.” Jonathan plainly replied.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Goldstein. My subordinate has made a mistake, as he doesn’t know who you are.
Please forgive him for offending you.” In a blink of an eye, the authoritative Graham was now behaving
in a subservient manner in front of Jonathan.

Even his tone had took on a sycophantic slant.

The sudden change shocked everyone present. Even Barry’s mind went blank as he wondered if he
was seeing things.

How is this possible? How can the mighty chairman of the Graham Group submit to someone who
didn’t even get through the interview?

“Mr. Cabot, wh-what are you doing?” Barry couldn’t help but ask.

“Shut up. You have no place to speak here,” Graham admonished him.

“Do you know me?”

When Jonathan saw Graham’s reaction, he figured out what was going on.

It was obvious that the chairman of Graham Group recognized him.

“Of course I do!”

Graham lowered himself further. “A few years ago, I had the honor of catching a glimpse of you from a
far corner.”

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