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Chapter 79 In The Name Of The King Of War

The night went by in a blink of an eye.

When the day broke the next morning, Josephine had already gone to her office.

Seating on the leather couch, Margaret was watching television. As for Connor, he was busy cooking
and cleaning just like he always did in the Smith residence.

The only difference was that Jonathan no longer needed to do them, as Margaret didn’t dare force him

“Jonathan, you’re awake!” When she saw Jonathan come downstairs, Margaret sprang up from the
sofa. “Jonathan, are you hungry? Shall I make you a bowl of oatmeal porridge?”

“Whatever you have to say, spit it out!” With Josephine out, there was no need for Jonathan to be
cordial with Margaret.

After all, Margaret would never be nice unless she had an agenda.

“Can’t I just show you some concern?” Margaret forced an awkward smile. “Jonathan, the next time
you head to Jazona, why don’t you introduce us to the King of War? Coincidentally, your dad is going
there in the next few days. Why don’t you come along with us?”

They had barely spoken, and Margaret had already revealed her agenda.

When she mentioned his dad, she was obviously talking about Connor.

“I’m busy these few days. Some other time then,” Jonathan rejected her outright.

Do I even need to travel and see Zachary personally? All I need is to make a call, and he will appear
right before me.

“What can you be busy with?” Margaret’s expression turned solemn after Jonathan rebuffed her. She
even regretted calling him by his name instead of a cowardly piece of trash.

“Am I obliged to report my business to you?” Jonathan glared coldly at her and was in no mood for idle

“What’s with that attitude of yours?” Margaret’s temper was about to flare when she suddenly
remembered that she was staying in Jonathan’s house. Hence, she suppressed it at once. “In that
case, when will you have time to go with Josephine to complete the transfer of ownership for the

The only reason she tolerated Jonathan was that the mansion still wasn’t in Josephine’s name.

Once the ownership has changed, Jonathan wouldn’t dare talk to me like that anymore. In fact, I would
have kicked him out of the house a long time ago.

“It will depend on my mood.” Ignoring her, Jonathan walked out of the house.

Although there were no longer any guards stationed in front of the mansion, there would be someone
patrolling every few minutes. Obviously, Ivana had decided it on her own accord.

However, Jonathan didn’t want to be a busybody. After walking for a short while, he arrived at the
entrance of Edenic Heights.

Casually lighting up a cigarette, Jonathan looked in the direction of a piece of empty land and yelled,
“Come out!”

However, there was no response at all.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Jonathan asserted in a frosty voice, “I’ll give you three seconds. If you don’t
come out, I’ll send you to the Northern Crimson Prison for one year together with Zachary!”

Just as he spoke, the bushes in front of him rustled. The next moment, a few figures in military fatigues
and camouflage face paint appeared before him.

In their lead was Andrew, whom Jonathan had run into at the Phoenix International Hotel.


Andrew looked embarrassed. “How did you notice our presence?”

“Did you actually think you could get past me with that lousy camouflage of yours?” Jonathan shot a
glare at them. Ever since he left Phoenix International Hotel, he had already noticed them tailing him.

He was just too lazy to be bothered by it.

Andrew explained awkwardly. “Commander, the King of War insisted that we follow you.”

In front of Jonathan, Andrew didn’t dare lie at all.

After all, one wouldn’t lie to Asura unless one had a death wish.

“I know,” Jonathan replied plainly. “The reason I want to speak to you isn’t about you tailing me.
Instead, I want to ask you if you know any real estate firms in Jadeborough?”

“Real estate firms?” Andrew scratched his head. “Commander, why are you looking for one? Do you
still want to buy a house or something?”

“I’m thinking of buying a real estate firm,” Jonathan casually answered.

Acquiring a real estate firm? Andrew was even more confused.

Everything under the sun can be commandeered by Asura, so what is the point in taking over a real
estate firm?

“I do know some. However, I’m not sure if they are willing to sell,” Andrew replied in an uncertain tone.

If I tell them that the buyer is Asura, they would definitely agree without hesitation. However, if
Jonathan wants to hide his identity, their response would be entirely different.

“Money is not going to be a problem. Anyway, get this done before two in the afternoon,” Jonathan
ordered as he was in no mood for idle chatter. After all, Andrew would definitely not object.

“Two in the afternoon?”

Andrew looked perplexed. “Commander, isn’t it a little too tight? It’s already ten now.”

“Hmm?” When Jonathan gave him the side-eye, Andrew was so frightened that he saluted at once.
“Yes, Commander. I’ll complete the mission!”

“Get it done before two, and I will look past the fact that you tailed me. If you fail, prepare to spend the
rest of your life in the Northern Crimson Prison!” The moment he finished, Jonathan turned his head
and left.

He didn’t even give Andrew the opportunity to protest.

“Sir, what do you think the commander wants to buy a real estate firm for?” Andrew’s subordinates
asked curiously after Jonathan had left.

Why don’t they ask Jonathan when he was around?

“It’s a military secret!” Andrew glared fiercely at them. “I’ll give you one hour to find out which are the
top ten real estate firms in Jadeborough. After that, gather them for a meeting at our base. Tell them

that whoever is absent had better pack up and prepare to be kicked out of Jazona!”

“Yes! Commander!”

The soldiers didn’t dare refuse. However, before they went on their way, one of them couldn’t resist
asking, “Sir, are we gathering them in your name?”

“Are you a f*cking idiot?”

Andrew gave him a kick. “Use the King of War’s name!”

Obviously, we should be passing the buck to the King of War under such circumstances.

“If the King of War finds out that we falsely used his name…” The soldiers were seized by fear. The
mere mention of the King of War would invoke the previous trauma they had experienced.

“So what if he knows?” Andrew snorted. “Even if he does, he has no choice but to grit his teeth and
bear with it. It’s not like he would dare to let his temper flare.”

After all, acquiring a real estate firm is Asura’s idea. So what if the King of War finds out? He will be
resigned to accepting it just like everyone else.

The thought of the King of War desperately suppressing his rage elicited a chuckle from Andrew.
However, he quickly regained his composure and berated, “What are you spacing out for? Get on with
your work right away!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The soldiers turned and left without another word.

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