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Chapter 81 Escort Him Out

The Graham Group was Jadeborough’s top real estate firm.

It had a market value of a few billion and owned half the properties in Jadeborough. In fact, some even
said that they had acquired a third of Jazona’s land.

The boss of Graham Group was known to be a mysterious person. Even though the firm was worth
billions, he had never attended any commercial events. In fact, he always turned down requests for
interviews by best-selling international magazines.

Most people only know him as Graham Cabot. He was in his fifties and was living overseas. All this
while, he never appeared in the Graham Group’s annual parties. Even the employees of Graham
Group never saw their chairman before, let alone the citizens of Jadeborough.

But on that day, he emerged from his seclusion.

In fact, he had even rushed back by flight from overseas. Rumor had it that he was supposed to
receive an extremely distinguished guest.

The moment they heard the news, the entire Graham Group was riled up.

After all, Graham was an extremely famous person in Jazona with a net worth of tens of billions. Just
Graham Group alone was worth a couple of billion, let alone his other investments.

Therefore, whoever could cause him to fly back to the country was certainly someone even more

That person should at the very least be someone as important as Zachary.

On the thirty-eighth floor, which was the top floor that reached into the clouds, Graham was dressed in
a black suit. Sitting in front of the full-length windows of his office, he was making himself some coffee.
Beside him, stood a sexy and fashionable secretary.

The secretary was dressed in a black suit and skirt. Her long and fair legs would easily captivate any
man’s eyes.

Also, her long and slightly curly hair was draped on her shoulders. While exuding the grace of a mature
woman, she also emanated an aura of naive innocence.

The gold-rimmed glasses that were supported by the bridge of her nose could easily invoke a man’s
desire to dominate her.

“Mr. Cabot, it’s already two in the afternoon. The important guest you are to receive has yet to arrive.”
The secretary was holding a bunch of documents while standing respectfully by the side. “Why don’t
you use the spare time to meet some of the shareholders? When they heard that you have returned,
they hurried over to see you, hoping to reminisce about the past.”

“I have no time for that!”

Graham rejected without any hesitation, “I have to wait here even if it’s twelve midnight.”

“But Mr. Cabot, you didn’t sleep a wink the entire night!” The secretary looked at Graham in surprise as
she wondered who the legendary figure was. His influence was so great that Graham had to rush back
from overseas on an overnight flight just to receive him.

“Didn’t I just say that I have to stay here and wait, even if it’s twelve midnight?” Graham stared coldly at
his secretary, frightening her into silence.

As the gentle breeze from the window blew, the coffee in the room began to grow cold.

Graham continued sitting there, not daring to move. Even though his eyes were all bloodshot, he didn’t
even dare take one minute for a quick nap.

Finally, the secretary couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Cabot, who is the VIP that you’re supposed to meet?
How is he able to put you at such attention?”

In fact, she wasn’t alone. Everyone in Graham Group was dying to know the answer too.

“Watch your mouth. Don’t go asking about something you shouldn’t be.” Graham shot her glare and
waved her away. “Out you go!”

“Mr. Cabot…”

The secretary panicked when she realized she was being chased out. “Mr. Cabot, given how rare it is
for you to come back here, why don’t I use the time to help you relax?”

Obviously, she was trying to seduce him.

Before Graham went overseas, they had done it many times right in his office.

Even though he was old and losing his potency, to the extent of lasting less than a minute, his power
and influence in Jadeborough were still unrivaled.

So what if they’re young and can last longer? Other than giving me a rush, what else can they give

“Get out!”

In a fit of rage, Graham slammed the table and caused his secretary to flee in fear.

After she was gone, Graham looked at his Audemars Piguet watch that was worth as much as a
mansion. The movement alone would cost a few million.

“It’s about time to welcome him here.” Just as he spoke, Graham stood up and straighten his clothes.
After that, he stepped out of the office.

Meanwhile, when Jonathan stepped into Graham Group’s main lobby, he didn’t know where else to go.

He was only told that Graham Group was the name of the company acquired and nothing else.

Wouldn’t it be awkward if I go and see the chairman right away and tell him that I’m taking over his
company? Furthermore, Josephine is right by my side.

“Hello, sir, how may I help you?” A beautiful lady had approached Jonathan.

Even though she had a melodious voice and a sweet smile, Jonathan cleared his throat without
noticing. “Ahem, I’m here to take on the new role. I was told to come here at two to go through the
onboarding procedures.”

“New role?” Surprised by Jonathan’s words, the lady asked curiously, “Didn’t you call HR before
coming over? Also, did you bring your offer letter?”


Jonathan shook his head.

What HR and offer letter? I’m here to take over the company. Why would I need all that?

“All right, I’ll check with HR. Do you mind telling me your name?” Despite her doubts, the lady picked
up the phone and made a call. “Hello, Sasha, can I check with you whether HR is expecting a new
joiner at two?”

“His name is…”

The lady looked in Jonathan’s direction.

“Jonathan Goldstein,” Jonathan answered with his name.

“He’s called Jonathan Goldstein.” After a brief pause, the lady asked, “No? Sasha, can you double-
check in case there’s a mistake?”

“You’ve already checked a few times? In that case, sorry for bothering.”

After ending the call, the lady looked helplessly at Jonathan. “I’m sorry, HR has checked but don’t have
information on anything new joining them. Why don’t you check with the person who interviewed you?”

“That can’t be.” Jonathan knitted his eyebrows.

Can it be that Andrew didn’t do his job? That’s impossible.

Jonathan excluded the possibility from his mind. No matter how brave Andrew was, he wouldn’t dare lie
to Jonathan still.

“What’s going on?”

At that moment, a middle-aged man in a suit appeared before them out of nowhere.

“Mr. Johnston!” The moment she saw the middle-aged man, the lady explained, “This is Mr. Barry
Johnston, our HR manager. He is responsible for all the hirings in Graham Group.”

Just as she spoke, the lady turned to Barry. “Mr. Johnston, this man is a new staff. However, HR can’t
find any information about his joining us. Can you get someone to check?”

“Doesn’t HR have any knowledge about him joining?” Barry looked down at Jonathan. “In that case,
there’s no need to check any further. Escort him to the door.”

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