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Chapter 77 Do Not Tell Your Sister

Utter silence reigned in the entire private room.

Everyone in the room flushed bright red after hearing Jonathan’s remark.

Nana, especially, was gripped by the urge to crawl into a hole.


Fenrir heaved a sigh of relief when Jonathan left. The first thing he did after climbing to his feet was to
slap Charles across the face. “Da*n you! Do you know that you almost killed me?”

That blow had Charles stumbling on his feet and almost falling to the ground.

“Mr. Fenrir, I-” Charles covered his face with a hand, not even daring to utter a word of protest.

“Cut that crap! From today on, don’t ever mention my name out there anymore! If I learn that you used
my name anywhere in Jadeborough, I’ll break your legs!”

After saying that, Fenrir pushed open the door and left without sparing him another glance.

When he went downstairs, he happened to bump into Harrison, who had just seen Jonathan to his car.
The moment he saw the man, he swiftly acted servile and inquired, “Mr. Seymour, what exactly is Mr.
Goldstein’s identity?”

He didn’t dare ask when others were there just now. Since there was no one then, he finally mustered
the courage to give voice to the question playing in his mind.

“You’re not worthy to know his identity!” Casting him a wintry look, Harrison added, “You only need to
know that certain death awaits all who offends him. Even I will be doomed if I were to offend him, let

alone you! You know of the Blackwood family, don’t you? Their influence in Jadeborough is substantial,
no? But still, they ended up being banished from the city after offending him!”

“Mr. Seymour, are you saying that he was the person who banished the Blackwood family from
Jadeborough?” In an instant, Fenrir’s vision went black, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

I’ve heard that some big fish came to Jadeborough a few days ago, his power and influence so great
that the Blackwood family in Jadeborough is no more than a dog in front of him! But never had I
thought that he would turn out to be a young man who’s only in his twenties!

And so, the entire debacle drew to an end with Jonathan’s departure.

Sitting in the car, Emmeline couldn’t resist sneaking glances at Jonathan.

It’s really difficult to assimilate the worthless bum from three years ago to the “Mr. Goldstein” who had
Harrison falling to his knees before him. After all, who is Jonathan? He’s a deadbeat! Back then, if it
weren’t for the Smith family supporting him for a whole year, he would’ve probably starved on the
streets ages ago! But if that’s true, why would Harrison kneel to him? Even I have heard of the man,
and he’s a savage character! It’s rumored that dozens of people died at his hand, the number hitting at
least a hundred!

“Just ask whatever’s playing on your mind,” Jonathan murmured, Emmeline’s surreptitious peeks
driving him crazy.

“W-Who are you?” Emmeline gave voice to her question while biting her lip.

“I’m your brother-in-law,” Jonathan replied casually.

“No, that’s not what I meant-” Emmeline turned exceedingly frantic.

“I know. You want to ask why Harrison kneeled before me, no?” Jonathan commented, glancing at her

“Yes!” Emmeline hurriedly nodded.

“If I hadn’t taken your presence into consideration, he might not have been able to appease me even if
he had gotten to his knees today,” Jonathan remarked airily.

Does falling to one’s knees have any use in resolving the problem? If it weren’t for me being there
today, she would’ve been sullied by that da*n fatty!

“H-How did you-” Emmeline’s voice abruptly grew panicked when she heard that.

If he’d said this to me in the past, I would’ve certainly thrown him a scornful look and even made a few
jibes. Now, however, I don’t dare do that anymore! After all, l personally witnessed how that da*n fatty
was thrown down from the third floor with an order from him!

“Are you trying to ask what exactly I’ve experienced in the past three years that I’ve seemingly become
a different person entirely?” Glimpsing her flustered expression, Jonathan calmly asserted, “You’ll
never be able to imagine all that I’ve gone through in the past three years. All you need to know is that
the person I was three years ago has died. Starting today, I won’t allow anyone to pick on the Smith
family anymore. But if you all still want to treat me the same as three years ago, I don’t mind having the
Smith family disappear from the face of this earth!”

If it weren’t for Josephine, the Smith family would’ve died long ago just because of the way they treated
me back then!

“Jonathan, you…” Emmeline’s heart lurched when she heard that, and she stared at him in terror.

As the memories of her tearing into him back then flashed across her mind, fear snowballed within her.

“You don’t need to be afraid, for I won’t be doing anything to you.” Casting her an indifferent look,
Jonathan ordered, “Just pretend as though nothing happened when we arrive home. Don’t tell your
sister about it.”

“Understood!” Emmeline nodded fervently.

Actually, even if he hadn’t said anything to that effect, I wouldn’t have dared tell Josephine about it

Twenty minutes later, the car came to a stop in front of No. 1 Villa.

To Jonathan’s surprise, there were a few guards in front of the mansion.

They stood on both sides of the mansion with weapons in their hands.

The second they caught sight of Jonathan, they hastily lifted their hands and saluted him.

“Who told you to come here?” Jonathan questioned with a frown.

“Ms. Yarrow sent us! She said you’re a venerable resident; thus, specially assigned us to stand guard
here!” a guard quickly answered.

“You can all go back to your posts.” Jonathan waved a dismissive hand. “I don’t need you to keep
guard here.”

The average thief probably won’t even be able to make it past the gate of No. 1 Villa. On the contrary, if
the intruder is an enemy of mine who’s aware of my identity, they won’t be able to do anything with just
the two of them!

“But Ms. Yarrow-” The guard wanted to speak further, only to have Jonathan cutting him off. “Tell her
that I was the one who dismissed you both. If she has any objections, she can come and seek me out.”


The two guards shared a look before they left helplessly.

That scene before Emmeline shocked her greatly.

If it were in the past, she would definitely assume that the two guards were extras whom Jonathan
hired to put on a show with him.

However, she didn’t dare harbor a single shred of doubt after witnessing how petrified Harrison was
with a single glance from the man that he dropped to his knees in the private room.

Instead, she even vaguely felt that it was nothing out of the ordinary.

It was already past ten o’clock at night when they arrived home.

Usually, Josephine would have gone to bed long ago. Unexpectedly, not only was she not asleep that
night, but she was even watching television in the living room. When she saw them both entering the
house, she casually swept her gaze over them. “You’re back?”

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