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Chapter 83 Humble Graham

That was the reason he had flown back into the country overnight.

Zachary, the King of War, wasn’t the reason he rushed back.

Instead, he knew the one acquiring his company was Jonathan, Asura.

Three years ago, Asura, who lead the Four Asura Guards, had defeated all his enemies and united the

Wherever they went, everyone submitted.

In other words, Asura could easily commandeer the entire city of Jadeborough at a single command, let
alone Graham Group itself.

Therefore, no one in their right mind would dare disobey his orders.

“Mr. Goldstein, this way please.” Graham’s demeanor grew so servile that it utterly shocked Barry.

Other than Barry, Josephine and the lady were equally stunned.

“Mr. Cabot, he-” Before Barry could finish, Graham interjected, “Save it. Just pack your things and
leave! And don’t ever let me see you again!”

“Mr. Cabot!” Barry panicked at Graham’s orders.

“Security, throw him out at once!” Graham ignored Barry as he gestured to the guards. Amidst Barry’s
agonizing cries, Jonathan personally led Jonathan and Josephine to the top floor where the chairman’s
office was.

“Mr. Goldstein, please have a seat.”

After ushering Jonathan to his seat in person, Graham instructed his secretary, “Prepare a cup of
coffee for Mr. Goldstein. No, wait. I’ll do it myself.”

Just as he spoke, Graham personally made Jonathan a cup of coffee.

Watching everything unfold, Josephine gaped in disbelief.

As for the secretary, she too was astounded by what she saw.

Is this the distinguished person the Chairman spoke of? Isn’t he kind of young?

“Jonathan, what is going on?” While Graham was making coffee, Josephine looked quizzically at

Graham Group is Jadeborough’s top real estate firm, while Graham has a net worth of tens of billions.
Therefore, why is he acting so subserviently toward a new employee like Jonathan?

No wait, it’s more than that. He is behaving in an utterly sycophantic manner!

“I don’t know either.” Jonathan spread his hands helplessly. From the beginning, he had never seen
Graham before. He simply relied on Andrew to make all the arrangements.

All he was supposed to do was to take over the firm.

“Mr. Goldstein, your coffee is ready.” Graham personally served Jonathan the coffee. Picking up his
cup, Jonathan took a gentle sip. “It’s good. Are these brewed from exotic beans?”


Graham nodded at once. “If you like them, you can take them with you when you leave.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Waving his hand, Jonathan said, “I’m here today to start work. I’m sure you know about it, don’t you?”

“Start work?”

Graham was stunned. Didn’t Andrew say that Jonathan was here to take over Graham Group? How did
it end up with him having a job here?

However, given that he was a cunning old fox, Graham quickly saw through the situation. “Yes, I have

Satisfied with Graham’s reaction, Jonathan casually asked, “In that case, when do you think I can start

“Anytime you wish.” Graham obviously didn’t dare set a time.

It was the wiser choice to let Jonathan decide for himself.

After all, he could seize Graham Group anytime he wanted.

“How about tomorrow morning at eight? What do you think?” Jonathan proposed.

“No problem.”

Graham nodded vehemently.

“That’s settled then.” After putting down his coffee cup, Jonathan stood up and looked in Josephine’s
direction. “Darling, shall we go?”


Despite the burning questions in her heart, Josephine suppressed the urge to ask them.

Are we leaving just like that?

Although Graham was equally confused, he sprang to his feet and offered, “Mr. Goldstein, I’ll walk

“There’s no need to.”

Jonathan waved his hand. “By the way, I still don’t know your name.”

“I’m Graham Cabot. You can just call me Graham,” Graham suggested meekly. His obsequious attitude
shocked his secretary behind him.

During the ten years she had served Graham, she had never seen him treat someone in such a way.

Even when he met with Zachary, Graham wasn’t this servile.


Just as Jonathan called out, Josephine tugged his sleeve and gave him a look. The next moment,
Jonathan rephrased, “Mr. Cabot.”

When he heard himself being addressed as Mr. Cabot, Graham lowered himself even further.

In fact, he didn’t even dare acknowledge the greeting.

“Mr. Cabot, Jonathan doesn’t really know how things work around here. Please forgive him if he has
offended you in any way.” Josephine attempted to quickly defuse the situation. However, Graham was
even more terrified after hearing her words.

So much so that he didn’t dare say another word.

It wasn’t until he escorted Jonathan into the elevator that he was finally able to relax.

Meanwhile, the moment the elevator’s door closed, Josephine gave Jonathan a cold stare. “Tell me.
What’s going on?”

“What do you mean what’s going on?” Jonathan feigned ignorance.

“Stop pretending!” Josephine snorted. “Don’t you dare tell me that Graham treats all his employees that

After all, it didn’t make sense for Graham, someone who was worth tens of billions, to behave in such a
subservient manner toward Jonathan, to the extent of getting Jonathan to address him by this first

Josephine smelled a rat.

“Didn’t you hear him say? A few years ago, he saw me from afar.” Jonathan added, “He must have
seen me with Zachary. That’s why he is treating me so respectfully. It’s probably all on Zachary’s
account. Or else, do you think I deserve to be treated this way based on my own merits?”

Jonathan blamed in on Zachary again.

“Is that so?” Josephine gave Jonathan an unconvinced look.

Somehow, she felt as if Jonathan was hiding something from her.

“That’s probably it.”

Clearing his throat, Jonathan tried to change the topic. “Darling, what time are you supposed to go
back to work in the afternoon?”

“Three… It’s already two thirty?”

Jolted by the time, Josephine remarked, “I’m late, and there’s still a lot of decorations for the annual
party left outstanding. We’ll talk later. I gotta go now.”

The moment the elevator doors opened, Josephine hurried out of the building.

After Josephine had left, Jonathan went back into the elevator and returned to the chairman’s room.

Inside, Graham, who was just about to have a sip of coffee out of relief, jumped to his feet frantically.
Lowering his head, he inquired, “Mr. Goldstein, why have you returned?”

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